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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam ALaykum, mazhers, are you still thinking about those handle bars?
  2. Salamun Alaykum, I notice that many people like to use the phrase "we are all muslim". But I don't understand how people place us in the same category as someone that doesn't even believe in what we believe in. In fact they go so far as to say we should unite. Do you think that us and them are both the correct sect out of the prophesised 71 sects?
  3. Salam Alaykum, Our Imams had many slaves/maids some of which were acquired for the sole purpose of being released. To have a "slave" is to give that person food, shelter and life, in return for a service. Just because they were commonly called by the word slave doesn't mean that they were that literally. As far as muta being practiced by our Prophet and Imams (SA) sometimes I think that it was through this practice that the Prophet was married to more than 4 permanent women although this is my own speculation.
  4. Salam ALaykum, rida zahra, I label you're friend as a person with more sunni friends than shia ones, and his shia ones are not religiously educated at all, particularly in their fundamentals.
  5. Salam Alaykum, HATAF1, i recommend the joke i posted in the dart board thread. I read it, I don't get what the problem is though? Would you please be more accurate, it appears that you're stabbing in the dark here.
  6. Salam Alaykum, Brothers and Sisters, I must say that I am very impressed by the sunni brothers who come here and blast the truth into our faces with their unbeatable, I heard it on the street, logic. So this is dedicated to those like mazhers who come and speak about an issue with no knowledge about it, whatsoever: What is the difference between a gate and a horse? An orange, coz it doesn't have hanndle bars. You can tell that to all your mates that give ya those great shia killing arguments :P. unbelievable
  7. Are we allowed to discuss it, or any of its related issues anymore?
  8. i agree with brother rafidite. :!!!:
  9. Salam Alaykum, Bro Ali187, you may have misunderstood me. Do not take knowledge from anyone other than Ahlul Bayt with regards to religion, ie. things which bring you nearer to Allah. Remember the hadith from Rasool Allah pbuh, which is a sunni one :blink:: "Do not be ahead of them for you will perish, do not turn away from them for you will perish, and do not try to teach them since they know more than you do!" Brother Shabbir, it was all tongue and cheek, but don't worry, this guy in sunni/shia section ibn Salafiyya, he's got you covered. You should read some of his lines. Thank you for the defense Brother Abbashamilsharia, you should be my lawyer :angel:. Salmany, sunnis are people who reject the wilaya of Ahlul Bayt (SA). And try as hard as they wish, "3amma yatasa aloon, 3an al naba al 3atheem!" Nay surely you shall soon know.
  10. Salam Alaykum, I don't know who makes me laugh more, Abbasshamilsharia or Shabbir either way guys keep it coming. To the bro/sis who was amazed at: I find that comment quite scary in light of the fact that Iblees was dammed for rejecting the Khaliphate of Adam, read surat baqarah 2:30-35. Some people tend to forget about the fact that our religion was completed with the wilaya of Imam Ali (as) making his Wilaya neccessary for becoming a believer. Mabye some of you people who have spent too much time induldging in Irfan (which has nothing to do with religion) should spend some time in the sunni/shia section, so that they may see how their beliefs differentiate them from other shia. Ever heard of Tabari and Tawali? These are 3rd most important thing in religion, Tabari which is to dissasosciate onesself, and Tawali which is to assosciate oneself. Do you understand the dangers of saying that you love these "shahids", "great sunni sheikhs"? Do you? If you don't let this hadith from Imam Saadiq (as) put it into perspective: He has lied, whom calls to our love but does not dissasosciate from our enemies. I think it's time that you people look at yourselves, and ask yourselves how great these people really are, in light of the fact that they have probably never shed a tear for Ahlul Bayt.
  11. Salam ALaykum, Jondab: I didn't know our religion was so complex. Where does Muhammad pbuh ever warn us of the complexities of our religion? So much that it takes years of study to understand a fundamental? Concerning the links on Ayatullah al Ansaree's site, I'm sure he is aware of those facts.
  12. Salam Alaykum, Brother Shabbir, I do my utmost to respect all people and try not to offend people. I don't recall insulting Urafa or Irfan, but I may have, forgive me. By the way, I asked Ayatullah Ansaree about Irfan in person, he didn't like it, and he told me to read Quran and words of Ahlul Bayt. I guess that was his nice way of saying Irfan leads to other than that, i guess. Anyway, its getting far too late this side of the greenwich meridian, fi aman illah. Before I sleep, does anyone else find it surprising that it took us this long to learn the real Islam, and from people other than Ahlul Bayt to describe God to us? Hmmm ....
  13. Salam, Brother Ehsan, I do not believe in anything that Ahlul Bayt didn't teach. Unfortunately Brother, my views on God may differ from Imam Khomeinis: - Alim Network
  14. Salam Alaykum, Brother, I suppose that if Sayed Sistani says "has nothing to do with religion," then it is clear enough. It has nothing to do with religion. Maybe he's saying it's mubah to learn about it, but since he's saying it has nothing to do with religion, then isn't it obvious that to apply it to Islam is a waste of time? No, I am saying that he has a duty towards all muslims, to tell us what we need to know. And if to tell us more was to cause uneccessary unrest amongst his followers, then I believe he would withold uneccessary information from us, like the beliefs of Imam Khomeini. With all due respect brother, they would be more than insulted. ps. Would you guys mind telling me who your marja3 is in your next posts?
