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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) I have been to this organisation regular programmes, such as Fatimiyah (this year and last year) and the mid-shaban programmes. They put tremendous efforts, and may god bless them as always. RECOMMEND it to all.. You will learn alot.. Eltemase Doa.
  2. (salam) This was all politics. Iran's team clothing (as wrong and uncomfortable as it is) had been approved by FIFA and AFC. This Bahraini ref did this on behalf of some fat sheikh. Eltemase Doa.
  3. (salam) Welcome back bro :) Eltemase Doa.
  4. (salam) Maybe the 19th title? :lol: Eltemase Doa.
  5. (salam) Seriously dude, are you okay? The photo is CLEARLY photo-shopped. Eltemase Doa.
  6. (salam) It would be makruh, because your going to be in the toilet with a masoom name on your body. As a result, that could be disrespectful. Personally, I don't see the point of tatoo. Eltemase Doa.
  7. (salam) Yeah I do, :wacko: Exactly. You just proved my point. ' I change who I support every 18 months on average' .. :lol: Girls would choose the best player/team depending on the outcome. No-one even liked Spain, then when they won the Euro 2008, everyone liked them and suported them for World Cup. Eltemase Doa.
  8. (salam) 1. They will never understand the rules and laws of the beautiful game. 2. It takes one hour for a man just to explain the offside laws to them. 3. Girls can never play football to save their lives, therefore whats the point of liking the sport? 4. The sport could be seen very 'physical' for girls, and maybe thats why they hate it? 5. Finally, if a girl really likes football, she would choose the team that she sees as 'most good looking' or 'the best player' . Thats why most girls like teams like Italy and Spain. Eltemase Doa.
  9. (salam) you playing the game by yourself? Eltemase Doa.
  10. (salam) Done :) Confirmation: United will wear white shirts, black shorts, white socks v Barca. Goalkeeper to wear yellow shirt, black shorts, yellow socks. Eltemase Doa.
  11. (salam) He's also the representative of Seyed Sistani in UK. Eltemase Doa.
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