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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Prudent. All the same I wish we could speak other than through comments on our profiles.

  2. No i do not use Messenger nor Facebook.

  3. Quisant - at last you reply to me, in this thread, with part of a Pope poem? You have asked it poorly but to what you intended I answer, if it is true - yes. Obviously so. If you are sincere you must admit it to be.
  4. I have had some scruple about having written this. I shall clarify. It was not Hume's thoughts on causality that was the beginning. It was the recognition of the limits of our knowledge and especially the empirical and experienced; and the tendency to repair to making generalisations laws because of our immense and obvious limitations in observing of the universe. There is more to what unsettled me but this was the first step - to see science as it is and not as it is popularly presented ("Science is all empirical and observable and inescapable fact. In time science shall provide all answers o
  5. I shall. I have not come on for several causes. First - I changed e-mail addresses many times. We were not speaking much at that time and so I did not carry you over to the new addresses. Secondly - I stopped using MSN (with little exception) when I left Shia Chat. I needed to get away from such things as a catechumen. I turned more to thought and books and away from opinions and arguments. I have many notes though. It was strange if I easily or entirely agreed with something I read - and when I did I held to it and ordered my life to accord with it. I was a catechumen (you might call that as
  6. I do. I asked concerning you in another thread. We did not speak much during my last round on Shia Chat - but we spoke on MSN during 2006-2007 or so. I also wish to add that Zufa's testimony is of more importance than has been acknowledged. He can see it is me because I wrote in his profile a comment about our private correspondence while I was using the Servidor account and I particularly mentioned a defunct website that he had made for me. Since the site is down and cannot now be seen and especially since no one but I and Zufa knew that he made it - this must be noted well.
  7. Do you use Messenger? I do not remember if we spoke by MSN before. If you do use it - add me.


  8. The Windows Live ID is incorrect. Please try again. Go into the private messages and look through my correspondence with kadhim. There should be messages that confirm what I have said concerning the ban from and to Ali as well. The whole matter to me is best seen from the fact that I must - and I do - give you permission to look at them because I am me and you know it - but I cannot look at them because you do not sufficiently believe that I am me to send the reset page to this account's e-mail address. It makes little sense. I can offer you more details concerning that exchange with kadhim th
  9. I believe in teachings which leads me closeness to God. It can come from religions, knowledge, poems, nature, moments, emotions etc.

  10. It is so with most men. And what do you believe?

  11. This - more than less - was the beginning of my becoming a Christian. You acknowledge this truth and are satisfied (your word) with fluctuations only vaguely confirmed in a questionable theory of lower-level particle mechanics? You must see that the answer from quantum mechanics is just an inductively weaker answer of exactingly the same kind as the concept of causality combined with the principle that ex nihilo nihil fit. Quantum fluctuations is an answer based upon our limited knowledge and conceptions at this time. Do you believe that in two hundred years men shall be satisfied (it is your
  12. The information cannot be seen in the profile. The avatar is not there anymore. The picture is not obvious to everyone (it is from a very particular picture of Rimbaud). Try to find the Villiers de l'Isle-Adam's reference. How many people could know that I took that from a Regina Spektor song? The signature is beyond unintelligible now. It is doubtful that even a google search would yield the poem it is taken from. To 1) I reply it is not possible. To 2) it was likely registered with the e-mail address servidor_de_esda@hotmail.com (esda was an acronym from when I first became a Muslim - Servid
  13. Yes. We shall speak. I shall add you. I cannot access MSN until the first day of November and I already have a person I want a long conversation with. So the second. I am still of a mind to post some more.

  14. I just follow what i believe. :)

  15. Hey man I tried giving this site another try...

    But the amount of dribble and unadulterated [Edited Out] that is being spewed about without any sort of moderation is overwhelming;

    I get such a negative visceral reaction from reading all of it, I can barely stand it...

    If you wanna keep in touch add me on msn messenger: hssn_hdr@hotmail.com

    or facebook; just search that email.


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