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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There are several related papers that I can see under this http://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&lr=&q=%22anglo+najd+treaty+of+december+1915%22&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai= Due to the exemption in the copyright and this is old stuff ... I dont have access to a libary with these epapers and paper copies is out of the question at current shipping rates and rather moronic ... someone help with a collection of papers on this subject, not just one paper ad. thanks in advance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indeed, you
  2. Do we have any faith in Allah (SWT) ? Do we pray with tongue or with heart ? Why cant we control our tongues and prevent ourselves from gloating ? Lets wish the best to the saudi people and their fate is with Allah. We do not need to create any new fitna ... just because we could not control our tongues and keyboards. Lets follow our brothers, the Iranians, and Ayatollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei who maintained neutrality and did not allow themselves an iota to be prey to spite (when US invaded Iraq first and second time again). The royal family has some bad people but also some very ver
  3. be sure to present a summary of the ideas, and possibly a video clip by those of us who could not even attend it even if we had a million.
  4. LOOOL OMG that's so true.. sometimes those things get on ur nerves, esp when the guy's short abt to fall like REALLY! what's the point of having em on.. and omg the colors of their hair.. some ppl have a very strange definition of good looking :Hijabi: but we still respect them.. I honestly think the lady was having a super rough day, and wanted to take her anger out some how and saw that poor Muslim woman, and BAM.... oh what can u do ..... :Hijabi: Prejudice based on looks (and dress) is one of the most primitive of human emotions. I know european tribes have displayed it with brutality a
  5. I have been trying to suggest the existence of this problem - in its own right and isolated from other issues for a long time. The question is how to recognize a friend from a foe ? suspecting a friend for a foe is as bad or even worse than getting deceived by a foe. I have these suggestions : 1/ keep people informed by posting significant news articles for awareness. 2/ always do and find and to the fullest utilize all legal and kosher (ie halal and I use it to defend from the zionists and yanks this right) avenues for helping and improvement of knowledge and economic situation and also the E
  6. I am not the main participant in this thread. However, I wish to point out that this contrasts substantially with the politeness that Brother Shabbir Hassanalli used in discussing the matter between our Ahle Sunna brothers and us - and references he brought from the Holy Quraan. There are two points in this matter : 1/ We should show the kind of generosity to our Ismaili brothers that we show to the Ahle Sunna or will be accused of bending to power. 2/ The pakistani shias should not try to spoil the sacrifices and achievements made by our Iranian and Lebanese brothers at great sacrifices and e
  7. Being a non persian , I feel and appreciate this gesture very well ... Persian is a very sweet language ... "french" of the east ...
  8. all the saudi people I found were hard working - but except the royal family.
  9. which country are you talking about that you lived and observed them ? town if possible also and the university ? what was your and some of your observed's major subject ? how long will I be put on the moderation of every single post of mine ?
  10. how does cortisol wreak havoc ... details ?????????
  11. how did you find out such minute details ????
  12. I must disagree with you and direct your attention to fallacious reasoning and counterexamples. The backwardness of Saudi has not to do with the people but to the ruling family of al-saud. 911 was done to remove bin laden and prevent a popular government coming by revolution or evolution. This same being done now in YEMEN, see the article on global research dot ca (that a sweet moderator removed possibly in a haste or tiredness) which desires to crush any budding discontent and demands for freedom. As far as Iran is concerned, my observation suggests that the women there are more in numbers in
  13. perhaps this might be that they did a very good job of secrecy including the mock funeral. I want to know from some ismaili what their history says as the final destination of "Isma`il b. Ja`far" , is that Salamia which is mentioned in thier histories ?
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