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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Serious question, isn't this haraam? What you're saying to do is to flirt..i mean that's how you build chemistry, right? Also going on a date might not entail touching but it certainly entails haraam looks at the girl (you only get 1, remember?) and also flirting (which i thought breaks the rules of hijab?) I've always wondered this because i never understood how muta could ever be done without doing something haraam in the process, it seems to me that if you observe all the islamic rules then it becomes impossible =( . Also if you are a sistani follower it becomes even harder because a non-virgin who lost her virginity via zina still needs to get the permission of her father, even if she is financially independent..That really makes it impossible. But that's a seperate issue, i'd like the first part about dating ot be answered first and foremost. That might be factually incorrect..I've always heart that in muta the woman has to stay until the agreed time that was set in the contract, it is only the man that has the right to return the time to her.
  2. Well i guess that would depend on how much time you have left? I don't know if there is a "right" answer to that question..I guess maybe what you're trying to ask is "what is the most important/beneficial part of the qunoot in salatul witr", and to be honest i don't know the answer to that and i doubt very many people do.
  3. Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem, Salaamu Alaykum, Okay, so S.Hassan has clearly DEMONSTRATED some Sayyed Fadlullah hate, but I'm still unsatisfied with the reasons why. I'd also like to the history of it. I'd like to address a few points made my S.Hassan. First of all, I'd like to know what these "deviant beliefs" are. Saying that he didn't believe that Sayyeda Fatima (as) wasn't killed by Umar isn't a deviant belief and he responds to this in the following video (press CC for captions): Second of all, I'd like to understand what your proof is about the Sayyed not being a mujtahid? What is required to be a mujtahid anyway, and according to who? (that's not an argument it's a geniune question, i actually don't know.) Personally, it seems ridiculous to claim that the Sayyed Fadlullah is not a mujtahid, his knowledge speaks for itself, besides, you'd be calling the entire Hezbollah deviant for recognizing him, and by extension Iran. That's a very big claim and you have to provide proof for that. But again, i don't really know the criteria for ijtihad and all that so maybe once you explain that your position will be more clear. Third of all, i don't think calling him a cult leader is very respectful and I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from using that kind of language as that is not very productive to the conversation. As Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran: "o by mercy from Allah , [O Muhammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah . Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him]." (3:159) I will be watching each of your responses in this thread from this point on to see if it is possible to have a rational conversation with you, if you persist in speaking rudely then we will no longer continue this dialogue for in reply to some one who posed Imam Ali (as) a difficult question, Imam Ali (as) said : 'Ask in order to understand, and do not ask in order to find fault, for surely the ignorant man who wants to learn resembles a man of knowledge, and surely a man of knowledge who wants to be difficult resembles an ignorant man who wants to find fault. ' I we both follow this advice.
  4. Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem Salaamu alaykum, You're right brother. Unfortunately i don't see an edit button anywhere, otherwise i would have changed it to "Unfortunately in my experience Akhbaris seem to be extremely rude and have no akhlaq and are like the shia equivalent of a wahabi, so i'd like to clear up my misconceptions." My appologies. Unfortunately the only answer i got (by the post above by "wikipedia") confirmed my misconception...Half the stuff on that list of what Usoolis believe is a gross misrepresentation and some of them are outright false...
  5. Dude there is no way you could do everything you said up to difficulty level 4 in only half an hour. You're talking about doing 11 rakaats, 6 tasbih's, 6 elaborate qunoots, one of which is the witr qunoot in which forgiveness is asked 70 times, forgiveness for others is asked 40 times, and 100 times of saying sorry, not to mention whatever other duas a person throws in there. And doing 6 duas (after each set.) I have a feeling that doign all that in half an hour would be like "the peck of the rooster." Quality > Quantity. As i said, don't focus on the quantity, rather try to do as much as you can while being sincere and slowly build up your spiritual muscles and push yourself further.
  6. Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem, Salaamu Alaykum, What exactly do you need to know? If you could make your question more specific. By the way, just a side tip you should always be critical about what you hear, a lot of the so called "facts" they stated are false. But we'll get to that later. What exactly do you need help with?
  7. Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem, Salaamu Alaykum, I don't mean to be mean, but that was a HORRIBLE translation...that was like a "google translate copy and paste" translation. I think i got the main idea, though a lot of the details were lost.
  8. According to CIA factbook only 51% of Iran is ethnically Persian..The rest are all a mix of some kind of turk (azeri uzbek etc.) or afghan etc. So if Iran wanted to "ethnically cleanse" iran and to "persianize" the country, they would have to kill 49% of the population. That's ridiculas.
  9. Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem, Salaamu Alaykum, I think you are confused. I think you know that islam is correct in terms of aqeeda but you have misconceptions. Read shaheed mutahharis books, he answers all ur questions and shows how islam is correct not secularism. http://islambooks.weebly.com/books-by-ayatollah-murtaza-mutahhari.html
  10. Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem Salaamu Alaykum, Have you seen he who has taken as his god his [own] desire, and Allah has sent him astray due to knowledge and has set a seal upon his hearing and his heart and put over his vision a veil? So who will guide him after Allah ? Then will you not be reminded? (45:23). It can be said that shaytaan falls under this category and in essence did commit a kind of shirk. Also, in order for a person to be forgiven they must ask for forgiveness, so if iblis asked for forgiveness in the dunya then the answer would be yes, he would be forgiven. But he will never ask for forgiveness as Allah SWT has put a seal on his heart.
  11. Bismilahee Ta3ala Salaamu Alaykum, I am wondering exactly who the Akhbari shias are and what they believe (wikipedia wasn't very helpful.) Where exactly do they differ from the Usooli shias? Also, do they have taqleed as well, who are their prominent scholars? I have heard that Yassir al-Habib is an Akhbari, is that true? Why is it that all the Akhbaris seem to be extremely rude and have no akhlaq and like the shia equivalent of a wahabi?
  12. Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem, Salaamu Alaykum, So he's the new guy on the block, who's name is catching peoples ears. We all know him from his awesome TV show in which he exposes wahhabi arguments. Thoughts? The main question I wanted to ask about him was what line of thought does he follow? From my understanding he is mostly on the same line as Sayyed Muhammad Baqr As-Sadr, is this true?
  13. The title is pretty self explanatory. If someone can please explain to me why exactly there was a massive slander campaign against the Sayyed and the history of it? How did it start, and what do people have against him? I'm asking this after getting really sad after watching this video (press the CC button for subtitles): As you can see, the Sayyed got pretty angry..Seems like he's been harassed for a long while.
  14. Bismillah Arrahmaan Arraheem Assalamu Alaykum, Considering qunoot is not even a wajib part of any salah, to my knowledge your answer would be ZERO. Look brother, i feel obliged to offer you a piece of advice here. Salatul witr isn't even WAJIB. Meaning you don't have to get up and do it. When you get up to do it, its because you choose to, iA with a pure intention for the love of Allah SWT. I urge you to try to get the most out of the salat and not just do it for the sake of saying you did it. Obviously to do some is better than to do none, but what i'm trying to stress is do the maximum to the point where you are sincere in your intention. if you're not sincere in your intention after a certain point, if thats your limit then recognize that and don't push yourself to the point where you feel that salaatul witr is a burden rather than an act of worship and love.
  15. try posting in the jurisprudence forum or in the multilingual forum, someone there might know.
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