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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Were humans put on earth before or after Dinosaurs? If no then were we put on earth after the Dinosaurs, therefore after the comet?
  2. I was just wondering why shias wear a kara (the silver bangle), could i also get some evidence as to why we wear them too
  3. thanks, i shall be waiting for him to release his album. Heard him on ahlulbayt tv. Hope it comes out soon
  4. thanks, but does this mean that he did have children named this? If so the why dont shia call their sons uthman, umar and abu baker, they could say they are naming their children after Imam Ali's (as) children?
  5. Live like Ali and die like Hussain

  6. can a daughter ever pay off the debt of a deceased parent, or is it only the son? Or could the daughter pay to have someone do it?
  7. Salaam I have heard by some people that Imam Ali (as) named one of his sons Abu Baker, i found this hard to believe and thought it was a just a rumor, So could anyone give me a definite answer?
  8. okay, thanks for the information
  9. would anyone happen to know where i can buy his cd? I think he has a beautiful voice and reads beautiful poetry, if he hasnt got a cd then can someone tell me how i can get some of his readings on cd?
  10. i have read the laws about mutahs, what is/isnt allowed. But can someone tell me how the concept of mutah came about, how can this be halal if in the quran it states no sex before marriage, yet in a mutah this is okay? Is there i nikah done in a mutah?
  11. Live like Ali and die like Hussain, as Ali is the gate a Paradise and Hussain is the youth of Paradise...

  12. thanks for the replies, was really a big help. Also im not a brother i am a sister lol. Thanks again and may Allah (SWT) bless you both
  13. Salaam everyone, i was wondering if anyone could help me in telling me what we believe about Aisha while she was married to the holy Prophet (pbuh)? I know she betrayed him after his death but what about when he was alive?
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