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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam after my c section I had an internal infection and felt like i couldnt walk.....definatly get that checked out inshallah
  2. Salaam Sisterls, I know the feeling....my husband and I tried for 3 years which actually isnt long (I know some couple who tried for 8 years and alhamdiliah got a child, as well as another couple who are still trying after 4 years, taking every medicine possible etc and still not happening) I also had 2 miscarriages before becoming pregnant this time, so it understand the emotional side of it all. 1 year is not bad sister, it can take much longer, tawakal Allah. Also I heared dua hijab is good for these situations ( not sure if its to prevent miscarriage, or to become pregnant) but perhaps have a look into that. If you are meant to have children you will, just perhaps not at the time you want.
  3. Mashallah ksot91, thats sooo soon, I just came back from the doctor and everything is good and clear :) healthy...Im due the beginning of July and I too am getting nervous. It will be my first baby. I will keep you in my prayers. eltamese dua
  4. Salaam ladies, this post was made some time ago, so I am wondering how everyone's pregnancy is coming along. I hope all is well...has anyone given birth yet? eltamese dua
  5. alhamdiliah...how far is everyone now? I hit 22 weeks :) Hope you are all doing well and starting to feel better
  6. I go to almustafa.....what are u looking for? you will need to take the persian course if u do not already speak farsi
  7. subhanallah.......i have no smelling symptoms lol seems I dont get any prego symptoms except heartburn :(
  8. whoa that would be super awesome lol cant see the video nor do i speak spanish.....just going off of katyushka's comment haha :p
  9. Salaam Fatima NMA Did any of these suggestions help? It would be interesting to know what works and what doesnt :)
  10. salaam.....im in qom...inshallah sister zaynab can answer for you if she sees this thread......I hope you start to feel better :( my only issue has been anemia ...but alhamdiliah I cant complain seeing as how so many other women have all these issues with illness :( ya rab,,,I pray you start to feel better soon from what I have heard it really depends on the person, my mom told me she has morning sickness all day long from the entire 9 months with all 3 of her children, while my sister and I had absolutely nothing...I heard for many women after 13 weeks it begins to ease up.
  11. Salaam I see your in iran too, which city? Luckily I had no morning sickness....If it wasnt for a missed period I wouldnt have even known I was pregnant. Can the doctor give you medication to ease the sick feeling? I bet sister zeynab will have some good suggestions for you
  12. I have developed anemia in pregnancy and am just wondering how long it will take for the iron supplements to kick in....I have been taking them with vit C which I heared helps the body absorb the iron....Does anyone know? Im tired of always feeling lethargic 24/7
  13. Im pregnant also with my first. I had two previous m/c so I was worried. Al hamdiliah I am now 19 weeks :) I pray for all sisters they have a safe, healthy pregnancy and cute pious little ones.... I just read online your not suppose to eat raw eggs? Is this true?? I went for an u/s last week and heartbeat and everything was fine and normal.....so im guessing my egg situation is under control?? Its not that im Rocky and just eat raw eggs but I love my italia dessert (raw egg and sugar beaten) and sunny side up eggs???? Congrats Ksoti91 and Zaynab :)
  14. Salaam Does anyone know of any online courses to take italian? I already know the langauge but need to work on my grammar skills majorly. Has anyone heard of any classes or courses offered online for cheap or free? Im living in Iran btw dont know if that matters?
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