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  1. Asalam Alykum, I think you also need to consider that countries with less fasting times have oppression wide spread and in most cases have bombings and killings all the time while countries where the problems are parking tickets and weather being wet most times have to fast longer. Perhaps if you compare everything together, we should compare thoroughly :). Health is elementary my dear Watson in this situation. Did I mention the amount of heat in the countries where fasting time is less? Here in the UK its about 12 degrees. Ideal for a lovely walk across Virginia Waters in Surrey. I mean think about it logically. Its not really fair if we sit in such lovely countries where not having a job does not mean being homeless while in other countries things are often opposite. Ma'Salam.
  2. Asalam Alykum, Did you read about the Canadian policeman who gave his shoes to a homeless man? Not only did he derived fame but also he must have felt emotionally and spiritually revitalized. I have helped many people such as tutoring for free. One day I was carrying a exercise equipment with me for my parent and after much walking in summer I physically gave up. I was sitting on the payment with the equipment boxed next to me for trying to recover but it seemed fruitless as I was completely burnt out. I didn't have any money left for a taxi and at that time I didn't have any friend that could drive nor did I own a mobile phone. Suddenly a man came out of his house and offered me a lift. I declined many times but he was so persistent to help me that in the end I agreed and he dropped me and the equipment home. Moral of the story? What goes around, comes around. Ma'Salam.
  3. If you had read my post with a reflective mind, you would've realised I meant in Jannah you will get what you want. It is obviously we haven't met our Lord yet and we will on the day of judgement unless he wills otherwise. If you really want to know about this issue of getting slaves. I suggest you buy a boat and sail to Somalia where you will meet Pirate. You can be peter pan if you like but certainly they will take you through the entire process where you will become a specialist in the slavery process. Additionally, you'll be blessed with a knowledge of that which is not known by many. Then and perhaps then, you can enlighten us on your experience. Because no one at immediate proximity seems to know the answer and you are in search of it, good luck. Ma'Salam.
  4. Asalam Alykum. To get slaves become a master yourself first. Once you are a master, Allah will give you your slaves. You'll know when you are a master once you meet your Lord. In Islam war is only in a condition of self defense. If you acquire a slave through purchase, you'll be adding fuel to people who oppress and enslave people (assuming slaves aren't readily available someone would have to kill a family or kidnap someone which could also happen to be someone close to you). You want to know Islam's view? Statement of Ghadeer highlights our roles. Ma'Salam.
  5. Asalam Alykum, In the path of Ahl ul Bayt, if you are not our brother in religion then you are our brother in humanity. You are a Muslim. You worship Allah. Your deen is between you and Allah. Do not base your life or deen on the judgement of fellow men when they themselves will be judged. Read the Qur'an and spend your time wisely. Life is too short to spend hating. Distance yourself from bad people and find good people. Good people are those of knowledge, charity and nobility by character. If you want to know more about characteristics of good people, read Surah Al-Mu'minoon (Quran Surah number 23). Ma'Salam.
  6. Asalam Alykum, I wouldn't keep a theory name over something related to superman. I think you should read the history of superman first. By that I mean the writers. Also look into curse of superman as well. Finally, superman's story was meant to be something mirroring Prophet Moses (A.S.)'s story (getting shipped into vessel as their planet/people were being destroyed without their fault, the elders were corrupt/short sighted and the Prophet came with miracles etc. lead people and never made mistakes) Interesting readings. I am not happy about Superman destroying Bruce Wayne's satellite in man of steel. I like your concept though. Thanks for sharing. Ma'Salam.
  7. Asalam Alykum, I think what my brother in the post above meant was that there is a fine line between a degree in this world and the purification of the soul. Allah has forgiven many people time and time again and it will be up to Allah. Our part is to be pious as much as we can. You'll find this link full of information: http://www.duas.org/seekforg.htm Take steps towards Allah and Allah will bless you. Allah is not getting his whip ready. Ma'Salam.
  8. Asalam Alykum, followers is quite right however, have we considered that if Haider was his first name, surely she should be able to use that as her Surname as well. Remember, names like Mrs Ali or Mrs Ahmed etc, these are also first/surnames but the wives of the men use that as their surname. In the end, it is a name. We are only giving you advice from a social point which is also important and if your change your first name/christian name then you must consider gender issues but I understand you want to sync your surname with your son's surname and your husband's surname so go ahead :). I hope these have then answered your question. Lastly, I am sorry to offer my condolence in this post, I should have done so at the first post. followers is very well mannered compared to myself. Ma'Salam.
  9. Asalam Alykum, Happy reading: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235020513-marriage-issue-need-helpadviceduas/ Ma'Salam.
  10. Asalam Alykum, I believe she was asking about her surname. I do not see any harm if your surname was Haider. Lets see if someone differs. Ma'Salam.
  11. Asalam Alykum, Take it from someone who has been in the same situation, its a really bad idea. Better them freaking out then everyone crying blood. You can search and read my posts and seekingadvice1's posts to know more. You cannot out smart Pakistani culture. Be sincere and be honest and open. Ma'Salam.
  12. Asalam Alykum, I read you other post about cleric and I read this one. Here is an answer for one of your questions: I think his lectures cover a lot of things and I am sure you will find a lot of information. There are about 150 lectures on youtube that I am going through daily one by one. Ma'Salam.
  13. Asalam Alykum, I urge people specially those who seek to attain knowledge to take time and watch this Q and A session that happened and was posted on youtube. It is extremely informative. Watch this because you owe it to yourself to know more as a human being. Ma'Salam.
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