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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (wasalam) It's pretty difficult to explain a means of achieving an Islamic way of life.. but I do recall personally placing prayers central to my daily routine; then building upon it. Things kind of just clicked after a while. For instance, praying became something I would automatically do, like preparing dinner or whatever.. It would no longer be something I would think about. So you could kind of start and make praying core to your routine and see how things go. Also, I don't agree with the idea that you have to become more religious, I mean, what is being religious in the first place? It'
  2. What happened to Wonderer, it's been a while..
  3. I no longer care about exams.. time to just accept fate. :mellow:
  4. I love his books, however Ayatollah Sobhani would tell me that he is very much disliked, as he 'bends the rules' to suit his arguments and that his approach is similar to that of a Christians. If something is not understood and looked upon as negative within Islam, instead of explaining it, he would alter the idea to suit his own argument; thus making him controversial among traditional scholars. I was not given any sort of proof - my fault as I should have asked. I personally like him regardless.
  5. Then maybe he should follow his own advice. I agree it will get heated due to the lack of open mindedness apparent, therefore let us take both schools of thoughts opinions on the historical analysis of what happened and come to our own conclusions on what happened and end it at that. A speech by Dr Yasir Qadhi regarding a sunni opinion of Karbala. A speech by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli representing the shi3a view. More information: http://ballandalus.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/misrepresenting-karbala-a-response-to-dr-yasir-qadhi/
  6. Yes, wahabis never dare to insult Imam Hussein (as) and his death nor will they distort the historical facts in order to praise Yazeed (LA) as a prince.
  7. I'm from Al-Hasa to the east, however spend a lot of time in Hijaz with family living actually in Medina. Let me tell you about those red shemaghs. They are mostly worn by Saudi 'Haram' police, students of most universities and bedouin. I very much doubt its the bedouin as they are hated in Medina. Also, the location in which they are doing this is right beside Jebrail gate. There are ALWAYS at least 3 'haram' police out side that gate. NEVER after a shi3a being harassed have these 'haram' police came to assistance. I would say there is a 70% chance that these 2 idiots are in fact a part of th
  8. How to describe him in words; when he not only gives honor to such descriptive terms, but also defines them - in life and death.
  9. Ahhhh =p sorry I thought you were referring to Ayatollah Tabatabaei. Not sure to be honest, where did you hear that rumor?
  10. He passed away in on the 7th November 1981 and is buried in Qom, Iran.
  11. Do you hear it? The faint whisper in the air? Sukayna calls Hussain but there is no reply
  12. !!!!!!!يا عباس المشهد المحذوف من مسلسل المختار الثقفي :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  13. Awesomeee! I'm from Al-Hasa. However from the way my grandfather put it, the family has been traveling for quite some time. Before they moved into Al-Hasa, they lived in Tabriz, Iran (around 3/4 generations ago) How about yourself? Sweeet! I'd love to get a glimpse of it =p
  14. Grandfather x 1025 lol But seriously.. Why do Sayeds have to keep boasting about their lineage ya3ne.. Some people rather than actually doing anything great, use the title in order to give themselves the platform to demand respect from other individuals.. There is a non-Islamic quote I really adore, 'There is no need to boast of your accomplishments and what you can do. A great man is known. He needs no introduction.' And just in case any Sayed's read this and decide that I am trying to degrade them etc, I come from the lineage of Imam Hassan (as) ....
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