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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) That clearly shows the actual intent. That you hope and pray that urdu should be destroyed. Then by that logic Arabic also is a waste and cultural idolatary, abandon it (wasalam)
  2. (salam) And what if the swimming classes thing was not mentioned in school curriculum before taking admission The very presence of a male teacher to teach swimming lessons to girls shows the schools intent (wasalam)
  3. ^ Oh well you try to bring in that to justify actions of your hypocrite idol umar, is there any comparison also with any of the Banu Hashim which you are trying to paint here Even if we agree that it was true for the sake of argument, then its also true that Hazrat Aqeel threw those things offered to him on the face of that accursed Muawiya (la) Likes of you will never be guided by Allah and will always be blinded by falsehood
  4. (salam) And how the usurper and manipulator of khilafat, the one who use to have doubts about what the Prophet (saw) says & murderer of the only daughter of Holy Prophet (saw), much better than Hazrat Aqeel ibn Hazrat Abutalib (as)? You people are so good at this and have the guts to say such blatant lies here
  5. (salam) If that is sarcasm then it clearly shows your true colors and hypocrisy, because the actual incidence has already been described by the Holy Prophet (saw) in Tafsir ibn Kathir (ref to bro Rasuls post #94)
  6. (salam) Check this part in the "About us" section of the website And the answer is definitely incorrect, as anything which goes against Holy Quran should be thrown to the wall (wasalam)
  7. Immature kids. Liking each others posts childishly, no wisdom. May Allah give you hidaya you as you grow (wasalam)
  8. To be honest you doesnt seem to be depressed because of the way you are laughing out loud to the wink of a na mahram (pls dont say its just a forum and so its not real life). Looks like you were just feeling bored in the school holidays and wanted to open a thread for removing that boredom. Sorry for being blunt but couldnt stop saying this (wasalam)
  9. (salam) so you had fun when the chehlum(Arbaeen) is not yet over? Strange hm.. (wasalam)
  10. (salam) What I am trying to say is that if there can be a dawah for christians (read christian majlis suggested by Haydar Husayn as a dawah) then why cant the same applies to people outside ahle-kitab. Why this double standard when dealing with different followers. When the hindus are attending the majalis or writing nauhas/marsiyas in honour of Imam Hussain(as), why not have hope that they might one day embrace. If not all atleast few of them. Again read Haydar Husayn comments above when he says that christmas trees are of pagan origin but still supports to do a 'christmas majlis' even thou
  11. (salam) They remain mushriks and perform crazy rituals, what about you? Are you so confident that whatever you are doing in day to day life fully conform to the Islamic rules Why do you think they havent converted, did you personally go and see each and everyone. Because if alteast a handful of them or even one soul gets converted then its more than enough. Atleast they are not blowing up a place or killing innocent people during moharram as it happens elsewhere. (wasalam)
  12. (salam) I told comparison because you were relating how people will follow something said by Hazrat Ali (as) to something said by Umar About mutah or any other issue, remember that not all will blindly follow anything told by a random marja. There will be a group of people following 'x' marja and they might follow what he says but that does not mean its binding on all shias. That was the reason I told you to do research on it and see the broad picture instead of generalizing. (wasalam)
  13. (salam) First, do not compare Umar with Hazrat Ali(as). There is no comparison as they are poles apart. For the sake of argument if Hazrat Ali(as) didnt receive divine revelations, but still he was the nafs of Holy Prophet (SAW) [ref to the mubahila event which is accepted by even sunnis]. So whatever he does or says is same like what the Holy Prophet(saw) says, he never changed any halal into haram, haram into halal. While Umar committed lot of mistakes and was even corrected by Hazrat Ali(as) many times. Umar made a lot of haram into halal and vice versa which were earlier brought by the Ho
  14. (salam) But you can also see it as a kind of dawa where Imam Hussain(as) is the first step and then they might gradually come to the actual fold. Why close the door by just saying they remain mushriks. Who knows he will recite kalima just before dying and his deeds are more dearer to Allah than any other momin. (wasalam)
  15. (salam) Hot hot Posted Yesterday, 02:52 PM Guys this Sallu is a troll ^^ he was suspended 2 weeks ago by basim ali because he made a filthy comment about our imam a.s. An illogical lost guy. But his intentions looks to be sincere in this topic, can you tell what exactly he passed the comment about our Imam(as) (wasalam)
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