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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well... 1. What are the charges? 2. What are the subjects that are taught there? 3. Do they teach Exegesis of Quran? 4. Does it have a website or a webpage or something? 5. Where is it located in Karachi? 6. Is their hostel a good place to live in?
  2. Salam, Does anybody have any info about Madrassa/Hawza Imam Khomeini in Karachi, Pakistan, the one that has hostels for girls/boys?
  3. Remember me? do you come on MSN anymore?

  4. Asalam, How r u ? is everything ok?

  5. yea even i don't think this man could be practicing ilm-e-najoom or ilm-e-jafar because all the people who practice it DON'T go around claiming they are messengers sent by Allah and predicting not only the natural disasters, but the day the world will end. Can you believe how crazy this man is? He even predicted the coming of Gog and Megog, the Omen day and the end of the world. He is a maniac. Now that is a real Satan. A satan in the human form. Besides, just see how absurd his claims sound when we all know that there is no such thing mentioned in the Quran that there will be a messenger after Muhammad (SAW) and before Mehdi (as) who'd be sent from Allah to warn people about the end of the world. In fact when even Hazrat Muhammad didn't know when exactly is the world going to end, how can this ordinary man know it? Stupid guy.
  6. I wanted to know if all the vaginal discharges are Najis (impure). Actually I am facing this problem for about 3 months now. This discharge comes out many times during the day (which has nothing to do with lust ofcourse). It is clear and colorless. I want to know if it invalidates the ablution or if I have to redo the ablution every time I feel the discharge has come out because this is really hindering my prayers. I wonder if it is normal or if there are many other women who face the same problem!
  7. u shouldn't feel bad, but yea seeing such high level paintings really makes us realize what level we are at actually! but these paintings can be a real source of inspiration for us ... I mean i.e. if we really want to be at that level some day in future !
  8. well the fact is my art teacher is not teaching me how to make portraits and I have not learned how to make portraits from anywhere and anyone at all. One day I came across this picture of John abraham and it was a really good picture and i was like why not draw it so I started drawing and it just turned out really good for the first attempt at portraits. I think if I had told this fact to my art teacher, he would have been a lot less harsh than he was. But this guy is a really great artist. You would be amazed when you look at his paintings. All of them are so realistic, you would end up thinking it is photography. Here's his website if you want to take a look: http://hanifshahzad.com/ (and the guy in front of the painting is the artist i am talking about and my art teacher too!)
  9. as in??? and what makes you think it will be good?
  10. yeah man he really does! i mean just look at him! he's truly a great mathematician but how can he claim to be a messenger of Allah? I mean he says Muhammad is the last prophet and he is the last messenger .. that is crazy! besides, he is really freaking everyone out with his calculations and predictions .. he says there's going to be an earthquake next week on 2nd nov 2010, can you believe that??? and apparently all his previous predictions about the earthquakes in 2010 are correct. and according to him 2nd nov 2010 is next ! FREAKY!!!!!!!! VERY FREAKY !!!!!!!!!
  11. thanks everyone for appreciating my work. My art teacher wasn't too impressed with this Angelina's portrait and he said only an a-s-s hole could like it since it is too childish. He used the word 'amateur'. Well, I was a little disappointed at first but didn't really mind that since I AM an amateur. Anyway. Real life sketching and painting is allowed, as in it's not haraam. Is it? I emailed Ayatollah Sistani the other day and he said it is fine as long as you are not intending to worship it. And since I am obviously NOT making angelina jolie and other celebrities with intention of worshipping them, I think it is okay.
  12. here's something really strange I just came across: http://www.66619.org/2010.htm An excerpt from this website: Now, observe the Day of 2.11.2010. In the Name of GOD and by GOD's will , on 2 November (11) 2010 , you shall witness The Quake. I, 570 and my brother, 666 warn the Human race with the Quake and We let the Human race witness the Miracle of GOD. GOD did give the Order to Angel Gabriel to fulfill the Mission. By GOD's leave, the Earth will shake by guaking in order to show its acceptance to the Messenger of GOD. While the Earth does bow down to the Messenger of GOD, who the hell are the Devils of Human race on Earth do not bow down to GOD's Messenger ? Well. What do you think? What is this all about? P.S: This man Bahattin Uzunkaya who owns this website claims to be a messenger of God. WHAT THE HELL. http://www.66619.org/messenger.htm
  13. putting henna mixed with amla, reetha and sikakai, on hair stimulates the hair growth, makes it stronger and gives volume to hair, not to mention colors the hair naturally. I am 100% sure about this. Look it up on google and you will know where to get these things and the proportions they are to be used in.
  14. Here's another portrait I'm working on at the moment. It's nearly done. I am posting the pictures step by step. and I will post the final finished drawing later tonight. P.S: One of the eye turned out a little bigger than the other one in the initial drawings but I fixed it up later ...
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