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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. the religion of peace no longer will practice world domination. thats settled too..
  2. so if islam can take care of their nut cases like bin lauden, then there should be no reason for America to be in the mideast beside buying oil.. it's settled then
  3. ok, so the US leave Iraq on the deadline date...muslims leave America on the deadline date..we buy oil from muslims, we stay away from the mideast unless a muslim terrorist group blows up one of our skys[Edited Out]ers... and then everyone is happy? does this sound resonable?
  4. I agree, we were right in aganistan...but we should have just left saddam in power, and just nuke iraq if saddam ever used WMD... I don't think iraq has the mentality to be a free country like the US.
  5. we should be working more on homeland defense... I suppose you could look at it 2 ways... 1.we can rush in and tell the muslims to act like us or die... 2.we can shut our borders down to muslims, and lets them pratice what they preach in thier own country...and just by oil from them... Im kinda thinking the second way is the best to go....and heres why... martin luther wasen't a muslim, or jewish,or buddist,or hindu, or astec,or japenese, or zulu... infact he was a Christain.... and he reformed Christainity... islam needs the same, islam needs a martin luther who is muslim... untill t
  6. we have to supply israel arms...other wise we would'nt be able to visit our holy sites..
  7. I only see 3 ways to combat it.. 1. do what we are doing, be strong but fair..try to maintain peace, but continue to take cheap shots from muslim terrorists, right and left and watch the left destroy the war effort. 2.become like ceasar, and completly destroy whole cities that put up resistance to the new Iraq goverment....if some cleric starts trouble, like recently....send in the stealth bombers untill every building is ground level...then have apachees roam and pick off the remaining people, and use bunker busters to get them out of the remaining basements, and shut off any food /water/co
  8. RIYADH, 17 April 2004 — The imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah told Muslims yesterday it was their duty to foil terror attacks as the Kingdom battles Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists. Describing the terrorists as “deviants” and “outcasts”, the imam, Sheikh Saleh Bin-Humaid, told thousands of worshipers who thronged the Grand Mosque to inform authorities about “this misguided lot whose ignorance of their faith made them kill fellow Muslims in the name of Islam”. The Kingdom has launched a crackdown on terrorists after suicide bombings killed at least 50 people in 2003. “What is happening these days i
  9. that are beyond words... :( http://net.unl.edu/sportsFeat/pioneer/media/hc_np_5_high.mov
  10. nobody here has ever seen the ten commandments??? thats one of the ten top shows of all time..
  11. It's natural to tend to stay with people like yourself, and look at other people a in a curious way...it only become racist when you hurt the other people because of the difference.
  12. The witlesses could'nt straighten out michale jackson, maybe the nation of islam can
  13. I'll try and be like the frog, and not paint all muslims as terrorists...but I don't hear y'all comdem bin lauden, and others who act like him too much... :(
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