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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said when interpreting the Qur’anic verse: “And most of them do not believe in Allah without ascribing partners to Him”, ‘This refers to ascribing partners in Allah's obedience, not [just] in His worship.’ Al-Kafi, V. 2, P. 397, No. 4 I agree that most people have rejected the messages of their prophets, but I don't think I have the right to classify people as kafir or mushrik without knowing their individual beliefs, and even then, it's not my place to go around thinking everyone is going to hell. I find that leads me to arrogance, which is a major sin. Like if Hindus a
  2. Not all Hindus are polytheists. It's a case by case issue. My dad is Hindu but sees the various gods as facets of the One, he compares it to the divine names we use in Islam. Others pray to the individual gods as if they were separate entities. And there is debate about what constitutes kufr. If anything, Hindus are usually mushrikeen because they accept multiple divinities, not kafir, if kafir means those who reject Allah. If we go with dabeast I think most of humanity is in hell. Including all Sunnis, Jews, and Christians. Which is not what I or, to my knowledge, the majority of scholars be
  3. Wait until you have kids, then we can talk about worse feelings.
  4. I was speaking from what I was taught, brother, so not all Hindus believe that. Like when you read an article, "the Prophet's favorite wife was aisha," not all Muslims believe that.
  5. I read half of it and probably understood a tenth of it. That was back in my early 20s though so maybe I'd get a better ratio now.
  6. SubhanAllah I only knew my husband a few days and had zero references and we are very happily married! Anecdotal evidence isn't proof of anything, do what you feel is right. And as for the question, I have no idea how long you should wait. I had to think about it myself, and that took me a couple days, maybe a week. I wanted to get to know him first, and his mom.
  7. I don't think Hindus believe you can become an animal. Well, maybe some do but our temple growing up taught that if you do bad it will come back to you in this life or the next (karma) but not that it would impact your next species. Human souls are non-transferable. ;)
  8. I think it's strange that unmarried people would comment on romance! As for examining your parents' marriages, once you have kids the nature of marriage changes, no matter the religion. An Islamic marriage, in a real sense, doesn't follow cultural norms because Islam is beyond norms, so looking at Arab marriages or Desi marriages etc won't give you insight as to what Islamic marriages entail unless the couple really looks at Islam before culture. Which in my experience is rare. I find marriages between Muslims more romantic than Western marriages because there's that innocent sense of trust i
  9. I haven't heard a Sunni say that the Prophet loved Ali more than Abu Bakr. So I don't think that they would consider loving Ali a special point.
  10. I wonder what you mean by Western clothes and not modest clothes.
  11. Another tafseer that would be good to verify it would be the one on Islamic mobility called something like an Enlightened Commentary or something to that effect. It was written by a group of scholars and contains many viewpoints. I don't think you could go that far off with this tafseer of hubeAli because there is no actual commentary from what I saw, just narrations, which may or may not be correct.
  12. Yeah it was a joke. I'm sure they're mixed but as far as I know English Muslims are majority Pakistani. I can't imagine American Muslim females acting like that. Maybe in Dearborn... I used to be a teenager and I was never like that. I wonder how much parenting has to do with it. I haven't seen the best practices in Muslim parenting.
  13. OK good at least one. But the Arabs don't touch the subject. Maybe it would cause fitna.
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