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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Its been nice everyone, but i think its about that time i move on, as we all do. So, could a mod please close my account? It would be much appreciated. Is there anything i need to do other than sit back and watch? Also, remember the name, remember the glory and honor. Remember the science and truth. And remember the legacy that is iSilurian. oh yea, and if my topics arent deleted along suit, read them, a lot of you guys could use it. :P
  2. objection, speculation. What research do you have for this? That is also not true, recessive traits can be passed in genes that could potentially hold a multitude of traits. Also, unpronounced genes that carry such a trait could carry the trait along generations without it dying off. What you have said is simply false. Ill give an example. Lets say, instead of being homosexual, having red hair causes a person to die. Now, person A has a dominant recessive red hair allele, right, so they can carry the gene without even having it be pronounced. So the redhaired recessive gene could be pas
  3. It sounds like the bill is made more for the defense of companies being robbed of their products. Sounds to me like youre taking it out of context and associating it to Iran, which it could be, however i wouldnt consider it as such. Debates on all of these topics have been present for generations. If something impedes on a multitude of peoples interests, then they will take action. However, as of right now, i see no threat here, just typical back and forth discussion amongst the HOR. Also, even further, this is still a stretch from americans being claimed as terrorists for supporting Iran.
  4. Ya sure. As for the marxist statement, its too vague to be fully true. I would gladly say that to any famous marxist or communist.
  5. This video really has nothing to do with anything. Ok so jews have money, tell me something i dont know. I agree with satyaban, youre taking random concepts and trying to align them together into some anti iran conspiracy. Surely a youtube video isnt your most compelling piece of evidence.
  6. The line where i stand is blurry, but see, that is why you will also see me defending atheist positions as well as deistic ones and everything in between. I represent each position, i dont sit around trash talking each of them as shias and sunnis do to eachother. Also, i admit that my lines are blurry, whereas i have yet to hear any shia come out on this site and say that maybe sunnis are correct. Nor vise versa. I literally have topics and posts in which i defend each of my sides. When is the last time you or any other shia has stood up for sunni beliefs? Also, i dont claim that any of
  7. Sounds false just because it attributes culture to a single source. An Islamic culture exists due to the religion rather than its economics. You could find truth within the statement though. You could find ways in which the economy manipulates people as a whole. Then you could use that to create truth statements about whether or not the economy dictates culture, or how it does. sure, however we admit when material moves outside of that paradigm. And i wouldnt sit here and base my life off of debatably material as a shia would dedicate their lives in the name of the Ahlul Bayt. So if they w
  8. and? If there are blatently obvious issues with what comes about, then the govt will hear from the people about it. I really dont think a handful of these topics have anything to do with Iran. Nor should anyone be worried about some mysterious zionist shadow government arresting you for protesting a war. This isnt china, we have more rednecks with assault rifles than fighters in al queda. If people have a problem with something, it will not be suppressed. Nor do i think these "shadow rulers" are even existent, and if they are, they dont have true power here. In all honesty though, i dont thi
  9. for the first, yes, they are for seeking truth. The humanities should present truths if people will claim them to be such. For example, if someone says that Abu Bakr's greed led him to fight against Imam Ali, well, we should have universal agreement on such a thing if you want to go around saying it as if its common knowledge. And if someone disagrees, then you should have universal means of showing them that its true. Basically, i think people should agree on these things. Something reasonably true shouldnt have such mass disagreement. Things like scripture should provide unarguable truths
  10. Sure, so, do we have hadith from Bukhari's collection that would at least imply that Greed was a primary source of Abu Bakrs issues with Imam Ali? Yes, they should clarify. And i would assume it is grounded in their opinion, which is why i called them out on it, and i was then asked to make a topic on it, so here i am awaiting their response. It seems to me, and this is from talking to sunnis for years and then shifting over and talking to you guys. Most sunnis and shia really dont seem to have knowledge of why they side with their sect as opposed to the other. They speak as if they know t
  11. A lot of people protest such a war all the time on national tv...They arent considered terrorists. You seem to be taking a variety of random concepts and youre bringing them together trying to make sense of all of them. Protestors exist for every war and always will, but that doesnt mean the govt is going to kick down your door to ship you to Alcatraz over it.
  12. And merry zombies rising from the dead to you too person whos name i cant read! Im sorry i still dont see your point. I believe though, when something is "dead", its cells are failing to replicate themselves or are completely done doing so. So if a seed is completely dead, then i would assume the DNA within it would slowly decay until its gone. DNA duplicates due to mutations which can be caused by a multitude of things. You should describe your point to me, if you do, then perhaps we can wrap this discussion up quickly rather than beating around the halila bush for weeks. The problem wit
  13. YAY! PRAISE JEBUS! ty Jebriel, now i can resume the discussion!
  14. why are you replying in black print? There are other colors that are far more visible u know. Like yellow or blue or red or green etc.
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