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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Voting in progress on CNN regarding Prophet Muhammad Please Go to http://edition.cnn.com/ or simply click on the link below and scroll down to end and vote "NO". It will not take more than 10 seconds of yours. We Muslims are still lagging behind by 32% by all those who are in the favor of the Video are leading.
  2. Thank you brother! Thank you so much. I am currently fighting this problem. for about 5 years, Ive been plotting a way to destroy this deadly sin. Subhannallah...While reading your post, I quickly remembered my struggle and my research. Brother Madzi, I truly want to thank you for your story and advice. Insahllah this will motivate me to completely eliminate this sin. I just need to ask for one thing...And that is, Dua. Please Brother...Allah will accept your Dua, you have struggled and attained happiness and closeness with Allah. Please stay in contact with me, I would love to have someone that could help me through this deadly sin. PM me.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses....marriage is not option, especially where I live. as Aabiss said, I have to fight it, which is not going to be easy. I have been doing dua for about ~2 hours now trying to regain the connection with Allah. I’m afraid that i have committed a sin that is blocking all my duas from reaching him, because this is a merciful month in which we ask Allah for forgiveness. It’s a shame that i feel this way in this month...What Duas do you guys recommend? Thank you and Ajrakal Allah
  4. Salam, Throughout many years, I have been secretly watching porn. I am now 17, and pleading to Allah (swt) for help. After watching Porn, i quickly get back to my senses and do Guhsul and ask Allah for forgiveness. However, today I watched porn during Ramadan, while fasting....istagfurallah. I am trying to plead to Allah, I am trying to connect with Allah so he can forgive my sins and give me another chance for a Tawbah, it seems though that I can’t make that connection. As if my heart is like stone, and pleading my heart out for no one. I can no longer feel my lord watching over me, as if he had forgotten me... I am prepared to quit, and god forbid to return to this lethal sin...So if anyone, has any methods of curing this discussing sin...and helping me regain connection with Allah. Please Help. You will be in my prayers, In the merciful and glorious month of Ramadan.
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