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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Its very important for a man to have a career (well-paying job). A woman can do well just by looking good, a man cannot. A man should always put career before some woman no matter how much of a "miss right" she is.
  2. Aww I was looking forward to this. Guess will have to wait even longer now.
  3. Nope. No need at all. :D I am all for feminism too! For once men can see the "real" women and it is all thanks to feminism. B)
  4. Shaming tactic and more of it, when will we stop bashing men? A "real" man is certainly not someone defined by others, rather he makes himself what he wants, not giving into pressure. Anyways, I prefer my toys over women. Most women are not good and I rather avoid them. Games, manipulations and drama, sometimes the act playing on for many years before they show their true colours. I am sure there are some good women out there, but very few. Finding one would be like winning a lottery. Not worth the risk and I guess men are waking up to that reality and going their own way. Also, men should be
  5. I would like a more worthy opponent, not some weak fool who is willing to bend over backwards for women and encouraging others to do the same. I would not put women on a pedestal. If that is expected, then I will not engage a woman. She cannot be my "equal" and expect special privileges. That is stupid. I would like a fair exchange. Thankyou for showering me with accusations and insults, you are indeed an exemplary muslim. A very mature one at that. :) Developments which will level the playing field between men and women. Do your own research.
  6. I wanted to respond to this a while back, but didn't have time. Perhaps you are not familiar with gender symmetry. Look in to it. Also, watch this: http://www.youtube.c...?v=5lHmCN3MBMI. He provides links/references, much better then me having to explain the whole thing. Explore his channel, its insightful. I don't think you will find such a video from a westerner country, the biggest advocates of "equality", yet for some reason these countries allow women/men to demonise men. Further more, they glorify and make comedy of violence against men, have a look at their media. Would they allow th
  7. Thankyou. I am afraid that until peolpe realise and actively fight against these, things will continue to get worse.
  8. I look around me, I see men suffering, often for/ (because of) women, and I see a lot of propaganda aimed towards vilifying men. However, I do acknowledge that women suffer, and have so throughout history. But I refuse to ignore the suffering of men which I believe was no less than that of women's. Yet peolpe just accept men's suffering, as if, they are trash. And you are no different. I used to like your mannerism before, but your constant bias has overshadowed that.
  9. Okay, I am weak, small and a whiner, you got me. But please, don't call me a friend. You are repeating the same old nattrative. Women having suffered more, or oppressed is your opinion, most likely heavly influenced by the femenist propaganda. I have said it before, both men and women had strict roles which they had to follow, women have largely been free-ed from those, whereas men haven't. That is unfair, yet people like you continue to "free" women at the expense of men, heavly demonising men in the process. As you did just now. I won't give my life for a random woman, which is still conside
  10. You just make it clearer for me that you don't know what I am talking about. Is it unhealthy and foolish for me to support mens rights and value life of both men and women equally? So basically, you consider a man's life to be worth less than that of a woman's? Women have been fighting for "equality" we must at least respect their wishes and let them know and have this equality. Which would be, in this case, a man and woman having equal value of life...so why must men die for women on a sinking ship if our lives are worth the same? I don't agree that women suffer far more than men. Women hav
  11. I think you have missed my point. I won't respond to some of what you have said. My personal suffering or what not is irrelevant, I am speaking of men as a group and the problems they face and how nothing is being done to counter these problems, yet as a society we eagerly strive to solving problems "exclusively" faced by women. That in it self is inequality. I put inverted commas around exclusively 'cause at times, its not even women alone as a group facing a particular problem (for example, domestic violence). Yet men are routinely ignored as the victims and often vilified as the sole perpet
  12. Your last sentence is irrelevant, I have been speaking in regards to the "equality" we have achieved in the western sense, which many members here hold in high esteem. Why must men suffer if we are equal? Why must we "man up" and continue to suffer in silence? Would an Islamic state allow the suffering of men and tell them to "man up"? Would that be fair and just? One thing that really interest me: A revolution for men, similar to women's liberation that the west experienced.
  13. Yet, there is so much more being done for women as opposed to what we do for men...which is next to nothing. Also, there are reasons as to why some people have problems with feminism, perhaps you should explore more. Are you aware of issues that particularly men face in your community? Are there not many men and boys living in similarly terrible condition as are women and girls? I am glad that there are people like you who see through their BS. And I completely agree, it is essential to support the rights of men, women and children alike. Damn I wanna like your post a billion times!!! I thin
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