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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams, Ya ALI(as) madad, Hope this message finds you all in the best of health and eimaan. With the month of Ramadhan al Kareem quickly approaching, im sure everyones really busy with frequent trips to the supermarket stocking up goodies!! I see that even mainstream UK supermarkets now have special Ramadhan offers advertised…..! Basically, this is just an appeal to all you beautiful people…… Bukhari Relief Foundation (www.bukharirelieffoundation.org) is an organisation run by Khanum Tayyaba Bukhari that is based in Pakistan and also registered in the USA and inshaALLAH, will soon be registered in the UK. After the natural disaster that ravaged Pakistan over the previous years, BRF has helped tens of thousands of affected people by providing food, clothing and shelter. As the coming fasts will be long and gruelling due to the hot summer months, BRF has arranged for the provision of Food Parcels for the month of Ramadhan Al Kareem to inshaALLAH ensure that people will at least be able to take sehr & iftaar with ease. A Parcel is made up of Milk, flour, rice, oil, 4 types of lentils, gram flour, sugar, dates, vermicelli, biscuits and soap etc A parcel provides for 5 people for the whole 30days and costs only £50GBP per family. I have receipt books available and I will give a receipt for any donation of any size. I know to some, £50 to feed 5 people for the month will not be much but to others, £50 may be alot of money. Although the cost per family package is £50, donations can be of any size and will be strictly confidential between myself and the donor if required. Please also bear in mind people of your families that have left this world when sponsoring a family as the rewards for these deeds, especially in such a blessed months, are imense. The foundation also accepts sadqa, khums, zakaat and khayraat. Please inbox me for any further info and please encourage others to do so, especialyy family, friends and other members of the community. Thank you JazaakALLAH, May MAULA(atfs) reward you all accordingly wasalaams
  2. Salaams, ya ALI(as) madad I know this thread is really old but id really like to add my comments I heard Khanum live for the first time on friday(16th dec) and again yesterday (sat 17th dec) and i am completely in awe of this woman. My observations, first hand, she looks as though she is wearing make up but upon getting close, i could not see any. She was polite, friendly and took time to meet people as she was leaving even though she was unwell. She smiled and spoke to the majma rather than "at" us. Her oratory skills are i feel second to none and she has an amazing amount of knowledge. Regarding hadiya, i have been told that she wont say no to reciting for less but "people give what they feel she deserves and that is sometimes £400, £500 or £600 not including a share of the cost of an air ticket which us divided between all the jamaats she recites at " and then not to mention travel to venue. I do not believe it is possible to put a price on zikr e HUSSAIN(as) and people should give as much as they can afford. Upon hearing the confirmation of the amount if hadiya however, i have to admit, i was completely heartbroken. There are not many ladies committees or familys that can afford so much at once and thus Khanum has been limited to where she recites. £500 is around 2weeks of full time work for someone on an average wage and that is a lot of money. Also where hadiya generally is approx £800 for an Alima to recite a full ashra, it mskes things really difficult to work and get everyone agreed on. Again, i stress that this woman is amazing and must be heard in order to be appreciated. Wasalaams
  3. (salam) ya ALI madad, people...help please!.... im in need of some qasiday that have been written up in roman urdu...i can find loadsa nauhay but i need some qasiday please!!!!! thanx in advance (wasalam) :yaali:
  4. Haye haye been visiting my page on the 29th of January eh?

  5. (bismillah) (salam) and Ya ALI Madad... Just to let everybody know... The play, "SCREAMS OF FATIMA" will insha'Allah be performed in BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE here are full details LIGHT OF GUIDANCE Performance SCREAMS OF FATIMA THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE In memory of Fatima Al-Zahra [as] Daughter of the Prophet of Islam Adults £10 Children £5 Date: Sunday 8th February 2009 Time: 3.00pm - 7.00pm Venue: Bradford Playhouse, 4-12 Chapel Street, Little Germany, Bradford, BD1 5DL ------------------------------------------- For tickets ring 07877512011
  6. salaams, bro tauqeer, ur right, Aqeel Bhai went back to Pakistan on tuesday 18th June. wasalaams
  7. (salam) just as title... we really need a Zakira please. please pm me with ur name and number and i will fone u to discuss further jazakallah wasalaams
  8. (salam) where can i watch the Ahlulbayt channel...? or am i missing the point?!... :Hijabi: wasalaams
  9. (salam) this ? has probably been asked a zillion times before but i was just wondering... where do women belong in the 313 that will support Imam ul Asr... women will not be able to physically fight in a battle so is this not just a little unfair?! What will be the womans role in supporting the Imam? wasalams
  10. (salam) yeah brother, i was there...no way there way 2500 there though...probs about 800 maybe...we should be ashamed of ourselves... wasalaams
  11. (salam) i think alot of u brothers have ur wires not just crossed but TANGLED...BADLY... i live in bradford and have for the past 12years... Maulana Shabih ul Hassans family and mine were VERY close and i can tell you now that with regards to the third shahadat in namaz noone is more against it than him... but i wasnt at Israr Shahs janaza so i dont know what was read... With regards to our resident aalim Maulana Arshad Turabi...i would suggest that before you commit further sins of talking about situations U have not seen and have confirmed in accordance to sharia laws, u do not make further comment... Maulana Arshad Turabi is in NO WAY whatsoever supplying the women of Bradford or anywhere else for that matter with taweez...in most of his speeches he openly chatises women that call DM digital talk shows for taweez and says how wrong they are... actually ill try to get maulana sahib on here to respond to these comments himself... also i will speak to my brother about how amny shahadats the resident aalim Maulana Arshad Turabi declares in Jumma prayers. Although im not sure if this is helpfull but the young momin brother who passed away refused to read namaz behind maulana Shabih ul Hassan due to the fact that Maulana seemed so against the declaration of the Wilaya of Ai(as) and matam and azadari. wasalaams
  12. I'm fine hun how r u? I've got some news to tell you it's not important but I will text u soon as my phone charges

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