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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I live in Perth and I'm proud of it! Been for the past 25 years! GO PERTHIANS!!!! :-D
  2. Sister Zahra, you forgot to give sister Belle our full group address: https://www.facebook...ianShiaReverts/ ;) Salam Alaykum Sister Belle, MashaAllah for reverting back to Shia Islam, may Allah subhana wa ta'ala bless and reward you! :) I am one of the Australian Shia Revert Facebook group admin that sister Zahra was talking about and if you join us there, you will also meet a beautiful sister named Elizabeth (who is also the admin). She is a revert and is also in Melbourne. Not only would she be a wonderful guide to you (especially now that you're new in Melbourne) and help you to connect further within the Shia Community there but she also is holding up a social gatherings for all Melbourne revert sisters. I think this event is for this weekend? So better hurry up and join us! Jazakallah Khair, Sister Aaliyah
  3. Salam Alaykum brothers and sisters, I regret to say that there is now no Shia mosque in Perth anymore. The St Mary Mosque (2 Poinsettia Way Dianella) has officially shut down. If any brothers or sisters don't believe me, please feel free to drive there anytime to see whether the gates are open or locked. It's a very long story as to why the mosque is been forced to shut down (and I will not be the one to explain it) and at the moment it is up for sale in the public market. In effect to this, our Shia community is trying to build our own mosque which is for the Ummah (for both Sunni and Shia) in the Swan Valley area (about 30mins off from the main Perth City). This project of ours are very tiresome. We have receive many obstacles and put downs. Been a few months now but not enough donations to make this happen, nonetheless we will not give up or give in. If you want to find out more about this project: https://www.facebook.com/TheMosqueInTheValleyFoundation http://mosqueinthevalley.org In one of our fund raising ways to help promote this project we have fairs, ramadhan speeches, dinner gatherings, and shows. One of this month promotion and helping our Shia community for awareness is: https://www.facebook.com/events/286289118144100/ If you're in Perth, please feel free to come. Please also feel free to donate or spread words about this project of ours. May Allah, subhana wa ta'ala, guide us all into the straight path. Sister Aaliyah.
  4. Calling on all Australian reverts on Facebook....(Strictly for reverts only) May we share, learn and grow together in the name of Allah, subhana wa ta'ala ♥ https://www.facebook...ianShiaReverts/ The Australian Shia Reverts group was created as a support/social group for people who believe in or are discovering the path of the Ahlul Bayt, being Prophet Mohammad (saw) and his progeny (as). Most members are reverts from a non-Muslim or Sunni background and reside in Australia. We have had a range of people wanting to join but we are currently RESTRICTING membership to ‘Australian Reverts Only’. If you are not Australian or at least living in Australia AND are not a revert to Shia Islam but know any revert sisters or brothers, please feel free to refer our group to them. If they learn something in our group, you sure will be rewarded from Allah, subhana wa ta'ala, on top of their rewards. Here at Australian Shia Reverts, you are most welcome to post questions, photos, invites, share knowledge and create events for Australian Shia Reverts. May we share, learn and grow together in the name of Allah, subhana wa ta'ala ♥
  5. Salam alaykum, Forgive me for an ignorant question, but when does ramadan really starts? I heard it's 1 August but someone else I know said it's not that's sunni's time table, not ours. I'm a bit confused... Thank you, Aaliyah
  6. Salam alaykum brother marbles, Thank you for your guidance to that thread and thank you for your welcome. Fi amanilla, Aaliyah
  7. Thank you Sister Melj4375 for posing this question and thank you respected brothers and sisters for answering this question! I've been asked the same question and have been put in a position where my tongue just got all tied up just because I simply don't have a slightest idea how to make them understand. So it's good to read this thread. Keep it up :) Jazakallah, Your sister in faith, Aaliyah :)
  8. Salam Alaykum, I've been advised that Salaatul Layl is very good. Do it for 40 nights. "40" is a very spiritual number in Islam. If you want more of a challenge, practise your tongue on those 40 nights - watch what you say to others - the tongue is the hardest part of our body to control in comparison to other parts of our body (eyes, ears, hands, etc). Meditate for those 40 days. And give alms or feed the poor for those 40 days. Do that my brother/sister, than by end of the ordeal, you shall increase your spirituality by 40 folds. Wa alaykum assalam, Your sister in faith, Aaliyah :)
  9. Salam Alaykum Brothers and Sisters, I'm sorry for asking you another ignorant question, but can someone please kindly guide/advise me to a good mujtahid? Or recommend me one if you possible? I've been researching about this for couple of months now since a sister I've met recently said that a new revert/convert like me need to decide a mujtahid (that's alive) to follow, as it's wajib. I haven't chose one yet. I'm a bit confuse about all this. Plus, I'm still so new to Islam that all I end up seeing in my research is "Sistani". I've tried to interview those around for more to broaden my choice, but they said apparently all the good ones are dead, or they're following Sistani and recommends me to do the same, is that true? I've heard good and bad rumours about Sistani, which to these days I'm still not sure what is true or not about him, but having said all that and staying out of politics, I'm sure there's more mujtahids out there that I can choose from??? Or am I wrong and I have to resort to understand and follow Grand Ayatollah al-Uzma Seyyid Ali al-Sistani as he's the only one??? Can you please guide me? Or if someone already pose this question and have been answered in this forum can you than please guide me to that thread accordingly? My thanks in advance for your time and attention, Jazakallah, Aaliyah :)
  10. Thank you very much, but can you please advise me if he's in Perth? Fi Amanilla, Aaliyah
  11. Salam Alaykum Brothers and Sisters, I'm sorry for such an ignorant question, but can someone please kindly advise me of what the full names of our ahlulbayt? eg. Rather than "Fatima (as) bint Mohammad (pbuh)" what's her birth full name? I've just converted/reverted few months now, so I'm still gathering my resources from all my unanswered questions and curiousities. If someone already pose this question and have been answered in this forum can you than please guide me to that thread accordingly (as I could not find it)? My thanks in advance for your time and attention, Wa alaykum assalam, Aaliyah :)
  12. Salam alaykum sister, Thank you for your post. I actually know that centre and have gotten in touch there but the sheikh there seem to be unreachable, that is why I started this post if there's somebody else besides him here... Fi amanilla, Aaliyah =)
  13. Salam Alaikum Brother & Sister, I'm a new revert/convert to Shia. I'm having difficulties in finding English-speaking Imams in Western Australia, Perth. If you are also in Perth and know a good imam, can you kindly guide me to him? I'll await for your response, appreciate your trouble, and my thanks in advanced, Your Sincerely, Aaliyah.
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