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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think it is stupid that Sunnis say R.A. after Ali's name...We already know Allah is pleased with him.... @ fatima hussain So why do you say as? Cause he isn't in peace? Who's stupid now Allah sends it down on his messengers and prophets and whom else Allah pleases, cause Allah is the creator I don't see Allah saying alaihisalam on your imams Don't bother with ambiguous sratements from Quran I want names too. PROVIDED in the verses, this is where shia claims just cracks up. You claim this n that from Quran, but funnily enough we can use the same verses against you! Bring your proof if you are
  2. Oopsi, my bad, I presumed you were talking about ali ibn abu talib, OBVIOUSLY not. Between me & you one of us is deluded :D
  3. Lol you lot so paranoid you pull out everything your lil mind can think of! Ahlul bait in surah azhaab? Really??? You're kidding right! I mean Allah actually means you shias? Don't make me laugh. Who are you trying to decieve! Atleast tell us the rest of this verse! Don't bother. Ill do it for you, I insist :) 33:30 O WIVES of the Prophet, whoever of you should commit a clear immorality - for her the punishment would be doubled two fold, and ever is that, for Allah , easy. 33:31 And whoever of you devoutly obeys Allah and His Messenger and does righteousness - We will give her her reward twic
  4. Reply to what? Muslims don't hate ali, they just don't worship men cause they recognise Allah is the only one who could answer their prayers.
  5. @ dagga, maashAllah I love your patience. I can't tolerate their hatred, makes me cross! that was something new to me I've never ecountered the true meanings of shia uptil I joined shiachat. You can present the truth tue them till you're blue in the face but they'll just spin it according to their liking. I hope Allah guides them.
  6. As for your grave worship: here is a youtubers' comment: I swear to Allah aas an Ex-SHia i've visited the shrine of Al-Ridha (as) in Mashhad at least TWICE! They have SPECIAL days when they CRAWL to the shrine OR (which is VERY COMMON and also BACKED BY THEIR AYATOL-SATANS) they also once finishing with licking the shrine walk BACKWARDS! WALLAHI go there you will see it! Have you seen ANYONE walking backwards for respect of Allah and the ka3ba? NO cause there is no such thing in Islam YET THEY DO IT FOR IMAMS! INDEED THEY are Imam-graveworshippers A statement from an ex-shia. Don't you just lo
  7. When I first joined this site, I had NO IDEA about shias, I didn't know they had their own hadith. So once in a thread on this site a shia stated that sunnis are kaafirs. Another one stated that a goat came and ate the last ten pages of Quran, hence Quran isn't complete Then when I posted about bukhari some shias just lost the plot so I began realizing what shias were about... So I researched, more & more. You wannu punch sunnis, well I wannu bash shias brains in- just being honest here cause you have a whole load of other problems of hatred for the caliphs(& dont deny this have a look
  8. Reply to this simple challenge then! Then I won't mind being called a retard after you're successful... Dig up the graves of those "gods" your ancestors have murdered! You claim they're alive! Where's your proof! You have none. Ali is no prophet, neither is hussein... That doesn't make muslims "ignorant" They're only ignorant to your poisonous ayotullah mind-controlling fabrications. Oh by the way.... Yeah your ali & hussein told me they want to avenge you for betraying and murdering them.... They told me to dig their graves for them coz they can't wait to get out... And reject you. By the
  9. Because their ayatollah aint poisoning their minds with henious unscropuluous fabricated falsehood. By the way, to anyone who worships hussain or ali @ their gravessite... The passage of the Quran that says:"Think not of those who are slain in Allah's Cause as dead..." Doesn't mean they're alive in this dunya, but their souls have passed into the akhira. Funny innit youlot ascribing hussein & ali in partners with Allah, nauzubillah. You turn your right and left cheeks on their gaves. But if they're alive in their graves & can hear you, why donthey scream at you and curse you for killin
  10. I heard the shias do grave worship & are in allies with the zionists? rtsp://v5.cache8.c.youtube.com/CjYLENy73wIaLQnUaBlp6wB9UhMYJCAkFEIJbXYtZ29vZ2xlSARSBXdhdGNoYJzu4d_mqbbiTww=/0/0/0/video.3gp I hate their language... They can't stop swearing, they even made me so mad at one point that I felt disgusted and appalled at their mouth, their morals, the way they just LOOK for any excuse to slander the caliphs just so they get an ego boost... WALLAHI I will never be a shia may Allah guide the towards the truth.
  11. 2 years later and your hearts are still poisoned... You people are sick. FULL STOP. Didn't your lot Kill Ali? Hassan & Hussain? Something wrong with the logic of you worshipping a man whom you killed! Is that why you beat yourselves up lmao how amusing, like that would bring Ali back to life! & 1400years later here you feeble people are trying to slander Abu bakr cause it shifts the focus of you killilng your imams. So so amusing lol What other false dirt do you want to dig up? Throw in Umar & uthman & A'isha too, why not... WELL here's one for thought: THEY DIDN'T COLD BLOODIE
  12. PEOPLE!! assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu.... i love and admire the wealth of knowledge you guys have!! see, i never went to islamic schools, niether do i have a teacher to teach me things. it's only by the grace of Allah upon me that alhamdulillah i am learning... soo anyways back to dabates :D i'm putting all my eggs in one basket (don't get me wrong there isn't REALLY any eggs :P so don't take it literally, i'm just replyin to all'y'all stuff in one go :D) Ahemz ahemzz Ahemzzz.... DID Ali ibn Abu Talib give All of the inheritance back to the prophet's wives?? you know, when
  13. okay, just skimmed through all that. you state the hadith i quote from is like a bible, you disbelieve in it? i say Where is Abu Bakr's NAME mentioned regarding him being evil etc? raising your voice in front of the prophet pbuh is hardly evil, now is it? (this is mostly about umar) and you miss the point which you yourself gave: 'Thence forward when 'Umar talked to the Prophet, he would talk like one who whispered a secret and would even fail to make the Prophet hear him, in which case the Prophet would ask him (to repeat his words)." which shows what? that Umar is obedient towards Allah a
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