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  1. as far as i know even the tomb of prophet in masjid nabawi was outside , when it the mosque was later expanded it covered the tomb also. the problem here is the mosque shall not be above tomb, or in front of the one who prays... if it is beside masjid then there is no problem , may be the narrations point that the jews and christians build structures over the tomb and worship thier ancestors who passed away. i don't know when the mosques were build above the graves of imams.... probably this might be started by later suffis or others who started building green dome over the tombs of awliya's , so they could remember them and with the passage of time it led to activities related to worships such us offer of sacrifies, Vows , venerations of tomb and praying,moving around tomb , perform ruko , and sajda there...etc.. and becouse some one is performing these actions it doesn't mean to completly eradicating the signs.. and Allah(s.w.t) knows best. thanks you bro ali for your reply ... i expect other members also to contribute...
  2. salam alikum, Surah Al-Ahzaab, Ayah 33: “...Verily, Allah has decreed to purify you, O' Ahlul Bayt, and sanctify you in a perfect way” the verse don't point about human being not commiting any mistake. the verse of 21 of sura alkaf . 21. And in this way, We made them known to the people (of the city), so that they realize that Allah’s promise is true, and that there is no doubt about the Hour (the Day of Resurrection). When they were disputing among themselves in their matter, they said, “Erect a building over them. Their Lord knows them best.” Said those who prevailed in their matter, “We will certainly make a mosque over them.” you see they said it is not Allah command to build mosque over graves , and we have agreed upon hadid regarding it's prohibation... i need furthur correct tafsir. I don't see how that would be true when during the very period of the 12th Imam's minor occultation he still collected khums. Kama’l, 517 then what are these narrations doing in our book , and as far as i know khums need to be paid from the war booty not from your personal income. can you provide furthure proof if you have available. Firstly, the 12th Imam was observed by numerous people at his father's funeral and he even led the prayer. 5 year old let the prayer this might be based on fake narrations narrated by some ghulu narrator. need furthure info thanks for your support.
  3. After washing , keep some tissue paper in your private part , maybe you can roll it , and then you can throw that after some minutes depending on person maybe 15-20 minutes.. regards,
  4. Dear all asalamulaikum, i am currectly reading a book written by wahabis which is written in persian , and i post some of the points i found in that can some one check the authentication of these points and let me know what are the meaning of these points , since i translate these points from persian to english may not be exact words but convey the message . 1. Imam Hasan al-askari didn’t had any son , and imam Mehdi was never born. · Kitabul al-ghaiba (sheikh tusi page 74), · Al-irshad ( Sheikh Mufid page 354 ), · Al-ielamul wazyar fazil tabrasi (page 380), · almuqalatul farq ( al ashari qumi page 102) , · usul al-kafi ( voloum 1 , book of huja , page 505).2. Desturction of kaba , that imam al-mehdi will destroy the kaba and masjid al-nawi and will return it to it’s previous state · Baharul Anwar (page 338/52) · Kitabul al-ghaiba (Sheikh Tusi page 208). Look like our future imam al-mehdi will be dajall . 3.Kums: that shia’s are realeased from paying khums. · Alama yaha bin saieed al-ali (Aljamiul lesharaie -page 151) · Alma hasan bin almutaher alhely (Tahrir al-ahkam-page 75). · Allama shaid sani (Majmul fawahid wal burhan -page 355-358/4) · Sayed Mohammad tabatabiee ( madarekul afham page 344).4. Building Shrine and structures above tomb. · Hazarat ali was sent to madina by prophet to destroy every pictures found and level every tomb.(wasaieel shia869/2,870/2, 62/3) · Hazarat al (r.a) said a person who rebuild or reconstruct a tomb is outside the fold of islam. (Man la yarul fiqh 135/1,wasaieel shia 846/2). · Imam sadiq has prohibited praying on his tomb, to sit on it or to reconstruct it.(wasiel-shia 453/3) 5. Imam Reza has cursed a person who claim that prophet never commit any mistake in performing namaz because he is infalliable and the only one who is free of mistakes is Allah(s.w.t) - Shiekh suduk (ayun alkhbar reza , hadidh 5) in chapter of refutation of ghalees. regards,
  5. salam alikum, nice tips, so do you plan to implement this by your own.
