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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow. Thankyou so much. The ahadith we're very nice. Thanks for helping :)
  2. WFH, Thankyou. Im not sure if the shaytan really has a special eye for me. I think you guys think im a very good person but thats not true. Im not as good as you think i am. As for your post, i did mention that what you guys said helped me solve one of my prblms, but just one. I have one of two other major prblms too. One of them is that im very shy and have very low self confidence. The quesion in the first post was in fact out of my "dis confidence of myself" thinking i would fail in everything. Im twenty and i have jobs waiting for me (small jobs not serious ones) but im too shy and too low confident to go :( . But thats another topic :) .
  3. Salam Wow guys i dont know what to say. At first i was like :( but now im like :lol: . I was worried abt marriage but now I feel a major prblm of mine has been solved. Im happy now and so so so hopeful to the future :) . I really dont know how to thank you guys :) (cant stop smiling lol! ) In our traditions our best-friend is REALLY our best friend. So he's not chosen by knowledge just by who we know to be our best friend; the best friend doesnt do anything except join you in the "shaking the guests hands" process! No info whatsoever because they expect you to already know! Dont have that tradition in our family either :dry: Also, a question for those who arent married yet. If you know whats gonna happen and have enough info now, where did you get that info from? Also, i forgot to say im +20 years old. And its not that i havent seen anything, but i have tried to dodge them, but accidents happen. This "awakens" the "sex feelings". Will it be haram to be thinking abt it in such an age. I mean like hossein said, it is true that you feel smthings but is it haram or bad to think abt it? It causes errection but no more. Is that bad? ( im like :blush: and i feel so embarrassed for asking these questions. Apologies) Thanks everyone Great books! Im so happy to have these Islamic books! Thankyou very much :D You guys really changed my mood!
  4. Salaam, Thanks for the answers :) . Made me feel better :) . But Zareen says learn after you marry? How do i learn after i marry? (for some reason im not allowed to like your posts, wonder why? )
  5. Salam, Maybe i shouldve posted this on the brothers forum, but then again, the married would probably have better answers. In Islam we are told not to look at la mahrams as much as we can. Furthermore we are told not to look at sexual images (picture, film etc) no matter what... Like its a very big haram, Not to be done no matter what (exept the exemptions of course, like if your life is threatened). Just because of islam, i have obeyed that; i have been constantly made fun of but i dont care because its Allah's order. But im worried. My friends, and many other i know, watch porn, gaze at women, look at haram pictures and, they understand sex very well. On the other hand: me :( I've always tried to close my eye on the slightest sexual images (like kissing) and now im worried for my marriage. Its like im thinking, when i marry, i dont know what to do! I dont even know how a vagina (Pls Pls Excuse my language, im trying to use as many polite words that i can, i dont mean to be rude at all) looks! i dont know what to do. Im scared i might not be able to please my future woman. Im also very naive and since i've kept much distance from the issue, i dont have as much info as my other momin brothers do. So, im worried :( . What do the married have to say? Must be a lot of ppl like me here, how did u solve the prblm. To mods: pls dont delete this, It isnt rude and its only a question to help me with my worry. Sorry for any words which may look rude ^_^ Wasalam
  6. Gypsy

    Salam. There wasn't a single mod who said we should allow your topic to be discussed.

  7. bigg

    BTW, u said 4 mods told u to trash my topic. Out of how many?

  8. (bismillah) (salam) Now that is a GREAT idea! Can anyone help with those? BTW, i know ur all here to help so i wont get angry over what u r saying. Everything u say makes me think, and i get to double check my actions this way. also... Thanks for opening my eyes. U r absolutely right.
  9. First of all he is my father. He is MY OWN BUSINESS! Secondly, Shiachat is THE only place i have talked about it because no one knows me or my father. So im not humiliating him or exposing him. U guys dont count as strangers cause we will never see each other and even if we do we will never recongnize each other. Also, i dont believe myself to be a saint. But c'mon, porn is smth serious! Thats why i'm talking about it on shiachat No doubt about it. I was thinking of a third party, but i hardly know anyone wise who doesnt know my father or wouldnt recognize him after recognizing me. So, i guess a 3rd party isnt an option now. Wow! that was nice. I second what u said. I'm actually working on the face of the problem rather than the heart. Okay, so now i have decided to suspend my spying since it seems to be haraam. I'll have to do double thinking on this issue. One thing that might help is that i seldom "speak" with both my parents. speaking is defferent fron talking. Talking is like chatting, just saying stories, memories, what went on today etc. But speaking is telling them whats on ur heart. Ur problems and so on. And i seldom speak with both my parents. Even when i've tried them a couple of times they ended in rows. They cant listen maybe, and i dont know how to speak maybe. So, options like "speak with ur father" are a little bit too much hard.
  10. He is number 2 but he is not an economical brain. We dont have a house ourselves! We rent a house! We're struggling to buy one! Whats a dns? Not an option. I really really doubt he is gonna accept. He's doing it, probably because he has found some way to tell himself its halal. If I tell him I know, this will make us really tense. He hates ppl (specially me) tell him what to do with his religion. BTW, when i said he's number two at his work, i actually dodged saying that his REAL work is divided into departments (each department is independant from the other, eg. a university is made up of a couple of faculties). So the stone truth is that he is number two in HIS department. I didnt lie. But, if i did lie accidently, sorry, i just didnt wanna waste time explaining.
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    and invite anyone u feel usefull. Many thanx. I depend on u more than the rest for the invitation!

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