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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Eeeeeeyo, salam wahabi-dude. You're king died recently. I feel so bad for you :( :P

  2. You failed to notice that the ring is on her middle finger :P
  3. Fjällräven nuuk parkas.. expensive yes, but you will sweat even in the coldest weather!
  4. You're Mash'Allah, I'm Insha'Allah. Together we are Alhamdulillah! Hahaha

  5. I still don't get what the difference between a revert and a convert...

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    2. Ebn Tie me yeah

      Ebn Tie me yeah

      helloooooo, where are you???

    3. Seyedeh


      Wahabiiiiii!! :D I'm a little everywhere :P hahaha

    4. Ebn Tie me yeah

      Ebn Tie me yeah

      i was finding u high and low. lol

  6. I see that you are online.

  7. Ok.. I previously claimed to be back, but I really wasn't. Hahaha

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    2. Seyedeh


      I'm good alhamdulillah! And you? :) I was busy with my exams at first, but then I travelled and then I just kind of forgot about SC :P haha

    3. akramabbas


      I am fine thank you Alhamdulillah... oh good! so how your exams gone? result announced? :D lols how can you forget SC. :P You don't come in SC chat anymore. :P

    4. Seyedeh


      Results are announced, and I'm not happy about them. Haha... I just had so much other stuff on my mind, that SC just slipped my mind. Haha

  8. Lol, why are you hanging at the sisters forum? :P
  9. Dont eat beans. Also, try doing some rectum exercises. Might strengthen your muscles and help you control what goes out :)
  10. Well... understandable for the guy wanting a young wife. From the girl's perspective she might want children, and in my opinion it's kind of selfish of the father to get a kid at the age of 50+. If the kid is an accident then it's OK :P But if it's on purpose it's just mean. Especially if it's a boy! Lots of boys want to be able to wrestle with their dads and go out and play football and soccer and stuff. By the time the boy reaches that age, the dad will be 60+ and wont have the energy to play for more than a few minutes!
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