  15. Salam Alaykum, I hope to God you aren't talking about the Ayatulla al Ansaree that I know. The sight of him would bring you to tears, this man is piety embodied. He is a true shia, if it's the one I think it is! Ayatullah Al Ansaree, Home page ps. Shabbir, honestly it is humbling, and thank you for the reminder, (surely there is benefit in the reminder). I love your tone when you say, "Cease and desist your slanders", it sounds like a 12th century english court, I love it, haha, keep it coming brother.
  16. Salam Alaykum, Ehsan: You obviously don't believe in the wahdat al wujood of modern day Irfanis/3arefs alhamdulillah. Let's not argue about something we agree upon, lol. Although, the conclusion I draw from your last post is, that since we can not exist separate from Allah for then we would exist in a volume that Allah doesn't exist in, therefore nothing but Allah exists, hence we are either non-existant or a part of Allah or Allah himself? Pick one, or look at it my way. We need Allah to exist, I agree, I also agree that Allah is eternal and unlimited. But what makes you think, that simply because you are sitting there in your chair, infront of your monitor, that Allah isn't present in the volume that your body occupies? You don't have to see Allah for Him to exist, He is where you are, and He is where I am (may Allah forgive me for speaking about His existance). And I am separate from Him. Although we both exist, the existance is not the same. Hadith time: Imam Saadiq (SA): "The pronounciation agreed, but the meaning differed." It has never been in our capacity to understand the existance of God. For that reason Ahlul Bayt (SA) have said: "Completeness of knowing Him, is acknowledgement of never understanding Him." Imam Ali, Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 1: "He is with everything but not in physical nearness. ps. my radio wave example was not to say that Allah can physically exist in the same place. Never did I imply the same exsistance, but just an example to show you the parrallel existance.
  17. Salam Alaykum, Akhi Mujahid, I guess my "crew" feel strongly about this issue. You need to understand why our brother constructed his words this way: "could he have possibly taken a stronger stance?" The reason that Sayed Sistani (AH) answered the question by not saying that it is haram, is the fact that Sayed Sistani is aware of the fact that people may be insulted simply because they disagree. When I learnt what Ayatullah Sayyid Kazim Yazdi wrote regarding Wahdat al Wujood in his book Urwatul Wuthqa, I asked through email whether or not Ayatullah Khomeini believed in wahdat al wujood. Emails regarding that question were never answered? Sayed Kathem Yazdis ruling on wahdat al wujood: Belief in Wahdat al Wujood causes one to become in a 'najis state. This is a book that todays marja3s use as a text book, read the biography on Sayed Sistani.
  18. Salam Alaykum, I'm trying not to "act" like a nice guy, because one day I hope to be a pious nice guy in reality. But for now you are going to have to put up with the act. :P At times people emotions get the better of them, and their replies/posts appear to be more emotional than intellectual. Inshallah I'll do my best to remind them next time we "huddle"/get together. The similar ip could be a result of us Aussies unsing the same Optus internet cable provider :blink: I dunno, maybe I also have the same IP adress. Ehsan: You are saying that either this means that we are Allah, in that Allah "literally" threw them, or the Ahlul Bayt meaning, that only through the will of Allah were the pebbles thrown, and without His will, we can throw nothing. Again, Allah is showing us our dependance upon Him as the supreme being for our survival, through His mercy. This is telling us that to pledge allegiance to the Prophet is in reality to pledge allegiance to Him, because Prophet is Allah's representative, Khalifatullah. Like those who paid allegiance to Abu Bakr (Abdullah ibn Uthman, not Ibn Arabi :P) in actual fact gave their allegiance to the devil. Imam Ali is said to have said these about himself in a controversial sermon called Khutbat al Iftikhariya, but the Imam and Ahlul Kisa have had this honour bestowed upon them, and we are unlike them. But the question is, how does this verse lead us to believe that we are a part of God as Wahdat al wujood would have you believe?It doesn't say that Allah is everything. First-Last: to exist before and after all things. Outward-Inward: to exist through signs of his creations like all things, and Inward through things we can't see. And He has knowledge of all things. How does this have anything to do with wahdat al Wujood? If to say that the light allows us to see all things, then fine, Allah does allows us to see all things through his bounty and mercy. But I'm sure that you aren't implying that Allah is light (as we know it). By the way, this interpretation of mine, may Allah forgive me for speaking on these issues without sufficient knowledge, reminds me of the hadith from Imam Saadiq (SA) I believe: "Do not think about the creation of God, but think about the creations of God." By this I believe that the infallible Imam was warning of the dangers of philosophising (that's a tricky word huh?) about God himself, for fear of limiting Him, and become one of the unbelievers. If we were from those who interpret Quran literally, sure you are correct that Allah placed a part of Himself into Adam. But did Ahlul Bayt say that? I doubt it very much because that would make Adam partly God (whoa), I could have sworn that the Christians went wrong when they said that about Jesus (SA) right? "With you", not "in you", not "a part of you" but with you. Sure I agree. To be from amongst the pious, we need to be conscious of God's presence constantly (may we all be from amongst the mutaqeen). Allahu Akbar. Give me the words of Ahlul Bayt day and night and I will submit to them.
