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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Please, go ahead a post an article where they argue about the benefits of pornography, a rational argument that is. There isn't... and they have observed the harm it carries. Hypocrisy at its best. That is, even though the preaches relative morality, it is irrational if society cannot agree upon something. There are always those who support this vices and those who doesn't. Can morality then really be relative? Or is it solely based moral if it benefits you? Well, the latter is most likely the case if morality isn't universal and not intended to benefit the entire society. Besides, my post isn
  2. It seems like the British Empire sought to explore Africa and fought to defend itself whilst people were still taken captive or killed. That, and they sought power. Otherwise, they would not have expended their empire. And of course you cannot expand your empire without undermining the other societies. Is it something particular you got in mind that you may want to mention? I disagree, it is most likely to return. Even though the western regime are trying to halt the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is still a spark. These are all factors that has there role. However, the ma
  3. Well, this is awkward. Considering that I do not roomer around peoples profile and the users choice of picture, at least the colors. I thought he was a she. That, and the title. Sorry, perfectionist. The financial situation of the parents affects the child, it may restrict it or give it entire freedom. Irrelevant examples, what about your child example? Why should the child be free and the parents have too remain captive. That is, if it is truly evil. Then neither the parents or the children deserve to be captives. Hence, the examples of the how the actions affect the child. And how society m
  4. Fair enough. It seems being captive is inevitable, that is if you do not wish too shed any further blood -- perhaps the ancient civilizations find benefits in slavery? Of course, a dead slave is a bad slave, terms is necessary. Not that I encourage slavery. Great that we agree! Sister, do you know of the two Islamic golden eras? Do you know through which centuries they span? The situation Muslims, their oppression and being scattered throughout the world reluctantly or willingly is because they didn't urge one another to good and prohibit vices. Hence they experienced suffering and they, th
  5. Brother Haydar, do you mean the part when he says people repudiate an act in their scripture? Considering you wanted to discuss this with Muslims you may refer to, in this case, to Muslims. Unfortunetly, that is true. However, these questions are usually brought to Muslims who lack knowledge [about this matter] and doesn't even know why they practice it. Hence they cannot give an answer for their reason. Except for the fact that it is written in our scriptures. However, if you bring such a question to a forum, like this one, there will always be those who give you a reason for that act. For ex
  6. This is great! It makes it easier to visualize the wisdom behind these beautiful words besides from the fact that you are spreading the name of the immaculate progeny. May God lead you to success and reward you for your effort.
  7. In truth, slave trade is discouraged. However, the outcome of war is of three: death, captive, or come to terms. Out of the three options captive is the most reasonable, even though come to terms is highly favored it isn't realistic. Do you find in of the prophets campaigns the third option, to come to terms? Or do you find it in any time of history? The outcome is either the end or to be captive. You can even witness the first option in the Syrian war going on right now -- a video has been posted in ShiaChat. Anyway, this will only derail us from your claim. So, is slavery abhorred (makruh) i
  8. Isn't already apparent that if the parents are slaves the children are inevitably slaves, barring from the example of Moses (as) and the family of Pharaoh? Nevertheless, you are correct. It is interesting that you mentioned the child of a free master is also a slave; something that is very true, yet, people seem to neglect it. It has been reported, once a youth complained to the prophet about his father taking his money. The prophet (pbuh) replied that the youth and his money all belong to his father.
  9. Alright. Then, do you agree that the difference between us human from one another are 1%?
  10. وعليكم السلام Every action is the effect of an intention. For example, a person might ask you a question and you answer the question then you say: 'Why do you ask?' Even though the reply might be 'Just asking' there is a reason behind it. Perhaps, curiosity or to shatter the ice. It is most likely your emotion. As previously mentioned there is always a reason behind every action. You'll read the situation. Are they more then you? Perhaps that person is stronger? Is it reasonable to fight back? The consequence of my action? Or is it immature -- perhaps due to your manner your remain patient? I
  11. Thanks! This is about epigenetics. It is somewhat related to what I am speaking about. However, you will find some difference between us -- (my point:) before birth and (this video:) after birth.
  12. Please, go ahead and show me an example where newborns choose to live in a wealthy or poor family, or as free or captive. Then you may claim that the actions of the parents doesn't affect the children. By the way, you do know that the free-will is not confined to the master, the slave may still escape but meet the consequence. As for your ideal society, there is abortion, taken in care of the government, captive through war, parents failed to pay the rent, forced labour, etc. These condition are relate to the freedom of man and the consequences of the parents action. Upset? Isn't you guys who
  13. At least there will be a little fewer snakes in your bushes. By the way, a beautiful way to say I didn't get anything. What a coincidence! I am also finding it extremely difficult to have a rational discussion with a pro anti-slavery section. Perhaps to much sentiment? And yes, we would give our lives for our Lord. I am pretty sure you would do that for your desires as well? This is truly frustrating. By the way, the thing you are trying to defining is called drug abuser mentality, this applies to you and any human as well. The only difference between you and us, is that we are protecting the
  14. You previously mentioned the existence of neutrality, it can even be seen in nature -- that is agreeable. The reality of neutrality completely relinquish this statement of yours. Even though it is an example, the world doesn't apply to your laws. The consequence of every action varies in intensity. For example, the trunk of a tree is thick but its branches are thin. That is, even though it is all a part of the same tree, the pattern of the trunk doesn't apply to the entire tree. Or like the intensity of fire, the bottom is always more intensive in heat then the upper, yet it is still consider
  15. iDevonian, the book is only available for those who are participating in the course of evolution and biology. I have already finished that course and I didn't find it at the library. God-willing, if I find something relating to it I will share it with you.
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