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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks for that. I would love for an Ahmedi to come and explain their side of the story. Please correct me if i am wrong but certain Shia believes also sound along the same side. I have read Maula Ali AS sermon in the book Nahj ul Israr in Urdu which said something along the lines of " Me and Muhammad SAAS are from one noor and same about Other Panjataan Pak AS. I must admit i am not certain about the authencity of this book but it does have significant importance among Shias of Pakistani origin. Please note I am not saying Ahemdiyya believes are correct as God knows better but I am just aga
  2. Isnt it amazing how everyone has their opinions on Ahemidis/Qadyanis without any susbtantial refernces or evidence. Even the links provided were nothing but a full essay on someone's opinion. Why do we complian when others claim similar rubbish about Shias. We cry our hearts out for others to come and know what shias are all about before abusing Shias or their believes but shame we cant take our own advise when it comes to other sects likeahemdis/Qadyanis. Lets not be just a mob with full of heads and no brains and abuse and accuse other sects of Kuffar without knowing anything about them. As
  3. Thanks for the reply. Well the similar to what is offered by Oxfam. Child sponsorship you know 30 dollars a month and they send you all the reports about Childs progress. Thanks
  4. Salam, My wife and I are looking to sponsor a child, preferably in Pakistan. Does anyone know of any organizations that look after these kind of programs?? Your helpful replies will be highly appreciated.
  5. Salam .. I dont have any links but what I do have is an audio CD that I bought at Imam Ali Centre featuring all the leactures in English. If you like I can make a copy and post it to your address as I am from Melbourne too.

    Wasalm !!!

  6. Its good to hear you follow Shia speakers with such consistency. Syed Ammar was in Melbourne during Muharram and held a series of 3 lectures at Imam Ali A.S centre in Fawkner. Also, Sheikh Jehad ( who I call the cool Sheikh) comes to Melbourne every now and then and conducts his detailed lectures which particularly target the youth of today. If you are interested I can update you on these lectures or you can always go to Imam Ali centre website. May Allah SWT guide us all to the true path.
  7. Yes they should be. What kind of joke is it? Muhammad sallah ho alihe wa alla hi wasalm allowed non muslims into the mosques but we cant allow non hijabi shia ladies in hussainya. How can we judge their intentions. They may change one day but not allowing them into husseinyah will leave them with no chance what so ever of transforming themselves. Lets be fair
  8. He is nothing but a Jihadi trying to bring about Khilafat and Shariat. He is all about past glory and blaming Pakistani failures on others. I think this guy is disturbed in head and is full of imaginary Jihadi ideas.
  9. Salam ..

    Thanks a lot for the reply.

    You see what confuses me the most is the author of that book is someone named Zeshan Haider Jawadi who used to be a Senator and has authored many more books. If there were any doubts about these sermons I dont think he would have gone ahead with the publication of the book. Could you please advise if these sermons were part of original Nah jul Blag...

  10. saw your thread on nahj al-asrar. didn't want to post there since it's been some days since the last post was made. i personally find that one can reconcile the "dubious" sermons there in some form or the other. it should be after much evaluation and consideration that you should choose to reject something attributed to the ma`Sumeen outright.

  11. I dont know if you are allowed to talk about people who get banned but does anyone know why the whole salafi got banned. The reason why I asked is members like me were learning a lot from these debates and also appreciating the kind of knowledge we have on Shia Chat. Mashallah learnt members like Zazaki, Logic, Yahya, elite and specially brother Saved have provided tons of information on crucial topics which these salafis always target. May Allah SWT bless you all and give you high rewards for your effort.
  12. Brother, will it be possible for you to upload this Majlis or advise on where we will be able to find this majlis. We are unfortunate enough in Melbourne, Australia to have lost an amazing scholar of his degree due to internal politics. Your efforts will be highly appreciated.
  13. Fair enough. I guess the authorities are not interested until and unless it has anything to do with Terrorist activities or any comments against western civilization. I am glad I havent heard any of these hate speeches in Australia. Wahabi influence has not peneterated Australian Muslim society yet but I have started seeing those Tableeeghis with their clown outfits hanging around muslim neighbourhoods. From what I have heard they are all about their Tableegh but who knows what the preach about other sects. May Allahs wrath be upon haters of Ahl e Bait and their Shias.
  14. Brother, if i may ask, how do these mullahs get away with these hatred speeches against Shias and others sects in countries like UK. I mean I am sure you guys must have laws against hate speech. Do they not get charged or warned by the authorties? I have witnessed many Mullahs residing in Britian of Pakistani origin spitting hate against every other sect and calling them Kuffar and what not. I believe, and I hope I am not wrong, nothing os this sort will be allowed in Australia.
  15. It is simple. It is a business. Their earnings depedns on their popularity and that can only come with attacking Shias. Poor Sheikh need to resort to all these immature tactics to keep making sure his family gets fed on regular basis else he will just be earning minimum wages as a Qari and a nobody. In other words, he needs to hustle to be recognised else he will just be another mullah on the block. no pun intended I
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