  6. i need more response from others.. regards
  7. so how do our scholars extract rules from the qurhan and sunna for the new islamic fiqh issues because it is very difficult to find exact textual references for everything that we face in our life and the technological changes that has happen through several hundred years... few examples can be internet,Mobile,insurance,islamic banking .... etc.. any many other things. and what are the reasons that make qiyas haram?
  8. asalamu alikum , i would like to ask what is the status of qiyas in shia religion , if it is not allowed how do they coup with new issues . regards,
  9. walikum asalam wa rahmatullah, a good tip Use your mobile and configure alarm timming, this help me. regards,
  10. asalamu alikum bro , have a look in this brother nader has made excellent page on taqeebat and how to do tasleem. http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/07/three-takbeers-to-end-your-salaah-bidah.html regards,
  11. Salam brother good point , agree with you 1. i don't see some one wear a carpet or any kind of animal or human being that eat the carpet. 2. the carpet that are currently manufactured are made of things which are grown from earth and mixed with other materials. 3. i can;t find any shia mosque which don't have carpet furnished if they emphasis that much on earth . 4. if the entire body is not on earth then why they consider very much the sajda place only ( maybe they have the point to contradict with Sunnis as they have sahih hadidh from ibn abbas to place the forehead into the ground otherwise the prayer won't be valid). 4. i see in some turbas mentioned the name of hussien, ali and others which i Definitely disagree with that. 5. some marja's even recommend for prostration on turba made from karbala earth because it's very pure ( i guess they have some other intentions behind this one also). 6. the marja;s say's if you don't find the turba they place a piece of paper , now i see some goats eat paper i personally i saw this in Pakistan and Afghanistan, you can see a sample here. which make the paper eatable? i don;t know what will be the response of Great marja's now. 7. if you find a khumara made of palm tree that will remove the barrier between two mazhabs. regards,
  12. First of all asalamu alikum wa rahmatullah, Thanks you kaniz e Zahra and brother shah for your posts , though I thought this topic won’t continue any way this will be my last and final post. Maybe some other member can continue this discussion in case required though I don’t see any further need. To khadim Zahra, Well wind was in service of hazarat suliaman (a.s) with the permission of Allah(s.w.t) and it was one of his miracle ( show me a miracle which is not super natural) . This is fabricated hadid , similarly like they hadid which contains the text that they were both from the same noor , same tree and many other things they have made this by fabricated liars. These kind of hadidh were mentioned only by ghulat’s and not by ordinary 12 imami . Yes we believe this and it was a miracle and so that his father heart found further calmness and assurance by seeing the yusuf (a.s) shirt that he is alive and not dead as claimed by his brothers. He thanked Allah(s.w.t) for this and he didn’t belived that the clothe made the miracle? (now you expect these kind of miracle from imams?). To Shah: Prophet salih saw the bodies in front of him , and the word oh my people was emotional expression through words. The scholars have agreed That One of the adab of visiting tomb is to say asalamu alikum when you are visiting it and your salam will reach him/her with the permission of Allah(s.w.t). According to tafsir ibn kasir from sunni source, in tafsir the above verse following hadidh was provided. it is recorded in the Two Sahihs that after the Messenger of Allah defeated the disbelievers in the battle of Badr, he remained in that area for three days, and then rode his camel, which was prepared for him during the latter part of the night . He went on until he stood by the well of Badr (where the corpses of the disbelievers were thrown) and said, (O Abu Jahl bin Hisham! O ` Utbah bin Rabi` ah! O Shaybah bin Rabi` ah! Did you find what your Lord has promised you (of torment) to be true, for I found what my Lord promised me (of victory) to be t rue. ) ` Umar said to him, "O Allah's Messenger! Why do you speak to a people who have rotted'' He said, (By He in Whose Hand is my soul! You do not hear what I am saying better than they, but the cannot reply.) 7:91-93 is similar to above verse. 