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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam, the fat, tallow, grease etc. has undergone a chemical change to become soap and as such is permissable. To those who don't believe me get some grease or lard and try and wash your hands with it you cant do it. and for everyone info. many liquid soaps, shampoos, washing up liquids, soap powders are also derived from fat. enjoy salaam
  2. Salaam this is a common misconception based I think on a misinterpretation of a Shiah hadith. I cannot remember the reference or the book but i am sure someone will enlighten us all. the hadith goes some thing like this (the gist of it) the 'Imam' said to someone we are are not born the same way as you God has kept us pure and we are born from the thighs of our parents. On the surface this appears to be a ridiculus statement and patently false. However if we look at the social norms and language usage in this era we find that people thought it was rude and offensive to talk about genitalia and when they wished to do so they refered to them as 'Thighs' so if we look at the hadith again we can draw an alternative meaning that the 'Imam' is actuallly saying that we Imams are pure, we are of legitimate birth and we know who our parents are. ie the person we refer to as father is actually our father. salaam
  3. salaam, this qouote from the bible and in fact the genesis chapter raises some interesting questions In Genesis Hz abraham is shown to take 'his only true born son' Hz Isaac to be sacrificed. The reward for this is that Hz Abrahams staus is elevated and his progeny is blessed Hz Isaac and his progeny inherits the line of prophethood (covenant established)and Hz Ishmael and his progeny become a great nation with 12 princes. As muslims we reject the distinction between Hz Isaac and Ishmael both were true born sons Hz Ishmael was not illegitimate. As muslims we recognise that Hz Ismael was taken for the sacrifice not Hz Isaac. We also recognise that Hz Abraham status was elevated is the well known discussion on elevation to Immamat. It is more likely that the OT has been changed to discredit Hz Ishmael and not recognise his part in the sacrifice. The 12 princes or chiefs are more likely to refer to the 12 tribes of sons of Hz Jacob ie 12 tribes of Israel. Jews generally recognise that this covenant was established to recognise them as the chosen people. We do not recognise the exclusivity of the covenant to Hz Isaac line. The Covenant wa probably established with all of Hz Abrahams line. salaam
  4. Salaam, I shall the details vague because I do not wish to bring distress to the deceased's family. In our area we have 2 mosques both dominated by Ahle-Sunnat. Recently a Shiah person died in tragic circumstances. Shia and Sunnis both had financial involvement in the building of the mosque. The mosque commitee had a meeting as to decide whether they would allow namaz-e-janaza in the mosque. The local Imam was not happy about allowing the namaz-janaza to go ahead. After debate he agreed on two conditions 1) Only one janaza (Ahle-Sunnat method) 2)Two people should give 'witness' that the person who died was Muslim. The Namaz-e-janaza was not conducted in the mosque and a local community hall was booked. salaam to all.
  5. salaam, father to moaviya, grandfather to yazid, husband to Hinda, such an illustrious family don't you think. Silly question. The question should be was he bad or evil. salaam.
  6. salaam, didnt get a chance to read all the post if somebody else has made this point already I apologise. Ex -muslim sorry its a stupid question. you are confusing two things. "the faith" ie. shiaism, islam, sunnism, christianity etc. and the absolute faith or conviction of its followers. the two are very different and shouldn't be confused. The liftng of the veil that covers our eyes after death refers to our natural and human weakness and the veil lifting which will propel us to 100% conviction because it leaves no room for doubt. salaam
  7. salaam, I- think the real way that you can convince someone else to do their religious duty is to first look at yourself correct all you own deficiencies make sure that you observe all the sunnat. ie. do you shave. Then having completed this exercise make sure that you adopt a attitude of sincerity and humbleness and approach that person in a non-threatening way. Even the holy prophet (pbuhahp) showed his character to the Kuffar for 40 years before declaring his prophethood salaam
  8. Salaam Quraish is the name of a large tribe it has many sub tribes and the bani Hashim and Ommaya are two such sub tribes. As these sub-tribes got bigger so they develped theit own sub tribes. If you look at the genealogy of the holy prophet (pbuhahp) and Abu=Sufian all will become clear. Salaam
  9. salaam, the names of the 12 caliphs is debateable within the Ahle-sunnat school of thought. and I have seen at least two lists. as to Hzs. Abu-bakr, Umar & Uthman(ra) they are all Quaraish as were abu-sufian moawiyah and yazid. the debate on the illegitaimacy of Moawiyah is just that, debate. There is of course the question as to whether Abdus-Shams progenitor of Bani Ommayah was the really descended from Quraish or was just an adopted son. But again this is just conjecture. salaam
  10. salaam just to confuse the issue further. There are many ways to produce alcohol (ethanol, ethyl alcohol) the two main ways are brewing (via yeast sugar etc) industrial - chemically produced - I believe from oil products. Both products produced are identical chemically. and equally intoxicating. The reason why people are discouraged from drinking industrial alcohol is due to the potential of toxic impurities. Alcohol is also a general term for a group of chemicals. Only ethanol & methanol appear to be intoxicating Methanol is however toxic. Alcohol is also a colloqial term for ethanol. It appears that Ayatullah Seestani and Khameni have differing views and differentiate on the permissability based on the source of the ethanol. Personally as a chemist I think Ayatullah Seestani should re-examine the subject Salaam
  11. Salaam, I only make the observation because some participants seem overly preoccupied with cursing. I naturally assumed that this was a major part of peoples life and make the observation that Syed Milani apeears to have missed this section out on his tabligh lectures. Salaam :)
  12. Salaam, I cannot see a section on cursing all and sundry, weird isn't it. salaam
  13. Salaam, as long as group focus on cursing, as it appears many on this site do, and not on expounding the virtues of the Ahlul-Bait that group will never succed because it will only serve to drive people away. Salaam
  14. salaam, since the antichrist will have to mislead and corrupt a large no. of people towards the end of the world. If you are looking for a an antichrist I suggest that you look inthe western world ie christian because by your very definition we are already corrupted. The only way it could happen is if the christians switched enmasse to Islam. Then you could argue that the converter is the antichrist. Institutions become corrupted so I believe you should look for a prominent christian as the anti-christ. You are probably right the muslims will play a prominent role in the anti-christ they will probably be his victims. and that is how he will unite his people behind him.
