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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Correct me if i'm wrong brother. I know its been long since this thread was opened and you might not be even following it. My understanding about Allah was He is the creator of space, time and matter and for Him to show himself in any form would fall into these categories, meaning He is Creator, not Created and hence cannot put himself within the realms of Created at any point. thanks.
  2. thanks everyone for helping me keep my confidence in today's fast. Wishing you all in advance for tomorrow's EID and today for those who celebrate it today
  3. This is one of the days of the year i don't like 'cause some are celebrating Eid while some like me are still fasting, not knowing which one is right. Im from Toronto, and our takiyya Khana here announced Eid but said nothing about moonsighting, velayat TV channel says its on wednesday. Missing one day of ramadhan isn't good, fasting on Eid isn't any good either. What to do?
  4. three days and no reply yet!!! I was at least expecting the mods and other learnt people here to comment on it.
  5. Slavery was obviously the luxury for Arabs at that time ( everywhere for that matter), and Our Holy Prophet (PBUH&HF) wanted to abolish it but it wouldn't be that easy. slavery is the worst way of treating a human and its after effects stays for generations and even millenniums. Like the case of United states, Ibrahim Lincoln did the best he could by making it illegal (atleast for confederacy) and finally long after his death, it was made unlawful. but you see the effects are still there and ever growing. the hate and animosity is never relieved. because the person dignity, self respect
  6. I believe the ayas within the surah have always been in the chronological order, i meant the the ordering of surahs like below: Chronology Vs. Actual Order 1 The Clot (-96-) 2 The Pen (-68-) 3 The Enshrouded One (-73-) 4 The Cloaked One (-74-) 5 The Opening (-1-) 6 Palm Fibre (-111-) 7 The Overthrowing (-81-) 8 The Most High (-87-) 9 The Night (-92-) 10 The Dawn (-89-) 11 The Morning Hours (-93-) 12 Solace (-94-) 13 The Declining Day (-103-) 14 The Coursers (-100-) 15 Abundance (-108-) 16 Rivalry in Worldly Increase (-102-) 17 Small Kindnesses (-107-) 18 The Disbelievers (-109-) 19 The Elephan
  7. the camel story i heard when i was a kid but forgot the details, thank you very much for sharing it with us.
  8. salaam brothers/sisters: After browsing through some Islamic websites, my attention steered towards the chronology of Qur'an. As we know the first chapter that was revealed was the 96th chapter that starts with "Iqra"(READ). I understand by knowing the chronological order of Qur'an we can have a better understanding of historical events that took place at that time. This brings me to my questions: If the chronological Order of Qur'an would teach us more - Revelations and real-time events, then why wasn't Qur'an compiled in that way? whats the benefit of our Actual Ordered present day Qur'an ov
  9. Salam Alaikom . Very nice post

  10. Did his act relieve the prophet (pbuh)? rest of the hadith says the prophet(PBUH)'s condition got worse by it (causing ppl to argue in that room) that he asked all of them to leave the room. So in fact, he made it worse, not better. Agreed?
  11. Is the law put forth by Imam Khomeini the same the one being implemented right now? or is it modified? ...just wondering
  12. "Exposed"??? Well, those who understood my question, already answered me. But thanks for your concern.
  13. one ridicule followed by another.....very mature guys. I have nothing to do with how they run the country, nor do i acknowledge MKO...Someone said: wanna say something smart? think of something stupid then don't say it.
  14. talking about the one near Victoria pk and O'Connor? you're right I should've. Never been there. And I'm talking about the main concentration of Iranians, Richmond hill, but rest of Toronto too. See its not like I'm going around interviewing people about it, but it just happens that out of nowhere they start cussing Khomeini out, out of their frustrations for leaving their happy life in Iran and coming to Canada. I thought maybe there was more to it, that's why I made this post in the first place.
  15. What I wanted to talk about got discussed and explained till post #21, and to be honest it did clear up my mind about the confusions i had. But this barbie-drama started when IRI was decorated with Islamic Law and thats where it all started going off-road. For a mod, you really didn't go through the thread at all, did you? Me hating IRI or loving them, makes no difference, not to me, not to you, not to anyone, so thats irrelevant. And every example i give you, you will throw it away calling it poor examples, kind of like what Americans do to new evidence calling it "conspiracy theory". I must
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