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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) well yeah, i know the basic rules. like only fish with scales. no lobsters, crabs, oysters and the like. but what i wanted to know is where these rules came from. i can explain why we have to kill animals in that certain way to make it halal but when i'm asked why i can eat fish at like burger king or something i don't know why. i just know that i'm allowed to. i just wanted to know why we're allowed to eat fish without sacraficing it. (salam)
  2. (salam) sorry, i meant. why is fish always halal? (salam)
  3. (salam) i was tlaking to a hindu friend of mine about halal food and she asked me why we were allowed to eat fish when it wasn't halal but we have to make everything else halal. i didn't know the answer to that question so can someone help me with that? thanks (salam)
  4. (salam) yeah, it was like 65 degrees here this afternoon and i went to a friend house and when i came outside again it was like 40 and raining. also, there were 4 hurricanes in florida this summer and in iran last winter there was an earthquake in bam that killed a whole bunch of people. (salam)
  5. (salam) Question:Can a Muslim Listen to music? Answer:It is permissible to listen to music which is not fit for diversion and play. http://www.sistani.org/html/eng/main/index...lang=eng∂=1 that was a question asked to Ayatullah Sistani which was posted on his website. This means that all music isn't forbidden, only when it's "not fit for diversion and play". Whatever that means. (salam)
  6. (salam) So basically all music, no matter what, is haraam? I mean, what if you go to a piano recital where they play music from like bach. Is that also haraam? I understand how goth/pop/rock and roll is haraam but is classical and that sort of music also haraam? (salam)
  7. (salam) i can't search either! it says that i can't use that option because im not a member or something but i clearly am. can someone help? thanks (salam)
  8. (salam) people don't become angels, they are a different being just like jinns. I think we'll be able to see them because i remember reading somewhere that they're supposed to be servants or something. noooooo it's not. I've always wondered that too because i've always wanted to fly :D
  9. (salam) what about lotion? does anyone know if lotion isn't allowed? your skin absorbs the nutrients from the lotion so i was just wondering if that was allowed. (salam)
  10. (salam) can someone list those in chronological order? (salam)
  11. (salam) I personally don't listen to music because my family was always strict about it but I know of a lot of muslims that do. I don't see any difference between those muslims and myself except for the fact that they listen to music and I don't. So my question is, what exactly does music do to you that makes it haraam? I can understand why you can't listen to certain songs about certain explicit things just like you can't watch tv that shows explicit things but i want to know why music in it's entirety was banned all together. It doesn't seem to have any effect on people that's different than what tv does or what movies do to you so why make it haraam all together? (salam)
  12. (salam) islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. This fact shows that more people find islam to be the true religion than any other religion. oh, and that picture above of the moon, It spells "Ali" in arabic. so it shows that Ali is like the moon. (salam)
  13. (salam) what order would you have it in? give some examples that we can talk about and then maybe we can clear some stuff up and what's wrong with that? everything has to be covered for a religion to be complete.
  14. (salam) ever since i was a kid i always had this notion that heaven was eternal. Then i was talking to a muslim friend of mine and he said something like, "eventually all things, even heaven will disappear" and he said that it's because only Allah can be eternal. Also, the shaikh at my masjid was saying something along those lines as well. I was just wondering if anyone knows if this is true or if it's only speculation or what. If it is true, then i think it would make people feel less motivated to do things because eventually there will be nothing and what's the point in that? (salam)
  15. (salam) does anyone know of any ruling about praying on stones with imam's and the prophet's name on them? (salam)
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