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  1. Salaam, On this auspicious night, I would like to recommend this amazing lecture (only 17 min) which will help us reflect on our relationship with Imam al-Mahdi (atfs) :
  2. Salaam I have a general question, how to deal/behave/conduct with : Case 1 : A shia or non shia who borrowed some money from you and never returned it ? Case 2 : A shia or non shia you're working with, fired you without paying you after 11 months of work We probably all know someone in our relative, friends or family who have a similar case. So how should we behave with this type of situations ? There are two types of people : 1/ The one who is going to fight for it, even if he has to loose his respect/3izza to get back his money. It can leads to revenge etc.. 2/ The one who just stay silent, because he knows he will get back his money on the day of judgment or because he doesn't want to mess up with his reputation, or loose some time, energy just for money. So what Islam says about it ? Thank you for your time ;)
  3. @fotros73 Can you study at your own pace like some MOOC or do you have to follow a timeline for exams, etc ? Can you start the course whenever you want ? Are the courses in podcast or in live ?
  4. Wsalam There's only one shia mosque located in Port-Louis.
  5. I thought in the same way. I had already said no, but wanted to remove this doubt/confusion. Thanks all for your answers ;)
  6. Salaaams dear brothers and sisters, I'm a web designer, and I have a client who asked me a quote for a Wine corporate website. My question is, am I allowed to do that ? My thought : the client is paying for the design, which will be used at the end of the day in a haram way. But it would be similar to a car seller, who sells a car which will be used to deliver wine or so. #confused
  7. Salam Brother I second this idea. It will help develop and boost new startups in the shia community.
  8. Thanks for your help brother @Ali_Hussain but it's not him. I'm talking about the (old) guy in the middle in these two videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCJBDRwu5yo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOev7q-v7Cg He's a famous qari in Iran and recites regularely in the Haram of Imam Ridha (as) and gives dars of tilawat there. But can't find anything on him in Google :/
  9. Salaams I'm trying to find an Iranian Qari name, but I can't find it anywhere. He usually recites in the Haram of Imam Ridha (as). In this video, he is the qari on the right side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFXXWlAFcb0 I saw once he's recitation of Juzz Amma on Safeer TV, if anyone knows where I can find his recitation, that would be awesome ! Bless, ;)
  10. Salam Here is the english summary from http://english.almanar.com.lb/adetails.php?eid=263954&cid=23&fromval=1&frid=23&seccatid=14&s1=1 :
  11. Salam ! I like the idea as the group can help finding the origin/source of a random arabic Nasheeds, but also increase our knowledge/understanding in Arabic and why not learn Arabic dialect.
  12. Salam ! Oui c'est vrai mais je trouve que cela peut être un avantage pour plusieurs raisons : L'université a les moyens : les universités françaises sont pauvres, on a donc peu de matériels de pointe, même trouver un rétroprojecteur potable devient difficle. Notre matériel doit dater de la seconde guerre mondiale Ca motive les étudiants a travailler ! Beaucoup chez nous s'inscrivent à l'Université juste pour toucher les aides liées au status d'étudiants et avoir de l'argent de l'Etat gratuitement. Et beaucoup sont peu motivés à l'université, résultat scolaire en baisse et peu de réussite Le fait d'avoir à payer une somme colossale t'incite à réfléchir a de nouveaux moyens de trouver de l'argent. Ca t'ouvre l'esprit, tu pense à de nouvelles idées, etc. Pour ces raisons, j'adore le système anglais. Salam ! Tu sais s'il faut un diplôme si je souhaite enseigner le Français en Angleterre ? Dois t-on faire l'université et plusieurs années pour cela ? Salam et Khosh Amaded ! Alors histoire de converser, je lance un topic: le mariage avec une Iranienne. Toutes les personnes Talebe qui étudient en Iran m'ont dit qu'il faut absolument éviter de se marier avec une Iranienne pour une raison : la Dot très élevée comme 300 sikha en Or ou le poids de la femme en OR avec je crois une maison à son nom (soit environ $ 60 000). Info ou Intox ?
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