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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. From my experience it really depends on the level of education and the culture of that country. I would say more Lebanese know english than do Iraqis. When it comes to Iraqis, more baghdadis can speak proper english, whereas elsewhere the few that can, can only speak basic english. Not sure about Bahrain but I'd bet they're better than Iraqis
  2. Turkmen boys in Amerli, the Shia village in Iraq which has been fending off ISIS for 70 days now and has not received any relief as the world focuses on saving the Yezidis. 19,000 are at risk of massacre from ISIS.
  3. It's been how long that Bashar al Assad and his allies have been fighting ISIS and the other rebels, and they still haven't been able to beat them back with their trained army and powerful allies like Hezbollah? ISIS controls a third of Syria now. Syrians are an Embarrasment to Shias everywhere. Same people who betrayed Imam Ali(AS). Imam Hussain(AS). Same people would would throw stones at Zainab (AS) and the captives when they were paraded through Shaam and had nowhere else to go. Enough said. /s
  4. The politicians, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are responsible for this mess. I said previously that there was veiled racism on this website. I take that back; its unveiled, clear and open racism. And the mods just stand by letting your likes run rampant posting [Edited Out] like this without actually contributing to the discussion.
  5. The soldiers in Mosul ran away because either they were ordered to by corrupt commanders, or they didn't feel like fighting fellow sunnis/ba'this for "Maliki's benefit". The veiled racism towards Iraqis on this website is disturbing sometimes.
  6. The Iraqi army, already untrained and more or less uneffective, was caught off guard. This is where the Shi'a militias come in. Iran has military advisors in Iraq at the moment formulating strategies. Even the top general Qassem Suleimani is there working as an advisor.
  7. I dont think he treated her with respect, he merely acted in a halal manner towards her (sending her into captivity with her brother accompanying her). If he had shown her any respect after she caused a war that killed thousands of muslims, it would've been out of respect for the Prophet and not her, something I think many shias should understand.
  8. 20 years of sanctions, poverty and corruption takes it toll on a people, so calm down. Many of these soldiers are given guns without any training and ordered to the frontlines. I agree with you that it's a weak army, but keep in mind that they haven't had time to train, and the conquering of Mosul, which was the breaking point in this whole conflict, was only caused by traitorous army commanders and governors from the north who had co-operated with ISIS.
  9. Its so sad how ISIS, worse than Israel is being given less attention to then Gaza. Iraq and Syria are in a much worse situation and many of our Shias would rather ignore it to go cry for a Pro-Baathi Pro-Wahhabi people
  10. Unfortunately this is the language understood in Iraq and the Middle East as a whole. Kill before you get killed and be happy to fight war.
  11. If they can find one as manly then I dont see why not :P But seriously, Iranian-Iraqi mixing happens so often its a definite yes.
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