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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks to all. Idea is to make marriage simple without rituals, it’s the only solution provided to guard and protect against intense lustful activities available, worst of which is masturbation, you think @Ali-F18 is young age? Boys aged 11 or 12 reaching adolescent and parents not aware of it, all sins committed by sons or daughters goes to parents account that not fulfilling their duty of protecting their kids by not encouraging them to marry, but accept them to engage in haram activities, that’s all ok? doing so system has become oppressive and do we want to be part of this system or not, as parent, son or daughter we have to make that choice. wasalam
  2. Salam My son soon turning 18 in few months, studying engineering in college at the moment, he hasexpressedinterest in engagement for now and then marriage in one to two years. If anybody knows families or friends 16 or 17 years girl, with parents interested in initiating contact then please send me message. also, any other web sites other than shiamatch recommended will be great. We are based in London but open to Uk or other countries as well. thanks and Jazakallah khair
  3. Well I need to travel and got a better deal with Turkish airlines, but given turkey's role in Syria and alliance with Saudis, I'm having second thoughts if it's permissible or precaution not to travel with airline run by Turkish government?
  4. Ziyarat of Hazrat Narjis (SA) mentions clearly that she looks like mother of Prophet Musa (pluh), plus bible has mentioned her, piety and status and lineage from 12 apostles of Hazrat Issa (pluh), please check mafateh.
  5. Rahber moazzam has indicated just in two words 'divine revenge' , that's encrypted message for those who are sincerely putting an effort awaiting keeping away from sins
  6. Salam, Islam is not only a religion but an ideology also. Previous 'Shariats' before Islam were divine guidelines for each nation, that was 'upgraded' to an ideology with Islam. So what is this ideology in the context of male/female? Firstly, male and female are equal, either of them can be closer to Allah, it's not that Male being assigned certain preferences makes him favourable to God over females, preferences like permissible marrying multiple wives etc... Purpose of gender is for management of life, that's all it is. Both have rights over each other, what we need to understand and get familiar with rights of males (husband, father, brother) over (wife, daughter, sister, mother etc..) There cultural aspects that are mixed with religion, certain traditions and culture that makes man 'macho' treat women as submissive and unfair, but that's culture not to be confused with religion. E.g south asian countries, in general with exceptions, concept of appreciating and complimenting is less compared to west, it's cultural thing to tell wife how to dress or what to do. Culture and traditions tht are mixed with religion is called 'Tahajjur', just like water mixed with lemon/sugar and pepper to make a soda, it's no longer water, drink is transformed into something else, that's what happened to Islam. feminism or liberalism are new ideologies, not compatible with islamic ideology, just like cultural mixed with religion, feminism should not be adopted as source of inspiration or code of living.
  7. That's a great message, I have attanded Maulana Majlis in Harrow last Muharram in which Maulana mentioned this message multiple times. Question is, is taqleed is enough to bring the revolution or prepare ground for Imam's re-appearance? Reason, Ayatullah Baroujardi in 1960's had largets number of muqalideen around the world, but does Islamic revolution of Iran happened? Then, who brought the revolution, there are different 'tabqat' and 'khawas' that bring this revolution, we have to identify and align ourselves. Not asking to change Marja'e taqleed here. In other words, we have to raise the awareness, level of understansting and ma'refa and not settle on performign specific Aamals, rituals, niaz, sadqat, charity work, preparing langer or performing any good deed as enough to call Shia. We need to think and prepare more than just taqleed, lot of people change taqleed also, depending on their requirements, so that's a fluid, but what's needed now is understanding Imamat as 'System' not just following specific rules as per fiqh.
  8. Please do not engage in any unnecessary Shia-Sunni or every comment someone posts on Imam Mehdi (ATF) or Shia faith in general. Shia means responsibility, our Imam Sadiq (SA) saying is 'our true shia assumes responsibility', if someone is genuinely interested in knowing or learning, there are lot of material available on internet. Otherwise, discussion with purpose of just talk where heart if not 'prepared' to learn something is like those christians of najran that held a llengthy discussion with our beloved prophet(SA) but never convinced or accepted prophethood. Same goes for Shia channels in west, they have responsibility not to say anything openly against other religious beliefs, because someone in countires like Pakista, Iraq or Syria can use it as a pre-text to cause harm to Shia community, and this has happened, there are videos on youtube with references to Shia channel discussion.
  9. Salam, So Allah asked Hazrat Ibrahim in Quran 'Tahhir bayuti'. i.e, clean your heart, although some tafaseer refer to kaaba, that's true also which means clean it from idols, but Urafa refer to it as cleaning heart from all kind of 'black spots'. In this context, hadas is love of your children, parents, wife, sisters, brothers and any other like job, profession etc... overcoming this love for Allah is removing hadas, not asking you to disconnect but overcoming, just like, Hazrat Ibrahim overcome his love for Hazrat Ismail in old age being his only son to sacrifice him. Khabas is from khabasat, i.e 'lahv' and 'laghv' kind of activities, after overcoming both of these two types your heart is open to accept Allah's noor. Imam Hussain(SA) companions had removed these to join Imam in karbala, otherwise everybody had job, business, wife, kids, parents and properties, then why 72 or 100 in some traditions came to Karbala an not others, that's a point to think. Same challenge exist today, including rejection of democracy is important or must, as voting which gives right to choose 'hakim' to people, although that right is for Allah that has chosen Imams, and Imamat is a 'divine system', otherwise jobs and food is available in today's system also and we are enjoying it, so what's the problem? Just sharing what I'm learning as newbie, didn't mean to interrupt thread.
  10. According to Ayatullah Khamenei, only 10% signs are true. Important for us to recognize and prepare to accept system of wilayat, as that's what Imam (ATF) will implement, not democracy, electoral reforms or any other system. Also, removing 'hadas' plus 'khabas' from hearts, just like we need to perform wudu. I just learnt about this in detail on my 2nd lesson of online seminary Jamia Deenul Qayyim. As long as heart has hadas or khabas, we won't get Allah's noor enter it, like ayatul kursi. My heart is ful of of this, need to work on it myself first before anyone else! Otherwise, like in karbala, people returned from medina, makka or turned backbecuase of this problem, i.e hadas and khabas.
  11. You will have to restart computer in safe mode and restore windows. Once you have windows restored successfully, restart in 'normal mode', now you can setup internet connection and wifi. Once you connected to internet, you can download drivers. If you have windows CD with key, you can install windows and IE and install drivers from CD. Hope this helps!
  12. Salam, Anybody interested in learning about these technologies let me know. I have been ETL developer and Informatica for long time, just want to share my eperties with someone to uplift skillset and increase opportunities for employment. Wassalam S
  13. @fkh5082 - please check your profile feed - I left a message there
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