3:169 : yes we believe in this aya , people are alive and received sustenance in barzakh , doesn’t mean you can always have communication and they know what is in your heart / and know in what circumstance you are in , or probably they will see your crying… Regarding hadidh of sahih bukhari , the above hadidh from ibn kasir suffice. Why do you say peace be upon prophet and his family when you mention his name? yes agreed but permission is given by Allah (s.w.t) , who the hell are we to judge certain people have permission? Now we knows to whom Allah (s.w.t) has given permission in the qiyama? You know the intention of Allah(s.w.t) astaghfurullah.. while searching the internet it was very interesting that I found the saying of ibn tayimma very similar to my views and it is very interesting so I post part of the quote. “..If Allah(s.w.t) has now allowed the intercession, the intercession is of no use, just as the intercession of nuh was of no use for his son,or that of Ibrahim for his father, or that of lut for his people, or the prophet sallallahu alahi wa-salam prayer for over the munafiqin and seeking forgiveness for them”. The remaining verses clearly explain that the permission belong to Allah(s.w.t), does it mentioned the permission is given to certain imam? To Allah belongs certain rights, among these including to slaughter in His Name, to prostrate before no one but Him, and to direct Du'a to no one but Him. In this regard, the scholar Ibn Rajab said: "Know that it is an obligation to invoke Allah Alone in Du`a, and not His creation... Admitting (and showing) humility and meekness can only be revealed to Allah, Alone, for this is the essence of worship." And Du'a (supplication) is undoubtedly a part of worship, as Ibn Abbas said, "the best forms of worship is the du'a" [Munthir and Ibn Haakim]. "When my servants ask you concerning me, (tell them) I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on me." [2:186] The place of duaa is so high to Allah, that the Prophet had said: "Nothing is more honourable to Allah the Most High than du`a." [sahih al-Jami` no.5268]. He also said: "The most excellent worship is du`a." [sahih Al-Jami` no. 1133]; (Sunni Source). from shia source brother haidar has already provided from najul balagha but I will mentioned a single hadidh from al-kafi after below aya. 003:135. -and those who, when they happen to commit a shameful act or wrong themselves, remember Allah, then, seek forgiveness for their sins -and who is there to forgive sins except Allah?-and do not persist in what they have done, knowingly. Does Allah(s.w.t) says go prostrated before tomb and ask them for forgiving sins and your need? 040-60. Your Lord has said, “Call Me, I will respond to you. Definitely those who show arrogance against worshipping Me shall enter Jahannam (Hell) with disgrace. Now where it say’s call on awliya, islam came to remove all intermediates in actions pertaining to worships .this is backbone of tawheed .even the pagan’s knew Allah(s.w.t) is there but they said we worship the idols in order to seek nearness to Allah(s.w.t). Another hadidh from our shia source ان الله لا یستجیب دعاء بظهر قلب ساه فاذا دعوت فاقبل بقلبک ثم استیقن بالاجابته (kafi 373/2) i found this from a Persian written book written by akbar deqan ,maybe some one who’s language is Arabic can translate this in a better way. But a rough translation is that Allah(s.w.t) won’t accept dua’s from a person who’s heart is not toward him(directly without intermediaries), whenever you asked him , move towards him with your heart (with pure intention ,rather than thinking about someone else) and then trust on it’s acceptance. (may Allah (s.w.t) forgive me incase mistakes were made in translation.) and below hadidh agreed by both sunni and shia. الدعاء مخ العباده و لایهلك مع الدعاء احد Baharull anwar , volume 39,page:003,narration no:37 The Prophet once said, “Dua is Ibadah” (Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, and Abu Dawud). Prophet said, “Allah is extremely displeased with the person who doesn’t do duaa to Allah” (Tirmidhi). عن امیرالمؤمنین ـ علیه السّلام ـ: احب الاعمال الی الله - عزوجل - فی الارض الدعاء. كافی، ج 2، ص 467 still for those who insist on praying to imams, do as you wish, move your qibla direction toward imams tomb , kneel you self , raise your hands , cry for help , beat your self ,and prostrate yourself, make a picture of them and place that in your walls in front of you , fire up the candles and supplicate to them. and I hope in the day of judgment when you read your book as place before you ,you will have sufficient reasons for your actions and claims. 0017-14 (and We will say to him) “Read your book. Enough are you today to take your own account.”