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  1. 3 years on and dawud is still playing runescape. saddo
  2. palestine is a humanitarian issue, not based on religion or sect of a religion.
  3. ThE-Samz

    One Liners

    i dont think most of you guys get the concept of a 'one-liner'. Jimmy carr: "A 24 hour cable channel has been set up to cover it (oscar pistorious trial), what are they doing between midnight and 4am?" Sean Lock: " I dont know, well they're not going for a piss".
  4. since when did shiachat memes start becoming, just memes....
  5. cant chose 1. The greatest companions of prophet muhammad and Imam Ali (pbut) were those who were allowed at the burial of sayyeda Fatema (sa)
  6. if they ever get in power in syria, they ll sell the whole of syria to israel.
  7. i remember watching a show about albinos from tanzania forming a football team. Really sad that people kill them for their body parts and give them to some black magic sages or suttin and they use it to make medicine for certain illnesses.
  8. these tatbir threads need to stop, got enough of them spamming this forum already.
  9. i havent been on here for months. salaam alaikum
  10. oo i never knew sheikh jihad was a convert mA.
  11. haha. i told u it was good! i liked donnie brasco too.
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