  19. Salam Alaykum, Brother Ehsan, ease the hostility, I am your brother. I am not insulted at being associated with Abbas & Co. nor would I be to be affiliated with Ehsan & Co. If you really like, I will respond to your command, which is a simple one (since the commands of the pious are simple - Imam Ali (as)). I was only waiting for Abbashamilsharia or someone more knowledgeable than myself to answer them since they are more knowledgable and worthy. This is not a verse, but never the less. Considering it to be an Islamically binding saying, I would have to say that it implies, that even though Allah has given us as humans the ability to do things through power, ultimately only Allah is the possessor of Might and Strength, since we perish and Allah (SW) doesn't. Therefore our periodic exsitance (may Allah grant us heaven) does not entitle the mortal to claim that he possess might nor strength. Everlasting strength and might belongs to the Everlasting. I suppose this brings to mind the saying of Amir al Mu'mineen, Ali ibn Abi Taleb (SA) when he says: "Never did I see a thing but that I saw Allah before it, with it and after it." The verse begins with And to Allâh belong the east and the west, so wither ... Allah (SW) is saying everything belongs to Him by saying wherever you turn the glory of Allah is manifest (as we know "face of god" is not to be interpreted literally). Also in light of the fact that this verse was revealed to ease the regret of those who had prayed in the wrong direction the previous night, you should see that it doesn't mean that everything is Allah, if you are trying to tell me that Allah is everywhere, then you are debating on the wrong team, I agree with you. Sayid Mahdi Modaressi once told me, take 3 co-linear points R, W and Y. If R is a radio, W is a wall and Y is you, will you still recieve the signal? Naturally yes, even though the wall was a physical barrier the waves still managed to arrive at my location through the wall. Therefore I ask you, why does God have to be physically between me and my jugular vein to be nearer to me than my jugular vein? I've got to go, inshallah I'll finish them later. Salams.
  20. Salam Alaykum, I suppose that if we all stuck with the opinions of our maraji3, it would be the best thing. At least with that approach we would know how to respond on the day of judgement, to the question posed by Brother Shabbir. And that way we would be free to learn about wahdat al wujood for ourselves in determining what is right and wrong. Regarding your questions brother Ehsan, I know that abbasshamilshari3a has spoken to me previously regarding those verses, I'm actually waiting for him to respond on those myself, I'll let him know (in case he hasn't realised). But my opinion on them personally Ehsan, is that if Ahlul Bayt never explained those verses with wahdat al wajood, then why should we care that anyone else does. salam alaykum
  21. Salam Alaykum, Alhamdulillah, I always wondered why Sayed Sistani (HA) didn't like Irfan. Once I asked him:
  22. Salam Alaykum, I would urge all the brothers and sisters to excercise some restraint and more importantly taqwa. Threads like this need to remain alive so that people can learn, but insults should be fairly punished, like a one hour/day ban from a thread (maybe :angel: ). For what it is worth (I hope I have some credibility :D), I can assure all doubters, that I know brothers hello, shabbir, abdulhujjah (who is at work currently) and abbashamilsharia. And that they are definitely not the same people, and they all have their respective levels of islamic knowledge, which they (through seeking nearness to Allah) have attempted to bestow upon us. I follow Sayed Sistani, and am always pleased to learn from him. Since he has displayed a negative reponse towards Wahdat-al-Wujud, I will inshallah stay clear from all things which it is involved with (in terms of my beliefs). Thank you brother hello for informing us of our Marja3's fatwa (HA).
  23. salams, Pancho, those who go against Quranic injunctions and backstab their Prophet are hypocrites! This includes doing injustice to Ahlul Bayt and killing them. How does Salman ruling under Abu Bakr have anything to do with Abu Bakrs actions? If Salman accepted to govern people and guide them instead of Abu Bakr how is that a bad thing? A bit like Imam Ali (SA) giving 1st and 2nd advice, so that people would'nt have to suffer from the lack of knowledge of those in power.
  24. Salam Alaykum, How about "al-Dhibh al-3dheem", "The Great Sacrifice" that Allah speaks about during the sacrifice of Ismail in the Quran, and the same one that Imam Mahdi says in Ziyarat al Nahiya with regards to Imam Hussain .... both descendands of Abraham (as) but only one was sacrificed ... the greatest sacrifice.
  25. Salam Alaykum, Regarding: Is a book written by a man known as, Sheikh Hafidh Sulaiman ibn al-Qunduzi al-Hanafi who died in 1876AD. His book contains a hadith narrated by the Prophet, where he relates to a man the name of the 12 Imams of the Shia, by name. When I told a sunni about this once he replied saying that this book is considered a fabrication of the Shiites, and the author is unknown and has written no other books, and the hadith is a single one without a chain of narrators etc ... I dunno if that's the truth, or if it was what the guy would have liked to have believed. Hope that helps.
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