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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes , I know what your answer will be .... But look at it in this perspective .... I kiss girl(s) , I sincerely ask God for forgiveness when I want to give up, Then God will, undoubtedly, forgive me because he is the most forgiving, most merciful ... :) i don't see a flaw in such a plan .... And it can all be done in sincerity .. Am I clever or what?
  2. I have a Question : If a sayed mother copulated with a non sayed White dude and they had children who looked like proper White kids , would those kids be considered "Sayid" ?
  3. Ok , I'm sorry but I still see ambiguity .... Do I see any mention about the hair being permissible to be displayed .... No .. In fact , at the same time I don't see any mention of the hair being Haram to be displayed ... There's no straightforward tradition , Hadith ... I keep getting the same Hadith above "face, hands, feet" .... Still it's really not satisfying , because face could include the hair , who knows ... But listen, why should Every women who subscribes to this religion be coerced into covering their hair and brainwashed into thinking headscarf is the only means to piety and not
  4. INCREDIBLE .... Thank you zareen .... It's absolutely amazing ... Whatever ambiguous, pathetic question it is that people put forth , there's always the Ahlul Bayt (as) to help us and quench our thirst for knowledge , whatever the question or need may be ... Subhanallah, this only increases my love towards the Ahlul Bayt (as) more than ever ... That's why Allah swt says in the Quran : "so then ask the People of the Reminder/Rememberance if you do not know" I find it sad when ignorant Muslims from other denomination say that this refers to Christian and Jews .... It's the Ahlul Bayt (as) ! ...
  5. Well , that's the problem , all we're getting is blurry hadiths and traditions .... Nothing conclusive AT ALL .... The imams (as) could have said something like: "It is compulsory on Every Single Women to cover their hair...." ... And then state a reason for it ... But no , Nero ...
  6. ".....but at the same time avoids praying and fasting" No, brother, you put that ^^ in, i did not ... i mean a muslim women who prays and fasts , too ... i'm not trying to be revolutionary .... neither am i committing kufr ... i'm trying to shed some light on this controversial subject, im trying to make suggestions, im not telling you what you should think ... so im not suggesting i know more than Him .
  7. I TOTALLY agree with you .... Word of Marja'3 is Word of GOD !? ...... P-leeeaaaasssssee ..... lets not idolize them
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ob10qUw06A&feature=related ^^^ Skip to 2.10 ..... Thank you sister, you make sense ..... but regarding your 4th paragraph .... you say that those who observe hijab but act contrary to what the hijab demands, are in actual fact Non-Hijabi ..... so i'd like to ask .... who is better .... a bad lady who wears hijab, or a good lady who doesn't observe hijab? ..... because, as you'll see in the video, Queen Rania puts forth her view of hijab and makes this statement, "we should always judge women by what's going on IN their heads, rather than on top of their
  9. erm... Wake up call !! Jaffere Jinn IS totally real , it's not a fabrication .... The reason I say this with absolute certitiude is because I witnessed a miracle and jaffere jinn was part of that miracle .... Obviously , you're not going to believe me , but that doesn't faze me one bit ... Because at least I had the honor to witness such a rare miracle and seeing is believing, no? Sayed Mutaharri was a highly respected and knowledgable scholar , yet remember he, he isn't a "m3soom" and not everything scholars say are 150% authentic as I'm sure you all know ..... And so I hate to break to you a
  10. For all we know , it could be fabricated ... How do we know
  11. Thank you, those links are great ..... And saydabatool I assure you I am being genuine , I'm not trying to create trouble .... But anyway, I've been wondering .... Here in the UK, women wear scampy clothes on the streets and it's so natural , men see it everyday and they're immune to it .... Women here show their cleavage and legs yet Majority of women in uk don't get raped or abused because we're in the 21st century and I think that, now, everyone is forward thinking and men have the common morality and respect of women regardless of how provocative they may look to others .... You can't comp
  12. well let me remind you, majority of these scholars are arabized either culturally or mentally and headscarf was already implemented in Arabia , before Islam , so obviously their stance would be biased. Yes, the world is full of wonders. Full of narrow minded people ... *sigh*
  13. I've got a solution ! ........ why don't you just ... Shake his hand ! i mean for crying out loud, a little handshake with the opposite gender won't kill you! i find this very backward and sexist ..... it's not like, if you shake his hand , the next time you meet you'll be in bed with him ....dah .... impossible ... everyone in the west shakes hands like normal human beings ... and guess what ? no ones contracted HIV or a died from it ... ever... w/s
  14. I'm not undermining the knowledge and wisdom of fuqaha ..... but listen up, they're not always correct .... they all have conflicting views on various topics such as 'wife beating' etc and they fail in its interpretation ..... Listen, i have no problem with anyone wearing the headscarf if they wanna .... but for some women, in different cultures or in general , wearing the headscarf isn't really for them and they shouldn't have to wear it if they don't want to due to the fact that they might not feel comfortable in it and it can be an inconvenience for some people ..... wearing the headscarf
  15. Still, its not very clear .... very vague .... if Imam says you can see womans "face" , that can be a relative term , so it can include the hair ...... the fact is we have nothing Conclusive ..... if we had absolute concrete proof, then yh, i wouldn't have a problem with it .......
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