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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As Salamu Alikum does anyone know of any hawza being taught in usa beyond muqqadamat, such as soutuh and kharaji? if so in arabic and english or arabic/ urdu or farsi? any live in 4 married couples?
  2. As Salamu Alikum all the marja taqlid say kosher is haram expect Ayatollah Ibrhim Jannati Allah Hafez
  3. As Salamu Alikum big difference between being muslim and being momeen, the person is not kafir, they are still muslim, so you have to do amr bil maruf wa ani nunkar, and make duaa for them. Maybe you can give the book greater sins, by Ayatollah Dastaghaib Shirazi, or the last jounery by shaykh abbas qummi, or the jounery to the unseen world, but it has some weak parts. You should try to teach him akhalaq and guide him towards ifran amaliyyah, and the first to that is cleaning out the self. Allah Hafez
  4. As Salamu Alikum the maraja i am aware who says you don't was sayyid fadlallah, veiwed these exictments as not najis. Allah Hafez
  5. As Salamu Alikum Sayyid Sistani and all marjas have the same ruling you can touch the arabic script, sayyid Khamenei says you can not touch the name Allah in any lanuage without wudu. Allah Hafez
  6. As Salamu Alikum similiar to not knowing the qibila so precautionairy it better to pray in 4 directions, however when it comes to hypertheticials ayatollah makarim shirazi has great research on these issuse email him. Allah Hafez
  7. As Salamu Alikum, we have hadith that are traced to prophet i read mostly as marsul or heard as verbal that say whoever wears them is protected from the fire, there is no base for astrogoly in islam as Allah says he is lord of the mighty star sirus, and sura buroj. you can buy a darulnajaf at 545 Atlantic Aveune New York NY 11237 at Brooklyn Mosque (imambaragh) also known as ahlul bayt mosque inc also known as islamic guidance center, from shaykh muhammad khadhim as sadiq for 10-20 dolloars, his number is 718-852-1390 Allah Hafez
  8. As Salamu Alikum the source appears weak, please post the sanad, and refer to those who specialize in illm rijaal and illm hadith, such as in qom Ayatollah Jafar Subhani, and most of our marja taqlid have forbidden us to join sufi order and take from them, such as ayatollah Muhammad Shirazi, they sufi have a lot of hadith that are narrated though fabericated sanads to imams as Allah Hafez
  9. AS Salamu Alikum in general by both the Quran "Allah is lord of the mighty star siruis" and hadith of Rasoul sawa "whoever goes to a fountuare teller Allah does not hear there prayers for 40 days" we must shun all types of astrogoly, this has more to do with aqaidiah then fiqh, but you should also refer to your marja taqlid on this, because other people may be falling into this same trap Allah Hafez
  10. As Salamu Alikum 4 people testifying does not suffice they have to have proof of the act either by seeing the penis pentrate the vagina, personally or by video etra, if i and 4 people just come and testify a sister did adultery it is not enough, they will not convict her without proof iran is adl, and Sayyid Khamenei is ruler of muslim ummah, and has complete control over worlfly desires.
  11. As Salamu Alikum Sayyid Khamenei allows autopsey if there is dire need to find the case of death for that person, if it is needed for medicial research but prebabley the bodies of kaffir asnd not muslims, or if a muslim life is in danger. He allows transplant of kaffir part to muslim body isneccessary as for the other way around it is not speficed in his istafats online or otherwise it is definite that it could be allowed, on the basis that you are perserving human life, though what must look at is wether the person is kafir kitabi or kaffir mushrik, and more imporantly if they are kaffir dhimi or kaffir hardi, it would allowable subject to fatwa of Khamenei and other marja on the basis opf doing for non baligh child, and kafir dhimi, and accvording to islamic law it is not allowable to help the kafir hardi. According to Sayyid KHamenei donating organs hinges on the will of the deceased or the permission of their wakeel. Allah Hafez
  12. As Salamu Alikum the marriage is not veiwed as legitmate if on a permament basis tyo kafir kitabi, and at all to kafir mushrik. Ayatollah Poopya wallayhi Allah forbid mutah with trinatraian christains. Ayatollah Uzma Shaykh Ibrhim Jannanti allows marriage in either perament or tempoary form to them. So outside of Jannati mukallaf if one does nikkah al aqd with a kafir kitabi every sex act with them is treated as haram sex, and illegitmate realtions, and therefore the childern would not be legitymate, the pentalty would ber up to wether the hokm shariah rule each sex act as zina al soghra or fornication and issue 100 lashes each act, or concurrently, or give tazniyah, which is a punishment based on that muitjehad who is a judges itjehad. Allah Hafez
  13. As Salamu Alikum, these are attempts to slander Iran, and undermine Wali Amr wal Faqih Rabbirul Ummati Islam Ayatollah Uzma Sayyid Imam Ali Hussayni Khamenei damma dillahou as sharef, and we should avoid western properganda. The law is according to shariah to execute the adulter if there are 4 witness and proof, if both were married execution is both, if one is married execution is for them and 100 lashes for the one who was not married. the one who execucted is allowed to make a last ghusul and last salah before the hudood is carried out, this may be according Sayyid Kamenei with hot or cold water, the one receives does it before there pun ishment as while. both men and women are treated equal in this matter. Allah Hafez
  14. As Salamu Alikum All the marjas with the expection of Sayyid Fadlallah, and Shaykh Berry, prohibit giving or selling non halal items to a kafir wether kafir kitabi or kafir mushrik, aqa-e-sistani has this ruling also, if you want to double check call his wakeel Sayyid Kashmiri at IMAM Foundation in Dearborn, or Shaykh Sahlani of Khoei Center, in NYC at 718 297 6520 #4 from the center option, as he is wakeel also. there is no harm if you give this food to animials such as birds and cats, because wasting is considreed a sin in islam. Allah Hafez
  15. As Salamu Alikum it is very good to touch nose to turbah, since sunnan is mustahab, those one can use one turbah for forhead one fopr nose, lined up verticial, i always do that, and my wife does same, it is a matter of person choice but if able why reject blessing, "bismi Allah irrahman irraheem which of the favours of your lord will you deny?" insha Allah jala lahu none. Allah Hafez
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