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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. May Allah reward anyone that helps me. i am find the below ruling confusing: 380. While doing Ghusl, if a part of the body, however small, remains unwashed the Ghusl is invalid. But, it is not obligatory to wash the inside of the ear or nose and other places which are reckoned to be the interior of the bod I have done ghusl but while touch ear with finger and look in mirror I see thick wax on the corner of ear. is this deemed inner or outer. I am unsure and anxious do I repeat the ghusl thanks
  2. does anyone know any shia alim websites where I can ask a question and get a reply?? thank you
  3. thank you for your clarification, I wish this information was available in marjah books of law.
  4. 1)is orange discharge from cut impure after bleeding stopped? 2) they say that to just put plaster on cut and do wudu over but the water tends to soak through the plaster, how can you wudu
  5. I want to pray my salaat. but I had washed my face and wiped mouth in my clothing before realising that there was blood in between two tooth in my mouth. are my clothes declared najis, I know that there is a ruling that if blood mixes in saliva in such a way that blood vanishes it's Tahir but I am unsure. is it obligatory to change my clothes before salaat. can someone put my mind at ease
  6. so I will just wash with intention of wudu and pour water many times thank you very much for your help, may Allah reward for your time.
  7. if someone can advise me, in wudu I usually make intention to do first wash and I pour water a few times then I make intention for second wash then pour water a few times. is this allowed. as I recently found a ruling that has put me doubt. I would be happy if anyone can clarify the ruling below and if my wudu matches this correctly. 254." While performing Wudhu, it is obligatory to wash the face and the hands once, and it is recommended to wash them twice. Washing them three or more times is haraam. As regards to which washing should be treated as the first, it will depend upon wa shing the face and hand thoroughly, leaving no room for precaution, with the niyyat of Wudhu. So, if he pours water on his face ten times with the intention of the first washing, there is no harm, but when he will then wash with the niyyat of Wudhu, it wi ll be called the first time. Thus, he can go on pouring water on his face several times, and in the final wash, make the niyyat of Wudhu. But if he follows this procedure, then the face and the hands should be washed once only, as an obligatory precaution" what is confusing is that it's says if you follow the procedure of pouring a few times then obligatory precaution is that you wash once but at the start it says you can do two washes so I am confused about this
  8. dear members if you were to find black dirt/dead skin rubbing off back of head a few days after Ghusl. is it necessary to repeat the Ghusl and is the original Ghusl void?? does anyone have quick information on this so I can pray my salah. thank you
  9. Assalumu alaikum I was going to wash face when I discovered dry brown mucous inside nose with blood inside. is this impure? and if water comes in contact with it does it become impure? wasalaam
  10. Dear everyone Site I came across for Islamic books 1 http://islamiclib.wordpress.com 2 http://shialibrary.blogspot.co.uk/p/shia-english-books.html?m=0 Salaams
  11. Excuse me but I am not afraid of dogs Nor do I have a phobia of dogs I just avoid any potential contact to avoid getting impure as all parts of a dog are impure based on the fatwa of my marjah ayatollah sistani. So I just needed clarification if the rain water stepped on by a dog and I walk on the same wetness are the feet impure or can they become Tahir again by walking a certain distance on the road.
  12. It had rained on the road in the night but I went out in the morning. If a dog walks on a slight moist road And you walk on the same part does this impure the soles of the shoes? As after walking on the road the dog was sitting in a public room that has carpet and I walked on the same carpet after it went away?
  13. Leather belt made in the UK what could the probability be of it being made in a halal slaughter? Is it to be considered pure or impure? As looking at laws I am stuck. As I have prayed using it and washed it but the moisture I assume to be Tahir or do I face hardship of washing all my clothes in the closet and my carpet?
  14. What about slaughter as I don't know the possibility Can uk belts have possibility of Islamic slaughter I don't know the strength of possibility as he mentions in books If someone can help marjah says In all these cases of probability, wearing a belt and things like that made from leather is allowed [in salãt], provided that they are not big enough as to conceal the private parts. If there exists no probability that it was slaughtered according to Islamic laws, and, on the contrary, we are sure that it comes from skin of an animal that was not slaughtered according to Islamic laws, then it is najis and salãt in it is not permissible. [With no such probability,] even the use of belt and other things (that cannot conceal the sexual organs in salãt) is not permissible on the basis of obligatory precaution. It would be the same law if the probability was very low that sensible people ignore it (for example, 2%).
  15. Brothers and sisters I cleaned and washed my belt but I realised that it is made in UK. Is my prayers valid as I knew before prayer and is the belt impure as I am unaware of the slaughter method Can someone please clarify as marjah says Leather products made in non-Muslim countries whose nature and ritual puritycannot be determined, uncertain whether they are from natural or are permissible to use in salãt. Wasalaam
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