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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The most beautiful thing i have seen about SHIA VERSION OF ISLAM.. TRUE ISLAM.. WHICH IS THE TRUE ISLAM WHICH IS WELL PRESERVED.. BY THE HOLY PROGENY OF THE PROPHET IS THAT THE BACKBONE OF SHIA WHICH IS THE BOOK NAHJULBALAGHA .. its contents, letters, sayings, sermons, speeches, all found and backed up in Sunni authentic books.. and sunni universities BACK IT!!!as authentic!! what more can i ask

  2. WAKE UP MUSLISM WAKE UP!!!! you have abandoned the TRUTH!!!!!!!!! ITS SO CLEAR TO ME... SO CLEAR!!!!!!!!!! IT IS PURE LOGIC.. AYESHA WAS WRONG UNJUST CRIMINAL.. at that time muslims were not very educated. otherwise she would have failed to raise an army so huge as mroe then 50,000 newly converted DUMB.. its in the Quran O WIVES OF THE PROPHET, STAY IN YOUR HOUSES!!!!!what is she doing out

  3. the sunni salafi alims say.. BLAME IT ON THE HYPOCRITES for misguiding Ayesha.. (so she is misguided)?? Blame it on Abdullah bin saba for making her fall into error ??? basically blame everyone but NOT AYESHA PLEASE!!!! I was discussing this at the masjid.. the salafi alim said, blame the satan for misguiding her!! i was like whhaaaat ?X??!??!?!??!?!!??!!? so just blame satan thats it?

  4. Sunnis down play all the prophets prophecies and take it easy on it. The prophet clearly states in sunni books. that THE DOGS OF HAWAB WILL BARK AT ONE OF MY WIVES AND AYESHA BE CAREFUL IT MIGHT BE YOU!!! The path will be wrong path.. YOU MUST TURN BACK!!! O TALHA, O ZUBAYR (the companions of Ayesha at the battle of jamal) One day you will fight against Ali an UNJUST WAR..!!!

  5. i continue to take care of my old age father and i love him and respect him.. i will be kind to him, gentle and be a good son. that is what shia'sm teaches even if your father was a follower of hadith narrated by misleader, mischief mongerer, war criminal, civil warrior, wrong doer, unjust Ayesha unfortunately.

  6. I am glad i converted!!! so glad.. its time you convert to Shia Islam as well. Come to the right path.. salafi'sm is only into justifying the currupt dynasty, currupt rulers.. currupt slaves of the luxury caliphs or sultans.. True Islam is SHIA ISLAM.. or ISLAM.. sunni Islam is false Islam.

  7. Be careful and do not argue with everyone with little knowledge.. everything is being justified and given excuses for.. The salafi alims would NEVER let their own wives or daughters out in the battle.. but they justify the prophets wives to go out to battle against Muslim brothers?? THIS IS HYPOCRISY!!! which the salafi practice.

  8. Ayesha herself Said.. I WISH I HAD RATHER BORN a stone, or a tree, or a rock or have been EXTERMINATED!!! she also said SPARE ME THE EULOGY when she was dying!!! LEAVE IT!!! just read the salafi biographies by Allama Saiyid Sulaiman Nadvi. google it. COME ON!!! she herself states that I MISLEAD EVERYONE!!!! what does this mean?? misleading you even today.. thats what it means honestly

  9. HONESTLY, THINK HARD ABOUT IT.. Is AYESHA a reliable author or narrator to the Prophets hadith?? when her character is unjust, full of wrong doings, lies, slander about Imam Ali (S) instagator of a FIRST EVER CIVIL WAR making muslims against muslims. DIVIDING THE MUSLIMS!!! Can she be trusted?? WHY DO SUNNIS TURN A BLIND EYE TO HER CRIMES!!! even if she has been pardoned.. still

  10. I have stopped debating and arguing with my salafi father out of respect for him and love for him. but it does disturb me to see him justify Abubakrs wrong doings (zalimeen) upon wrong doings. I am sick and tired of my salafi father justifying Ayesha's wrong doings and trying to over throw Imam Ali government of Allah as a calipha. was this righteous act? or unjust act? USE LOGIC SISTER!!

  11. bibi Ayesha narrated over 2000 hadith to follow the Prophet which a lot of contradictions and contaminations and inconsistencies with the Quran. Bibi Fatima (S) the holy daughter of the Prophet of Allah has debated with Abubakr in regards to inheritance rights and Fadak. She clearly proves Abubakr is on the WRONG PATH and making up LIES and has no FEAR OF Allah!!!!! just research fadak.

  12. Dear sister, As a son of a sunni salafi Alim, I can assure you that we are all trying to follow Islam. (Sunni and Shia) all are trying to follow the Prophet Muhammad's teachings and the Quran. the difference from what i found is that Shia follow the Prophet and the Quran's interpretation through Ali (S), Fatima,(S) progeny of the Prophet. Sunni follow Ayesha, Abu Huraira's narrations.

  13. Sunni'sm is the wrong path. My father is a Sunni Salafi Alim. I converted and i reject Sunni version of Islam. Its illigical.. bibi Ayesha fought a war against Imam Ali (S) which resulted in her own more then 40,000 muslims being killed. She herself states clearly that I MISLED YOU!!!!! I MISLED THE WAR!!!!!! it is clear.. I AM MISLEADING YOU ALL SUNNI MUSLIMS by my contaminated hadith.

  14. Mashallah you are doing a very nice job

  15. So you think this verse has no value. Say (O Muhammad Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÓáã): "I have no power over any good or harm to myself except as Allah wills. If I had knowledge of the unseen, I should have multiplied all good, and no evil should have touched me: I am but a warner, and a bringer of glad tidings to those who have faith." (Surah 7:188)
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