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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. where do I stand to receive my man2ouushet za3tar and jebneh ?? Oh wait i forgot, there is no such thing as queuing in lebanon
  2. anyone reading this that is a sunni, i apologise on behalf of the person that posted this video - it is not what we believe at all
  3. omg. what kinda conversion is this???!! im sorry but you don't have to denounce omar and othman and aisha and hafza and abu bakr to be a shia. wow.
  4. there is no need to play at their game and call them "so-called muslims" like they do to us
  5. Alright now some guy is talking about mazare3 sheb3a and palestinians and some guy is being called a syrian while the other is talking about sri lankins and ethopian maids - min el 7abbeh 2ebbeh The best line I have to say is ''' why arn't you busy?? don't you have 6 mut3ah wives to take care of'' lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Anyway I don't know why this has become a major debate. 6 pages of comedy but 3anjad hawa
  6. Thanks for that :) Although it doesn't say much about was there actually "revelations" as such from the angel Gabriel to Fatima? And if so, why would it happen after the prophet passed away if there were to be no more revelations after his passing? I don't agree with your statement and think that opinion is far from "established", and not mainstream shiaism, but anyway.
  7. i agree with the title. All these mutah-lovers in this place have raging hormones. calm it down.
  8. Hello Another question from my sunni friend that i don't know the answer to as again, neverrr heard of this book! Apparently such a book exists (although has been lost) and apparently the Angel Gabriel actually divinely talked to Fatima (as) the daughter of the prophet I swear angel gabriel only divinely inspired prophets......., and as far as I am concerned, Fatima the daughter of the prophet isn't "holy" like the prophets If she wrote a book that's totally different, but the fact that the angel actually inspired her makes me question it..........
  9. Hello! Well, I just got a text off of one of my friends (sunni) who asked me "do shias believe that the Qur'an is altered - and that he'd come across a book written by Mirza Husain bin Muhammad Tsai an-nawari at-tabarsi called " The decisive word on the proof of the alteration of the book of the lord of the lords" I googled this...... and I found a whole other world i've never heard before tbh lol! There is a so called "Surat al Willayah" http://www.amislam.com/khutoot.htm (Shia hating website i know, but scroll down) Does anyone believe in this ??
  10. Yeah, I really don't understand what people are expecting from a country that has gone through a million wars and occupation.
  11. sheeeeeshhhhhhh khalas forget lebanon. god save our queen
  12. shes a free woman, she can do what she wants - no one has a right to judge her
  13. honesty is always best. why start a relationship and start hiding everything straight away - surely you need a stable base to keep it building, otherwise you'll always have that uneasy feeling..... its not a business relationship - this person is someone you'll spend the rest of your life with, and if she doesn't accept you for what you've done, and vice versa, then what is the point?? who are you? you are her husband, a person she vows to share her life with. it works both ways.
  14. wouldn't you want to know the truth if she did mutah with other people?
  15. I also said: "P.s. Before anyone comes here saying patriotism is Haraam etc etc, just don't bother." wassalam.
  16. im not saying im better than anyone else. Dude, if no one was proud of their country and cared for it, it would be a mess! Why does the prophet and everyone else say "protect your wattan (country - yeah i'm cool just slipping in arabic words to look like i'm knowledgeable, lol)" - you would protect your own before you go protecting other peoples. most recent example is of the london riots. those who took part had no sense for their community or for their country. I don't mean bring proud as in not putting people below myself or being above any other country or system or state
  17. no WAY should a raped man be punished. I don't believe that information is correct. If someone tells me its true and has evidence to support tha punishment of raped men/women - i'm not muslim.
  18. Would you leave the islamic state and go elsewhere, and save your son's life and hope Allah will forgive him??
  19. there is no issue. just like a male doctor can examine a female, and vice versa i mean. come on, why do people not trust eachtoher in the presence of a male or a female - surely you can compose yourself and not be so tempted to do things behind closed doors. have some faith in yourselves??? the devil isn't gonna magically appear and make you do things
  20. In lebanon some people do name omar - well so i've heard. Why don't you start the trend elsewhere? lol! I mean, a name is a name. there are many mohammads and alis and hassans and husseins that are bad people. People just prefer not to I guess? don't over think things too much
  21. the imams didnt say that thoughhh what would you do if your son was gay ?? throw him off a cliff personally?
  22. lool shou khass frankfurt? :P Lak you can't deny that this exists in the world. Killing people off will not solve the problem wallahh
  23. i hope you are being sarcastic. People in the UK watch this documentary : A Jihad for Love (Islam and homosexuality) : http://www.channel4....ad-for-love/4od
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