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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi,


    As you know that we live  in materialstic world ..


    we are created of material body and everything surround us  is material ...


    Sience depends on the materialstic >>


    Even musical Instruments made of material .. these instruments suppose to feed our spirit >>>


    I want to say there is only ( maddah material ) and there is not ( ruh spirit ) .

  2. Hello,


    Are you saying you hope for war also?


    All the Best,


    small war for moving the water


    look at my age ... I have cute grandsons :P

    No there will not be a war between any of the gulf monarchies. The recent diplomatic spat are more an expression of the despotic regimes being absolutely scared to death of reality:

    1. Assad stays in power (until the next government. hopefully elected, that builds on established commitments)

    2. Iraq, historically 1 of the most important arab nations & a shia majority country, allying themselves with "the resistance bloc" / Iran.

    3. Iranian & western nuclear deal.

    4. the public opinion considering the "peace process" completely illegitimate combined with the de-facto alliance with the zionist entity both regionally & economically,


    They need eachother more than ever and the disagreement is because the saudis consider the muslim brotherhood a threat because they believe that the population should chose their leadership while tyrants believe they should be the leaders.


    My friend,


    Al saud family thinks only of how to protect the ( al 3arsh ) I should visit google traslate  always ( throne ) .

    Qatar search for leadership of arab world and that makes saudis very mad .

    So saudis are trying to make qatar leave it,s dreams otherwise there will be heavy sanctions on it

    and maybe a war after that if qatar not accepted .

  3. Thank you my friends ,


    Today as you know most saudi people men and women complain of salafi wahabi  for it is ( The cause of their misery and backwardness in ) .

    Example : Woman can't drive a car >>>>>> this is why when the sect stoped without development >>

    like arthothux christians who can't devorce his wife >> this sect also not developed .

    Hamza , I don't say that salafi is exactly 100 % presents the first islam because they were 2 sects .. one with Ali and other with Muawiyah

    but the war between them was political not for salaat or siyaam or bid'ah in religion .

    So both of them were salfi sunni as we see them today , but one of them were shia of Ali and the other shia of Muawiyah >>

    Shia of today are differant than shia before such as even  Imam Ali himself who was ( Salafi ) close to modern salafi , but with open minded . :D

    just meditate and you will find flash of the first islam (salafi ) appears in front of your eyes ...

  4. I hope so. This could be good for Imam Mahdi to reappear soon. Saudi Arabia is even demanding that Qatar shut down Al-Jazeera. Imagine life without Al Jazeera. We're going to see a world world III of chaos soon. Get prepared. Store food and water, and buy some silver coins. You'll need it all. 


    I have 3 palm trees in my house , they produse around more than 100 kg of dates :mellow:

    Their best friends, I dont think there will be a war between them...


    Yes but it seems the deplomatic solution is very difficult ...


    KSA wants Qatar to leave it's independece of foreign Policy .



    yes let water move even not to be putrid .

  5. You said "but there was no difference between them and others, which means they were Sunnis" so which Sunnis were they??? Hanfi, Malaki, shafai or Hambali??? And which school of thought did they follow???


    they were unfortunately salafis ... which represents the first islam ..


    But I believe in religion develope like anything develops >> so it became peacefull and spiritual ..

  6. Thanx for both friends


    Yes but modern atheists are standing on Darwin Theory .. the theory which is built on knowledge >


    It disagree what religion says about creating Adam and Eve >> and when  God put them both in Eden or Jannah >>


    Darwin theory says man is not seperated from other creaturs and all are from one cell ...


    If what darwin theory said is true about this (disagreement with religion ) , then why it is not true about  day after or judgement day ?

  7. Ali Mussaa


    Islam as a whole 'developed'. Shi'ism is the icing on the cake.



    Of course it is .


    according to me shiism is the best even if it is changed >>>


    however The basic no change >> tawhid and  Nubuwat  ...


    After what 'search'? Please share your research.



