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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Some people were friends of Muawiyyah so they liked Muawiyyah and some were friends with Hassan so they liked hassan better. Some never knew muawiyyah or hassan. Its funny isn't it?
  2. Anybody can take shahada saying there is no god except god. Lol it says its open for everyone. Because god is the only path to go anyway.
  3. Think of you creator first. Creator then cup of water. Creator then lover. Creator then slice an onion. Zikr
  4. Haha no I think your wrong. I put his name here for a reason. This was a man who was devoted to God. He went an learned every religion he did devotional prayer with everyone. His love for God was so pure and strong that from this love he was able to show us that God is behind all this. When this man died the muslims claimed him as their own, and the hibdus also. He understood the point of it all, we are here to love god. And god has shown us millions of methods in which his prophets, angels, saints left in each land. Every land has methods to use in devotion. In the quran it says islam will reach every home. Because islam has always been here in each land. Just different names of expressing the truth of how god runs this. I guess topics that are simple can end simply. Here we have a man who can integrate with every religion just one man. And then you have sunnis and shia in michigan who won't talk to each other, lol.
  5. Someone in the 19th century accomplished this rank. His name was Shri Ramakrishna if you want to understand what infalliabilty is study life of this man. If you capable of seeing what infalliabilty is see his life, and you will know exactly what this means.
  6. The sunnis do devotional prayer shia do devotional prayer Salafi's do devotional prayers Who are they doing these prayers to? Lol The sunnis say this. The shia say that, the salafis say this The sunnis are fasting ramadan, the shia are fasting ramadan, the salafis are fasting ramadan. Its because its all different facets of the same religion, lol. You think because you stand in prayer the way you were taught it makes his way of being taugh bad. I will explain more in liverpool people like liverpool football, in manchester manchestor, in london london. Lol but they are all the same country, do you see what I'm saying. Islam was sent to that part of the world to help the people of that part of the world deal with their issues. Its all around the middle east and much of africa, and they all have differences in their ways of practice. But the most important part is that they are doing their devotions. You people are just fans of different football teams is all, and the rivals are just your naighbors doing exactly what your doing.
  7. Indeed, 'Ali is with the Qur'an and the Qur'an is with 'Ali, the two will never separate even when they return to me at the poll [of kawthar in paradise Just like in other texts of other religions I will show you the universality of it all Indeed the most high is with the word/speech/recitation and the word/speech/recitation is with the most high. In the bible there is something like this said in genesis. In the beggining there was the word and the word was with god. The wisdom of this is every single way of worshipping on this planet belongs to the lord. Each religious text belongs to the lord. Every single letter belongs to the lord. What is said and unsaid both belong to the lord.
  8. Man has a heart, head, feet, hands. Woman has hear, head, feet, hands. Man could easily have been a woman but god gave him penis, penis could have easily not been given to him and he could have vigina instead this isn't a decision of man but a decision of our creater. Men and woman are equal in every way. These 2 beings together make 1 being each are interdependent on one another. Because male and female are 1 being.
  9. Okay you pillage villages beat woman and own slaves for sexual gratifcation and I won't and Allah won't blame me. It is not a matter of distorting the quran but abstaining from that which is harmful to the ummah al ard
  10. The issue with sharazi is just the things you have heard others impose on him.
  11. All comes from the creator, so even the bad comes from the creator also. So even if what you see was true or false they reality is still the same all here is from our beloved creator. The verses in the quran which say enslave kill beat womnan are to be looked at with the eyes of the heart. Our lord has shown us what is evil so when you see words like beat your wives lightly in the quran you say no because I seek refugre from such an act. Then you find the verses which will help you cultivate good adab. And forgive
  12. Here it doesn't mean material love. It means the love of being devoted to acts of worship and good deeds. Love is just something we know of to find the path to god. The love of the material is just a fragrance the love for the creator is the source of that sweet fragrance.
  13. Good so you believe in God now go beyond believing and know there is God with certainty and celebrate this gift of certainty. And do good deeds. A good way to dissolve anger and feelings of anger is mumbleing gaja hafa radu poyu ify jhai baba koo This is a secret I was taught from the tribe of baby. The people in the tribe of baby were peaceful they never argued and they never lifted their hands once to fight. In this tribe everyone is equal and they all go ga ga gi go ga go go
  14. When the Prophet says the quran is with Ali he means the quran is with the high. This is not directed to ali ibn abi talib. There is only 1 Ali and this is our creator. There is Ali alone, and then there is Ali ibn abi talib. Nobody except our beloved creator is only the name Ali.
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