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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. actually no I have had this account for a while and i have another one that i want to use Id like to get rid of this one :) how would they do that and how would i know its deleted ?
  2. I think I will have to do that but I am hoping things dont go that far Unfortunately I know many other parents who think this way Inshallah I am hoping so :) Im sure Mayf323d didnt mean to be offensive. More like stating things how they are which is unfortunate
  3. Salamu Alaykom How can I have my account deleted ?
  4. lol my father wont be killing anyone. I have the liberty to choose who i want to marry and my father knows my intentions. there is nothing for him to " find out" about. I wont quit talking to the person i have chosen. Every family is different and in my family it would be just weird if he showed up at my fathers door. lol thats a good one. I just dont think that culture can get in the way when Allah swt created religion to keep people from being seperated by such things. When two people are joined by the religion of God isnt that enough to overcome any culture problems or differences ?
  5. lol I can't deny they are different but nothing that would be unbearable in my opinion.
  6. Salam, He is 26. I am from Lebanon, he is from Iraq.My mother also knows about this but she is very close minded and thinks marrying your daughter to anyone who is not from your culture is a humiliation.
  7. I appreciate your warning, however you have to understand that I am asking advice on how to turn this relationship into marriage.
  8. no, a cliche comment would be if you cant be serious and realize the least of my problems is the grammar police then maybe you should not be here :)
  9. Salamu Alaykom ALL, This is going to be long and detailed so thank you in advance for anyone who is patient enough to help me :) I have been involved in a relationship with a man for a year and a half now and we have wanted to get married since the beginning. It is our intention and no we have not done anything haram but we have our reasons for not getting married.For all those of you who arent here to help but to say I am doing haram blablabla, too bad because I don’t control my circumstances they control me. The reason why we couldn’t get married from the beginning is because a) we don’t have the financial ability to do so, secondly, we are from different cultures, and finally c) my father is against me getting married or even getting engaged at this point in my life. I am 19 years old and I am a mature girl. Now that he has found a career and we have the financial ability to get married I am really unsure how to approach my father about this. He is a great man from a good family has a good education etc. He is from a sayed family and I am not ( no problem with that just putting it out there) We are 100% sure about our decision and that is all we are planning for. Nobody understand me wrong, my father is an amazing man and he loves me very much obviously. He has never forced anything on me at all but unfortunately he is not perfect. He still looks at me like I am his little girl and although I know this is normal I really feel like it is extreme with my father. I have spoken to him about this man last year and he found excuses like I was too young to get engaged and that I have to focus on my studies. I have 2 years left of university and he knows that I don’t plan to get married before I am done, but I do want to be engaged. It is not logical for me to be talking to someone for 4 years and not even engaged. He is very logical man and he feels like talking to someone for 10 years and being sure of them is better than a hurried engagement that will lead to a failed marriage. He would never throw his daughters to the first man who comes their way. Alhamdulila my father is a practicing muslim and he is educated about religion and knows right from wrong. He is not as strict as the standard father, and therefore has no problem with me talking to a man for a long time without engagement taking place. I appreciate this freedom and trust he gives me, however I really feel like no matter how old I get he will never be able to accept that I can choose my own companion in life. He has always told me that I will chose the man I want to marry but I have never wanted to marry anyone who is from a different country or culture as me until now. He knows that the man I talk to is from a different culture, and he was against this. He believes that the cultural differences between us are just too much and that I won’t be happy with such a man. The problem is he never even offered to meet him. He completely denied my request saying that it is way too early to think of engagement. Alhamdulilah this man has brought me closer to god as he is a very educated man. . I am convinced from my heart and can see him to be a great husband and father of my children. I am really fearful of speaking to my father about this and I am afraid that he will not even want to meet him and deny this whole thing. I am really afraid that my father mistakes my sensitivity as immaturity as I am not used to my father denying me anything. No, I was not spoiled but again he is just really warm hearted and has never denied me anything. I have came to a point where I really think my father simply never wants me to get married. I cannot think of doing this against my father’s wishes as he really has been the best father on earth and I could never do that to him. I am determined and will have to keep fighting until he accepts this. What I need is advice on what to do from here, how to approach him, and what to do if he denies. Special duaas I can make that will reach Allah Swt, anything that will make this process easier on me without hurting anyone.
  10. Salam sis , If you dont like piercings then i respect your opinion but Just because some western women show off their belly piercings to non mahrams this does not mean that a muslim women adorning herself for her husband is going astray from islam or gaining pleasure of the world. Many things can be concidered love of the world if they are simply done in the WRONG INTENT. If a women wishes to make herself more beautiful for her husband then that is her personal choice and has nothing to do with her manners or with her modesty . she is MARRIED. I am not married yet and am planning on getting my belly pierced soon. WHy ? because i like how it would look on me and hopefully my future hubby would think its nice too :) I know many modest and islamic ladies who have pierced their bellys this has not changed them in any way, they are still modest good muslim women. Im sure even if we had Sayida fatema as our role models we should keep in mind that Sayida Fatema adorned herself for Imam Ali ( AS) as all women in islam should to their husbands wasalam
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