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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikum In Sunni thought, following a Wali or his/her tariqa (which all link back to Imam Ali as) can lead the diciple towards sainthood/waliya, as the Shia school outwardly follows Imam Ali's as guidance, where can one find the inner Batin teachings?
  2. salam I would like to revive this topic because i also live in CS and wonder what the situation is here for the shia? would love to find a center or someone to learn from. I am a new shia...
  3. "Thats quite a bold claim to make that needs substantiation, pickup any book of hadith and read the chain of narration to see the truth." Your right, excuse me, "bro I wouldnt take the arrivals seriously, do you really want to put your afterlife in the hands of a youtube doco? has it been peer reviewed? has it been recommended by any person worth his salt? religious cleric, historian, philosopher?" trust me, my deen is in not in the hands of any movie, i'm just saying that this movie will make you open your eyes to the system of dajjal
  4. thank you for the links and thanks to all for the replys, so if the shia have different book of hadith it must mean they have a different method of collecting and investigating the isnad, does anyone know where i can find comparitive info on this process??
  5. salam alaikum to all excuse me if this message comes out a little imprecise, i have basically been diving headlong into the study of the madhab of ahlu bait all day, and cannot pry myself away from the computer to get some much needed rest. So I have been a muslim for about 8 year since i was a teenager alhamdulilah and have gome through what so many reverts will know quite well, basically "why are there so many sects" "why arn't the muslims the great people I envisioned them to be?" "which imam, shaykh, maula, wali should i follow?" so after years of research i decided to broaden my horizons and thanks to a few things i have begun to look outside of the sunni shell. Foremost was a dream I had some time ago and have never forgotten. It was the only dream I have ever had where I was inside a masjid with other muslims and i knew that this was a shia masjid. (hmm that's wierd, they looked like normal people, not what some sunnis would have you believe..) Secondly, contact with some bahai's made me look again at that ignored branch of islam Third study of the quran and it's chains of narration has opened the doors for the narrations of any saahib of (SAW) and I wondered why do the sunnis completly reject anything associated with ahlu bayt? And... watching the documentary THE ARRIVALS, which calls attention to the common ground between us and opens the eyes to the signs of the dajjal and imam mahdi which are rapidly appearing all around us. I highly recomend this series find it on the Wake Up Project website or youtube, though youtube is trying hard to censor every upload of it. So now I am here looking for advice and council from any who will give it, I am especially eager to hear from any other american reverts who have followed the ahlu bait, how can you make that decision, and how can you find others in your area, I know of none where I am but would love to meet shia brethren, there is only so much that Shaykh WWW.insertwebsitehere.COM can do, though I appreciate all good links. So my biggest question is why would we chose a family over a concensus. I understand that Ali was with (SAW) from his childhood, but I don't understand how the differences between shia and sunni could be so strong, certainly one of them has made great mistakes so how do we know that members of ahlu bait did not wish for power and attempt to seize it the way shia say other khalifs did. (no offence there just a question), and what can you make of the differences in fiqh and aqidah that have grown from that. I am also curious as to where the shia are from, is it truly a worldwide phenomena or mostly secluded within Iran/Iraq an India? Shukran/Shukriya
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