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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Those shouldn't be called conspiracy facts... Just American Imperialism. This is old.
  2. No, I believe them. WikiLeaks has done a great job exposing the horrific crimes of the United States. You should be more grateful toward there effort.
  3. Almost every aspect of anything Regarding America has to do with their foreign policy. Whether it be their success by sucking the Economies of other nations, or the colonization, Everything traces back globally.
  4. In this current situation, yes of course Saudi King and Mubarak are held responsible for their crimes. But who backs them? Where does their power trace back? The United Fascist States of America! And this isn't news to the world, America has puppets from Colombia to Vietnam. We has human beings are not bound to nationality. Whether we were born in Nazi Germany, Israel or Fascist USA, we will continue to ridicule it.
  5. EDITED Third world mentality? Yes you EDITED we have a third world mentality, we have a Revolutionary Mentality of Resistance, the "free world" mentality is Mcdonalds and Shopping Malls. And seriously [EDITED] What the EDITED Islam dooms us to misery? LOOK AT THE EDITED MIDDLE AGES, MUSLIMS WERE THE MOST POWERFUL ON EARTH IN THE MIDDLE AGES! It has nothing to do with Religion, but EDITED American FASCIST Imperialism. EDITED you Support sweat shops? You capitalist son of a [Edited Out]. Go die. Just kill yourself. America is EDITED up huge extent, killed WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  6. There already have been planes made that can land on Water and float on water. These aren't Flying boats, but Airplanes that can float and move in water.
  7. Piece of [Edited Out] American Dogs. I hope Iran occupys the Kabaah. Better then the Saudi [Edited Out]. Understanding the frustrations here, but please refrain from using such language.
  8. This is not known. All superpowers committed horrible crimes, but the biggest murderers were the Nazis and the Americans, along with Japanese. That's not important. The fact is that Jews died simply for being 'enemies' of the 'superior' Aryan race. I am aware, more Jews died outside of Germany, then within Germany. Holocaust industry? Sure, some Fascist Jews bring up 'Anti-Semitism' and the Holocuast when we criticize Fascist Zionism. However it isn't some big conspiracy. No, the claim is that Six Million Jews died, from bullets, or whatever. Political enemies were bigger targets, Commun
  9. This is old. The Americans have always been allies with the Wahabi.
  10. Oh please. One could say their are to many people around the world in general who hate the west. Not just the Muslims, I would say almost the whole damn world hates them. Why? Do I have to explain? Should I make another invasion list including civilian casualties?
  11. Have you ever thought of changing your name to "LiberalCapitalistDogOfAmerica"
  12. Both Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah are very gifted and talented speakers. We haven't seen people like that since the times of Che Guevara. I think that they are vital to the movement against Global Colonization
  13. That is extremely obvious! America used to have good ties with Iran, as you all know. But they overthrew the Shah, who represented American interests. So how could Americans talk to them, when they destroyed American interest in Iran? It has nothing to do with Ideology, or Religion. As long as it's business as usual America doesn't care. But Iran will not get involved with the Capitalists and Imperialists. They refuse to sell their nation into slavery. So that's why America won't talk to them. It isn't a matter of extraction, it is a matter of replacement. How did the south Africans g
  14. That's like saying "leave the German's Alone" during Nazi Germany's days. You can't leave them alone because they are continuously upholding an aparthied regime where it is illegal for a jew to marry a non-Jew. You can't leave them alone because they are continuously slaughtering Palestinians. You can't leave them alone because they are the only nation in the middle east with Nukes, which is a threat to everyone. You can't leave them alone because they are Fascists, with no limits to occupation
  15. Americans have problems with whoever is currently standing in their colonialist way.
  16. What happens in America and France has nothing to do with culture at all. Fact is, in American culture, regardless of federal laws, people are very xenophobic, racist and stupid. In that case, how about a [Edited Out]ty Fascist state like America that killed 10 million people in vietnam, And total, was responsible of 1 billion deaths world wide. But Neo-Nazi Fascists are, in places like Holland, Russia, and Eastern and Western Europe. Digusting Fascist pig
  17. Obviously it was America and it's allies. Nothing more to it.
  18. You forgot These are in Late 1800's -Haiti (1891) -Nicuragua (1896) -Panama -China and Korea -China again (1898) - Philipines (600,000 civilians slaughtered with bullets) -Cuba -Cuba again (1898) -Pueto Rico -Guem -Nicuragua again - Somoa - Nicuragua AGAIN (1899) All of that was just in the decade of 1890-1899 ___________________________________ Now for Early 1900's 1900-1914 -Panama -Honduras -Dominican Republic - Korea - Cuba -Nicuragua -Honduras again -Panama(again) - Nicuragua for the third time -Honduras -China (stayed for thirty years) -Cuba AGAIN - Panama again again - Honduras
  19. hahahhahhahahahahaha! The ADL, by no means wants a multicultural paradise. Anywhere. No matter what they say. ADL is Fascist. Israel is Fascist. Jews are not the problem. Stop being such an Anti-Semite and Racist. Jews have always fought for justice, in Europe, it wasn't until the Imperialists assimulated them into one nation, and enslaved them. Even Leon Trotsky, before his death, said Israel was a Mockery of the Jewish people. Really? Because I have countless numbers of Leftist Jewish friends who are utterly ashamed of Israel, and are completely against it. When will you realize I
  20. Aid and Money? To what? Those puppets Fatah? Abbas? The dogs? The purpose of Abbas regime is to secure the interests of the US colony, put up a show for Palestinians. Too bad hamas and PFLP have majority of support. What the Iranians call anyone is pointless? It's true though! Seeing you as a Dog of the Fascist USA makes arguing with you the only thing pointless. Isn't it sort of Ironic that every Ideal, Movement, Group, or Nation that stands in the way of the US, you hate? Makes me sick to see people arguing against Socialism in the name of American patriotism. Disgusting.
  21. Israel is an Imperialist Fascist Arm of the West. America is aiding it's colony. What's so surprising? Not to be rude at all, but I think it's the other way around. As george galloway explained. Israel is nothing more then a colony of America and Britian. The Iranians call Israel a "little satan" and America and UK "Big Satan" for a reason. Israel came into existence in 1948 The US and Britian had a massive history of Imperialism much before Israel. Not to be rude at all, but I think it's the other way around. As george galloway explained. Israel is nothing more then a colony of Americ
  22. As you all know, conservatives, and Fascists of countries around the world, Neo-Nazi Anti-Islam Anti-Foreigners in general, is Skyrocketing Minding our own business will not work. We must take action by peaceful means to combat these. First, we must join forces with Non-Muslims of that nation. But we can't stop with Muslims, we must join with them in a common cause to combat all forms of Racism and Ethnic Superiority, and Radical Nationalism. Their are plenty of left wing organizations willing to help fight this xenophobia. The same ones, that fought for the rights of Jews will surely do
  23. What is forbidden is pleasurable in Society. I promise you, within a year, the amount of women wearing burqas will skyrocket. Sarkozy is a conservative moron. How about we ban Sarkozy instead?
  24. American money drives Fascism. Why don't you read up on Ford and other American companies, along with some banks. Obviously you are begging on your knees for that American money. You are the [Edited Out]ing hypocrite here! Fascism literally profits off of the failure of others. Sais the Fascist! This is crazy! Fascism is built off profitting off of the povert and unfortunate! 80% of the World is in poverty, in order to keep the Fascist Global Elite - America and it's allies Wealthy and Rich. Not because of "success". Smash Fascism! Zionism is From Fascism! http://en.wikipedia.org/wik
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