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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So what connection has Jang Jamal got to with a male and female looking to deceive and lie to another female especially since you dont know the full details. Hypocrisy at its highest
  2. I am saying there is a time and place for quoting. For you to say 'Mashalla' to her in one post and then quote Hz Ali (as) in another smacks of someone else totally.
  3. I hear what you are saying but since Lutheran is a branch of Protestants they believe in the Trinity. Historically you can see that the trinity concept was forced upon the Christian church. Unitarianism though made famous by Bishop Arius predates him and possibly was the original theology of Christianity
  4. Really as I said as you sow, so shall you reap. If you cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen. She is being super harsh with another woman's husband and children by lying and deceiving them and then attempting to dress it up as a 2nd marriage Islamic issue. Lets be totally honest about it, you will understand with your super emotional intelligence. She marries the man and they both lie and deceive his wife and kids. She has a kid and then voila he announces he has a wife a kid His first wife quite rightly is seriously agreived and betrayed. Permanent wedge between first wife and husband She wont divorce him due to stigma and uncertain future 2nd wife gets him virtually full time. Sound like a logical sequence of events ? All the rest is just dressing. As I said he will betray her as well and she will have only herself to blame
  5. Remind me to post this to your mother, sister, wife (s), daughters You can explain how this is all a compliment
  6. Maybe but reading your comments I doubt it. Encouraging her then insulting her is not emotional intelligence. I didnt insult her I just pointed out the comments she made herself.
  7. I never trust a man who plays both sides. Some of your posts appear to encourage and then others insult her. What exactly is your game
  8. Nicely deflected but I see you totally ignored a large part of my post. Do you really want me to itemise and copy and paste each part of the post that shows you are even now lying. As I said right up front this post isn't about 2nd 3rd or 4th marriages its about lies and deception Maybe you are trying the story out as a defence. Your parents are only one part of the deceived. So you convince your parents, so what. His wife and children are also lied and deceived to which I see you totally ignore. You said you dont want to reveal your marriage to him till you have a child so you can be on equal footing with her. 2 points arise from this firstly you don't trust your intended enough and think he may divorce you under pressure from his first wife. Secondly you wish to take away her Haq without her knowing it. Next you admit you want him for more then 50% of the time this in itself his proof that you are already scheming. Seems you want to present it as a fait acompli to his wife.Then you try and dress this charade up as a 2nd 3rd 4th wife Islamic issue. Its about common decency. As I said you deserve each other and you can cry on the 3rd wives shoulders if you like and send the 4th wife poison pen letters
  9. I am aware of that. However Unitarianism survived this. The Roman Emperor wanted trinity declared orthodox and used the might of the Roman Empire to force its propagation.
  10. Her entire set of posts say that she is happy to lie and deceive the first wife and kids. Her posts say that she wants him for more then 50% of the time. So she wants to live with him in some utopian ideal in a different city while the the first wife cares for the increasingly elderly parents who would have conspired to betray her as well. First wife gets the drudge and 2nd wife gets all the romance.
  11. LOGIC 2 Both the Sunnis and Shias believe in a Mahdi, they are both agreed that the person is a Syed ie. a person directly related by blood to the Holy Prophet (pbuhahp) So both sects agree that a SYED witll be the savior of mankind who will come to dispense justice and morality till the DoJ. Shia point of view Sucessors were always SYED Sunnis Successors were not descended from the Holy Prophet and were choosen or imposed their will by force. in 1400 years the Islamic world is in a turmoil using this system. Solution from the Sunni point of view is to wait for Allah to identify another Syed to sort out this mess. Simplest logical thing would have been to stick to the SYEDS and not go to the Sahaba in the first place
  12. LOGIC ONE It is a very simple logic. If you look at the history of the revealed religions when the time has come for a Prophet to leave this mortal coil he has passed the baton to a family member. The Old testament is replete with this tendency. If Allah in his infinite wisdom saw fit to pass the baton of authority amongst family members why would Allah in his infinite wisdom allow the people to choose who the baton should go to. This is simple logic if you want to know how to go forward look back and see the example that has been set for you
  13. The gospels are like the bukhari and muslim but in a narrative format. They are like a collection of hadith not the 'word of God'
  14. Bishop Arius of Alexandria simplified the question in this format. He asked 'is Jesus a created being?'. If Jesus is a created being he reasoned that the creator is always greater then then the created so he rejected the idea of Trinity.
  15. Sounds like a olfactory hallucination but with a visual trigger. Maybe caused by a head injury or neurological problem.
  16. The Ibaadis of Oman are descended from the Kharijis, they all pray with their arms open.
  17. In addition to that, one of the earliest split in the Ummah was the Kharijites after Jang-e-Sifeen. Prior to that it has to be assumed that all factions/sects prayed the same. The Kharijites refused to accept any influence rulings from the Ummayads , Abbasides or Hz Ali (as) Interestingly enough they also pray with their hands at their sides. So you have Shia, Maliki and Khariji all independently attesting to hands at the side Hanafi allowing both Shafi or Shafi allowing both and the other hand clasping (i cant remember which allowed both) So you can see the vast majority of the Muslim Ummah allows hands open Based on evolutionary sociology implies hands open was the original form of salaat
  18. I doubt it however If in the unlikely event that she has decided to become Sunni, I would blame the family environment
  19. It appears that many Shia have not recognised Hizbullah and have not reconised real Shia Islam when they see it . Maybe they need lessons from non-Shia sources
  20. It is not a question of what has Hizbullah done for Shiism . The question is what has Hizbullah done for Islam. With the power of google and the internet why should anyone even have to ask that question
  21. I am very familiar with many of the Ulema in London. Can you name a few. You are very vague about 'Alims' & 'well known Islamic college'. As I said names would be helpful. Are you in contact with any of the members of Majalis Ulema or has Maulana Mohamed Ali Shomali given any of these projects his blessing.
  22. Who is he and what country is he fleeing from. I am suspicious of pleas of help but no info on country of origin
  23. You haven't provided enough information to calculate . I am not sure what you mean by death of father or wife ( my mother) . Your statement is open to many interpretations which can effect the division of inhertience
  24. Am I really being mean or very generous hearted. I am giving her a small glimpse of what people will think of her. You can argue about the right and wrongs from a religious point of view. This has nothing to do with religion its about lies and deceptions. She says she wont reveal the marriage until a baby is born because that will put her on an equal footing with the first wife. So she acknowledges that she is going to be stealing the rights of the first wife and children until she has a child herself. The more times he spends with her now and in the future till a child is born is stolen rights of the first wife and children ( in her eyes). I can see her scheming in a few years time to get him to divorce the first wife so then she can him all to herself. Of course she will then claim he is neglecting her kids in favour of his first wives kids. Is it better to tell the truth in these cases or quote the letter of the law not the spirit
  25. What's there to know. If he is contemplating marrying her and keeping it a secret he is party to it. it doesnt matter whose idea it is or who is driving it, they are 24 and 26 . 'Mature' enough to get married 'immature' enough to try and avoid the consequences. They deserve each other. She/He wants to make it public on the birth of their baby. Not even mentally mature enough to have kids. But as a woman she will carry the consequences and others will laugh at her and say she got what she deserved. I am just telling her what she will face in 5 years time. He will be looking at wife 3 by that time
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