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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. have to go to work :no: and cant be bothered
  2. Salam how is everyone today Inshallah good?
  3. Hamzi

    Arabic Lectures

    Salam Thanks for your help WA Salam
  4. Salam how are you brothers and sisters Inshallah all good Does anyone know where I can find any Arabic lectures for Ashura online so I can download them for my parents? Thanks in advance WA Salam
  5. Salam What TV shows are you guys watching, anyone watching Gotham, the flash?
  6. eid mubarak to everyone inshallah everyone has a great eid and we will be better Muslims day by day
  7. yea love one piece I watch it on this site www1.watchop.com
  8. were ever you are in this world there are always good people if there are 10 bad females there are always 1 good in them. if you really try hard enough you will find a great believer but if you only look a bit and say they are all bad you will get no were. If you want to get married look and Allah SWT will let you find a good believer that you will help her and she will help you
  9. this will help you to know how to pray Salat ul Layl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAtWsCuW9Po there's two parts
  10. hey bro Ali Mussa long time how are you, hows uni and stuff
  11. By my life there will be no regard for anyone nor slackening from me in fighting against one who opposes right or gropes in misguidance. O' creatures of Allah, fear Allah and flee unto Allah from His wrath (seek protection in His Mercy). Tread on the path He has laid down for you and stand by what He has enjoined upon you. In that case `Ali would stand surety for your success (salvation) eventually even though you may not get it immediately (i.e. in this world). Imam Ali A.S #24 Nahajul Balagha
  12. a good question to ask the Skeikh is when does he think the reappearance of our beloved 12th Imam Mahdi A.S will be? Another good question is to ask him about the afterlife.
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