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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. don't associate lies to wahhabies lol..It is the consensus of every muslim that isa (as) will return along with imam mehdi!!
  2. ^agian from ur logic one may conclude that Umar stopped prophet to write a will and prophet didn't write...don't twist the question please by bringing other issues of umar...its simple "prophet wanted to write a will but umar stopped him, thus he coudln't write a will" This aqedah can only b of shia like u that prophet would not convey his message because he was intervened by an individual :wacko:
  3. Yes!! like Kufans sacrificed their lives for Hussain Ra ..
  4. ^it is u messing things up...the more valid question is Did Muhammad (pbuh) refused to write a will for whole ummah after the behaviour of an individual Umar?
  5. then tell me what is preventing them from attacking iran :P
  6. lol now i m blashpeming against (pbuh)...It is you who say Muhammad didn't write a will because umar prevented him..It is not my belief :(
  7. ^yet they attacked a country having wahabi ideology "afghanistan" and only threating Iran with lame statements and nothing else!! :dry:
  8. If Quran confimrs Ayesha (ra) a disbeliever then why didn't Muhammad (pbuh) left her? as far as I have heard Lot (as) and Nuh (as) were seperated from their dishonest wives (through azab on their nations)
  9. ^ so we may conclude that Prophet (pbuh) wanted to write a document but Umar (ra) stopped him. So Prophet failed to deliver his message right? Astagfirullah!! on a side note why would prophet (pbuh) listen to a kafir munafiq? (that's the title shia gives to Umar). Kuffar of maakah with all their power stopped Prophet (pbuh) frm spreading islam but he didn't listen to them but later on a revert from amongst those kuffars stopped prophet from writing a will and he didn't wirte it :lol:
  10. ^cameback to shachat after a long time and saw this nonsense :/ JHK can u please quote an ahadit where Ali (ra) said he is god? Astagfirullah :excl:
  11. right...but what about those so called random unknown sunni alims about whom u guys post videos with title LOOK sunni aalim admitting this sunni aalim saying this this is the real face of sunni blah blah :P
  12. Watch this video..video is only for urdu listeners..this shia aalim is saying anyone who abuses abubakar ra Umar ra, usman ra and Ali ra is an apostate!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpOClvNidJI&feature=player_embedded#!
  13. which topic? U have failed to provide any ahadit to backup ur claim..either post ahadits about umar (ra) receiving revelations from Gibraeil (as) and congratulating Ali (ra) on becoming a master of all believers or request mods to close to close your thread :dry:
  14. here is what I said after that post so plz don't say we believe in this too..two wrongs doesn't make a right!!
  15. ^Mashallah that is the correct way of dawah which u have learned from the AHL E BAIT
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