  15. salaam, sister aliya, as I said preconcieved ideas, reread my post, I was sounding off against hypocritical Sunnis & Shiahs
  16. salaam sister Baji-jan, the killings in Qetta Karbala were not perpetrated by true muslims. Your words indicate that you are dending their killers by some warped sense of logic. secondly if you wish to genuinely learn do not enter a discussion with preconceived ideas as you did. Most of the shiah and sunnis on this site come to this site with inbuilt prejudices and blinkered eyes and claim that they have the true vision. If indeed the people profess to have the true view, then they cannot be entering the site to learn only to teach. as i said before less hypocrisy please salaam
  17. salaam sister aliya , why are our concepts on naivety and honesty VERY different. salaam
  18. salaam, the lack of honesty or extreme naivety on this forum astounds me. We have people coming onthis forum (from all sides) espousing the desire to be called muslim not sunni or shiah and then promptly attacking the other party. The so called 'muslim' says prayers, fasts, adhaan,eats, does wudhu by a particular method not described in the Quaraan and yet insists that they are professing the only true method of worship. Let us forget this hypocritical hogwash and admit that we are sunni/shiah etc recognise we are different. Call for muslim unity, not for uniformity of belief. recognise that we all have the right to worship the way that we do. That should underline the call for unity not uniformity. salaam
  19. salaam, my understanding is the hadith relating to many sects is not universally acepted it is universally quoted however. probably this hadith has led to more bloodshed then I would like to imagine because it apostasises the remaining sects salaam
  20. salaam, thankyou river for your refreshing post, I think this should be posted on every mosque and church in order that people learn tolerance and love something that all the major religions taught. (I don't want whole reams of selected cut and paste to prove otherwise) We all seem to miss the essence or the spirit of what our religions taught us. The majority of this forum is inhabited by hate mongers and lovers of hate and destruction. Your collective prophets and Imams (sons of God) would be so proud of you. It is quite likely that they will despatch you fervent followers to hellfire first for preaching hatred in their names. salaam
  21. salaam, whatever the disagreement between sunni & Shiah, let us not rewrite history. It is widely accepted that Hz Abu-Bakr(ra) nominated Hz Umar (ra) I have never read any evidence to suggest That Hz Abu-bakr polled the companions to find a suitable successor. Though it does appear that his wishes were well known prior to his death. My understanding is that the 4 Imams agee that the legitimate methods of acquiring leadership are Election nomination Shura salaam I await to be corrected
  22. salaam, the story is that a girl reported that she had a vision with Mary mother of Jesus in the city of Fatima. Mary gave the girl 3 prophecies. These prophecies are kept under close wraps in the vatican. Supposedly 2 prophecies have been fulfilled so far. salaam
  23. salaam, calling yourself syed doesnt mean you are syed as defined by the majority of Muslims. It may very well be a name. Ihave heard that some descendentes of Ghulam Ahmed Mirza call hemselves syed just to muddy the water s but I may be wrong.salaam
  24. salaam, surprised no-one else corrected bro moheb, senile age is not the correct term to use for an Imam, no matter what his age, an apology I think is needed. salaam
  25. salaam, call me a cynic if you like it is my impression that Masoom 110 is neither 63 nor an aalim. He has a bit of knowledge but it lacks depth and maturity that comes with time, my estimate of his age is aproximately 23. I cite you the example of not knowing that the geaneology of Hz Ali(as) and Abu Lahab will be identical with one generation missing. You don't get such an easy one wrong. salaam. Don't worry he'll be back under a different guise. What possible religious reason could there be for discontinuing postings. Ahmadies have an instruction whereby they are forbidden to debate or enter int discussion when they feel their Iman is being threatened. Not sure whether this ruling applies to Sunnis or Shiahs salaam
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