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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As mentioned by the brothers and sisters there are a lot of Dua's which can answer your genuine request (it has to be a legitimate request and for Qurbatan Illallah! My own personal experience when I really needed something big for when I was very ill and medicine had stopped working were 2 things I can hand on heart say worked for me (I'm not even going to begin to say other Dua's won't work...I have faith in all of them!) but for me asking Allah SWT through our Babul Hawaij Hazrat Abbas AS. Ask him from the deepest of your heart and also Ziyarat Ashura for 40 days non-stop. This has recovered people when everything else has failed! I was well on the road to recovery after completing this. I hope this helps Insha'Allah
  2. Salaams to you all! It's good to see this poll (May Allah SWT protect them all and bestow a long life to them). Sorry to hijack this post. Firstly it is so good to see conversations about fatwas of different Maraja being discussed and My grave concern in recent times is the number of people disregarding taqleed altogether. I have heard words like fixed framework, how do you know who is elite and how can you trust those who identify the elite. Comments like they have their own agendas, many saying that taqleed didn't exist 200 years ago yet I see that even the Imams (AS) appointed Jurists in their time! This is a real worry as it is unwravelling the Shia mazhab or indeed dividing it. Other comments like Qur'an and Hadith is sufficient for me (this is from the youth of our very communities) and whilst I don't wish to disrespect them but how have they suddenly become more knowledgable to even interpret Hadith ahead of those who have spent their entire lives devoted to the Qu'ran and our Masoomeen AS? There is no harm is questioning fatwas and the Maraja are more available to us than ever before yet people are choosing to totally disregard them as not necessary... I would be very interested to hear from those who have written in this topic as well as those who don't follow a Maraja, maybe I'm missing something here? This post isn't out to offend but I just feel shocked by how many say they no longer need to do taqleed and they are definitely not scholars themselves.
  3. Haydar, do you doubt the power of the Ahlul Bayt? If Abul Fazl Abbas (as) had been given permission he would have single handedly killed the whole of Yazid's army...if we're not to take majlis' literally then what are we supposed to do? that comment is absurd brother. Brother Ali, we do agree Alhamdullilah, and alas the other part was answered with regards to the angels and the choosing of Allah SWT'S fate destined for Imam (as)
  4. I've been attending this year's majlis for the ashre-muharram and Brother Ali, Maulana stated that the Masaib (the narration of Karbala) was relayed not only by Rasullulah (S.A.W) but by Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, and other great prophets (peace be upon all of them). This shows that the event of Karbala was pre-determined and was going to happen. Also when Imam Ali (as) was coming close to passing from this world, he was making his pledges and wishes to all his sons and daughters....Hazrat Abbas (as) was in the corner upset, Imam calls him and asks him why he is upset, Ya Abbas replies what is there for me? Imam takes his hand and puts it in the hand of Abu Abdillah and says you have been destined to serve and protect Imam Hussein (as) and you will be there with him in Karbala. Another proof that it was pre-determined. it wasn't free will Brother nor could it have been but yes had they killed Yazid and his army the resulting effect wouldn't have been as strong as how it is now purely because of the corrupt people around at the time
  5. Salaams, That is a very good question and I think one that many people would have thought about...In my opinion I think this battle was always going to be won by Martydom and not by defeating Yazid and his army physically. If Imam Hussein (Salamulahi Alahi) had killed Yazid and his army (which would easily had been possible had Abul Fazl Abbas (as) gone to the battle field), the corrupt people of Kufa and Shaam wouldn't have turned to the true Islam the way the tragady of Karbala made them realise. The manner of Martydom of the great warriors and the subsequent looting and attack on the women really exposed what Yazid was all about and hence this sacred day of all days still remains alive as though it had only happened yesterday! Kullu Yawmin Ashura Kullu Arzin Karbala. Labaik Ya Hussein!
  6. Asalamun Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, I need your help in finding a very old nauha. It used to be recited at mosque on the day of Ashura when Imaam Hussain (as) janaza/taboot was taken round the hall. It was one of the most heart wrenching nauhas that I have ever heard. I only remember the starting lines: Yeh falak se aati thi sada, Qutilal Hussein-o-bi kerbala.... Zubihal hussain-o-bi kerbala, Qutilal Hussein-o-bi kerbala lo nishane haider mit gayi huwa pas pas dil-e-ali (something like this) This would have been around the early-mid 90's when I was young. I've never heard any famous reciters recite this nauha but all I remember was that it was also written in a nauha book which was in english transliteration and had an orange/white cover. If anyone has come across this nauha either in text, audio or video please let me know. I would dearly like to hear this nauha again! Jazakumullah
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