    Ya3ni it is long story ... and my english is slow >>

  8. Hi ,


    The old atheists who said in quraan :



    ( وقالوا ما هي إلا حياتنا الدنيا نموت ونحيا وما يهلكنا إلا الدهر وما لهم بذلك من علم إن هم إلا يظنون ( 24 )


    [Pickthal 45:24] And they say: There is naught but our life of the world; we die and we live, and naught destroyeth us save time; when they have no knowledge whatsoever of (all) that; they do but guess.


    Quran said : they have no knoledge , they do but guess .


    How do you think about what they said ?


    If those prior centuries have no knowledge , Do current scientests of today have knowledge in this issue ?





  9. Disappointment :realangery:

    US denies Iran nuclear talks New York Times report

    _57781977_013656980-1.jpg Iran maintains that its nuclear programme is solely for civilian purposesContinue reading the main story

    Iran nuclear crisis

    The White House has denied a report in the New York Times saying that Iran had agreed to one-on-one negotiations over its nuclear programme with the US.


    However there is no smoke without fire

    Quote :

    The White House said it was prepared to meet Iran bilaterally, but that there was no plan to do so.

  10. WASHINGTON — The United States and Iran have agreed for the first time to one-on-one negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, according to Obama administration officials, setting the stage for what could be a last-ditch diplomatic effort to avert a military strike on Iran.


    Finally , this is what we want since along time .....

    I mean as Muhammad Al Baradii declared many times that the only solution for the neuclear program

    is the negotiation between Iran and US .

    Let's all celebrate :D

  11. He represented the UN and participated in the envoy sent to Afghanistan after September 11th where he was also part of the envoy sent to Iraq to justify the claims of the 'weapons of mass destruction', which lead to the 2003 U.S Invasion... This guy has a clear history so there isn't much of a surprise to why the Saudis and Qataris embrace him...

    I disagree with you my friend , he Is a confident man to most countries .

    "Sunday ÊáÛÑÝ": Brahimi develop a plan for the deployment of a peacekeeping force in Syria

    Newspaper reported, "The Sunday Telegraph" that the British UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi plan to deploy an international peacekeeping force in Syria three thousand strong element, and could include troops from European countries.

    Google translate . :shifty:

  12. As you know that Koofi Annan former invoy to Syria w as not successful to resolve the issue of Syria for many reasons

    such as US ,Saudis and Qataris were not willing to allow a case solution >

    Therefor Saudis refused to meet him and Amir Qatar always reduces the success rate .

    But today I smell new thing , Saudis met the Man( al akhdar ) , cooperate with him and wished him success in stopping violence in Syria .

    Al hamdullah , US seems saturate bloodshed and destruction , then she ordered her little devils to cooperate with the man .

  13. lol How are they trying to impose democracy in Syria when the majority of Syrians support Bashar Al-Assad but the U.S. want to remove him and replace him someone else? That's not democracy, that's dictatorship.

    As you know my friend that US has a project of democracy in the meddle east , sometimes it needs power to impose it

    like what she did in Iraq ... and she wants to make it in Syria too .

    By the way : democracy of US in the middle east must be friend with Israel and free of Islamist and nationalist slogans .

  14. Allah w Bashar w bass ;)

    Russia and China will win for sure

    And don't forget Iran

    FSA don't want democracy, tehy want to put a wahabist or salefite state like in Saudia Arabai --> caliphate just look at youtube and you'll see their leader saying "We want a caliphate and not a democracy"...

    And bashar was elected bt 55%..

    Yes I know that , Thats why I always say that there is a different between agenda of USA and Saudi arabia in Syria ....

    US wants muslim brothers to govern Syria and Saudi wants salafi wahabi to bring ( Amjaad ) glory of Bany Omaya in demascus as they claim .

    There are many things make me confused .


  15. Aren't all Wahhabis Atheists?

    Actually it is very close to atheism because it is free of spirituality ... and because they read western books such as Darwin ,Doukenz and other philosophers .

    They do not observe moderation. For moderation is to abide by the laws of God. Obeying the Prophet and his progeny is to abide the laws of God.

    They ( wahabis ) hate shiism more than any thing in the world .

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