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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. you're basically not following all of Islam, for example not wearing a hijab because you don't think it is a requirement or because you simply don't want to, would put you outside of Islam... I thought intentions were important.. I don't know, it just seems very harsh to me..
  2. Isn't that verse that just about sects in Islam? And not about the three different abrahamic religions?
  3. Does the belief that "all religions lead to god", and that the belief in the oneness of God, the day of judgement and good deeds are sufficient, take you out of the realm of Islam, Christianity or Judaism? God is the most just, therefore being born into Islam religion puts you at an advantage. For those who are not muslim the argument would be that they have the ability to research and learn about religion. However, I think that as a human being, its very difficult to change your belief system, especially one that you have held for your whole life. Is it wrong to believe that there is no
  4. I hear this mostly by sunnis, that the split is political and that it doesn't matter what happened over 1000 years ago? But of course it matters if you believe that Imamate is an integral part of islam? Of course, If you say it is important you are being "sectarian", but in reality although there are more similarities than differences, the differences are huge. Do you think it's wrong and only adds to conflict to say the differences are more than just political?
  5. During Muharram, many of the followers of Imam Hussein (as) abandoned him.. Is this similar to what will happen with the return of Imam Mahdi (atfj)? From things that I have read it seems that only a small amount of true followers will be with him.. even if someone might think they are a true follower now, when the time comes will the history be repeated...? This is a very fearful thought to me, i am wondering if there is any basis in it.
  6. What I meant was many shias constantly praise Assad.. They dont just support him by default. Not sure if this is just a disconnect between the shia and Sunni stances on Assad or if these people of are the uneducated minority.
  7. so basically the only thing that makes sense on this mess is that, some people decided to start some protests because all of the other arab countries are protesting their governments so why not. Assad decides he's not going to let his country Become another failed arab revolution and shuts those protests down.. Revolution gets hijacked by some terrorists, turns into a war. Civilians die because that's what happen in a war and people blame all those deaths on Assad. I'm not pro Assad or against Assad, but it's ridiculous that no one actually know what's going on here. If assad did kill 200k pe
  8. I have noticed on social media as well as my own encounters with people that there is overwhelming support for Bashar by shias. The only logical reason I see for support of Bashar is because he is the lesser of two evils and his downfall would open the doors for a puppet in his place. However, the statements I have seen from people are actual support, and it just shows to me the level of sectarianism these days. Before these "revolutions" in syria even started, bashar was killing people and Beating people who opposed him? For that aspect alone see it wrong to wholeheartedly support him ( be
  9. I hear this phrase a lot by Sunnis. However I happen to never hear of situations where Shias kill sunnis because they are Sunni, I am not sure if this is bias or factual, but typically it's Sunnis who are killing Shias. This person who said this phrase also says that Shias get killed at Sunni checkpoints (for being Sunni) and Sunnis get killed at Shia checkpoints (for being Shia) and this is before the whole ISIS thing as well. I cannot tell if this person is just ignorant and uneducated or if this is factual, because once again I have never heard proof of this. Any proof of this?
  10. Uh.. Well my question was asked from an islamic. view of why the other books were sent which is why I said "suppose to be". I probably chose the wrong section on the forum since I asked from an islamic point of view but that was my mistake. My question was essentially, do all these books have the same content? Do they all contain different content?
  11. This is still one of the things that i cannot understand. Why were the Torah and bible revealed before the quran? In the past, were they essentially the same thing revealed for different people? Were the original torah and bible islamic texts? I just don't understand why these other books were revealed if Islam is suppose to be the correct religion.
  12. Sometimes it comes that people don't feel remorse over the sins they have commited. At this point does it mean that they are incapable of repentance because they have sinned too much? I think it makes sense that initially someone may not feel remorse but a desire to better themselves, leading them to read quran, duas, islamic texts, pray etc. and then is when they would feel remorse for their sins. This is the most logical pattern in my eyes however generally what I read on this forum and elsewhere is, sin, repent, and then read and be more aware of your religion.
  13. I have read some topics regarding the occupation of Palestine on this forum however I cannot understand the logic behind peoples arguments. As a muslim, is it not your duty to defend and stand up for your muslim brothers and sisters? Sunni or Shia.. I have read some things that are not supportive of the Palestinian cause, whether it be because Palestinians disregard Shias as Muslims or the opposite. In my opinion, which to much confusion seems to conflict with the things I have read, is it is all Muslims duties to help the Palestinian people. Is this wrong? Is this not the exact reason why
  14. I have recently seen some very interesting tweets show up on twitter. "No Hijab = Hell. Simple. Who says? Allah, Quran, Prophets and Imams. The End." " No hijab means public sinning, and marketing a sinful act while claiming Islam is hypocrisy, and a hypocrite is in the lowest depths of the fire." I would like to hear other input on this subject because I for one strongly disagree with this persons approach on the matter. Although we all agree on hijab being wajib does anyone really think this is an appropriate and acceptable way to go about it? Secondly, does not wearing a hijab while clai
  15. I have been praying for months and months that when the letters of acceptance came out for a program at my university that I would get in. I did try the best I could do however I really needed help. So I prayed and prayed and when the results came I didn't get accepted. Maybe something better will come out of this and that's why I didn't get in , I don't know but it surely adds more struggle to my life for the time being because I didn't get in. I have to adjust schedules and I am so stressed out -_- . I know Allah knows best but somehow i feel like Allah didn't hear my duas and either way Th
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