. My dear brothers and sisters make dua’s towards Allah (s.w.t) only what you will lose if you don’t pray to imams nothing but if this practice is wrong which is indeed what you will gain in the hereafter have you tought about this?Did imam hussien (a.s) did this ? did imam ali (a.s) did this … 003:173. – (that is) those to whom people said, “The people have gathered against you; so, fear them.” It increased them in Faith and they said, “Allah is fully sufficient for us, and the best One in whom to trust.” 0039:38. If you ask them as to who created the heavens and the earth, they will certainly say, “Allah.” Say, “Then, tell me about those whom you invoke other than Allah, if Allah intends to cause some harm to me, are they (able) to remove the harm caused by Him? Or if He intends to bless me with mercy, are they (able) to hold back His mercy (from me)?” Say, “Allah is sufficient for me. In Him trust those who (rightly) trust (in someone).” 0039:54. Turn passionately towards your Lord, and submit to Him before the punishment comes to you, after which you will not be helped. Similar to the Christians and paganist who have made various kind of dua’s for Maryam and Eisa (a.s) , and other things the shia’s have made that for the imams, search for it online and you will find the similarities. To finish up this two aya can suffice and will complete the entire topic. Read different tafsirs and see what is explained of these two ayats , and what does tawakul and full submission to Allah(s.w.t) means in islam. 0014:11. Their prophets said to them, “We are no more than a human being like you, but Allah bestows His favour upon whom He wills from among His servants. It is not for us to bring you an authority without Allah’s permission, and in Allah the believers must place their trust. 0014:12. What is wrong with us that we should not put our trust in Allah when He has guided us to our paths? We shall, of course, endure with patience all your persecutions; and all those who have to trust should trust only in Allah.” I suggest all who disagree to open Qurhan at least for a moment and ponder on verses I posted, if still not satisfied, someone else could contribute the post. I don’t see any need for continuation may be moderator can close this post. May Allah(s.w.t) guide us to the right path , and bring us out of darkness and illuminate the way of guidance for us Ameen. 002: 257. Allah is the Protector of those who believe. He brings them out of the depths of darkness into the light. As for those who disbelieve, their friends are the Rebels. They bring them out from the light into the depths of darkness. Those are people of the Fire. There they will remain forever. I will finish my post with below duha. 002:286. Allah does not obligate anyone beyond his capacity. For him is what he has earned, and on him what he has incurred. “Our Lord, do not hold us accountable, if we forget or make a mistake, and, Our Lord, do not place on us such a burden as You have placed on those before us, and, Our Lord, do not make us bear a burden for which we have no strength. And pardon us, and grant us forgiveness, and have mercy on us. You are our Lord. So then help us against the disbelieving people.” . Regards,
  13. finish this. http://www.amazon.com/Muslim-Saints-South-Routledge-Series/dp/0415664713/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1333189000&sr=1-1 Highly recommend above book ? this is also a very interesting book, going to be finish soon. http://www.amazon.com/The-Birth-Prophet-Muhammad-Civilization/dp/0415551870
  14. Dear borther lottery is a game of chance which is prohibited in qurhan sharrif. 005:90. O you who believe! Wine,gambling, altars and divining arrows are filth, made up by Satan. Therefore, refrain from it, so that you may be successful. 005:91. Satan wishes only to plantenmity and malice between you through wine and gambling, and to prevent you from the remembrance of Allah and from Salah. Would you, then, abstain? though ibadad will be accepted based on intention but there is no way of engaging in haram activity to make use of that as tool for halal actions, as long as giving charity from lottery it will be similar to saying i take riba but i spend that on mosques and for poor. 002:267. O you who believe, spend of the good things you have earned, and of what We have brought forth for you from the earth, and do not opt for a bad thing, spending only from it, while you are not going to accept it (if such a thing is offered to you), unless you close your eyes to it, and know well that Allah is All- Independent, Ever-Praised. regards, for tafsir you can refer to al-mizan online version of below verses. regards,
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