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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1) I would love it if my husband wanted to adopt since I have no plans of having my own biological kids 2) A girl or boy would make no difference to me, and I may not observe hijab in front of the boy. And yes I do know it's technically 'haram'. Myo - If the hijab of your wife is an issue for either of you, there really is a simple solution. And remember if you adopt a girl, she would not be mahram to you either. But all you gotta do is have a child of your own first. Then adopt. Once they have matured, they can do a short mutah marriage - literally for a few mins. After it's 'over' both you and your wife will be mahram to your adopted child (whether male of female) since the in laws are always mahram even after mutah is over and divorce. However as siblings they won't be mahram to each other..so it is a tricky situation. And good on you for thinking of adoption, not many guys are capable of unconditionally loving a child not biologically their own.
  2. i miss being on sc tooooooo !! but hey who needs sc when ive got u all on fb :p xxxxxxxxx

  3. Their physical hijab is great...but I think the social hijab tells us that women really should not be hanging from buildings..
  4. Well it's different since they reject based on religious belief that a sayyeda cannot marry a non sayed.
  5. You were expecting something else ;) ^_^
  6. Any scholar/alim/marja who makes the halal haram, and vice versa; who support any oppressor; who compromise our faith for the sake of unity and etc etc.
  7. So some of you guys would actually reject a girl due to a tatoo. What a tragic state we're in.
  8. My reason: To watch him slaughter the munafiq ulema and kick some umar loving ass.
  9. If she doesn't tell him it's still dishonesty? I gotta say I don't agree with you there. Unless he asks her, why should she ever bring it up? What he doesn't know won't kill him. Allah has said that we must hide our sins. Before marriage both sides have the right to ask just about anything..after marriage..it's all history and a man would be incredibly stupid to want to know if his wife has slept with any man before him. That's the worst possible advice. No 1- No girl would admit this after she's married, so there's no way he can find out. No 2- A confession is not necessary unless he asks. Why should she complicate matters? She had sex, she repented. Life goes on. Why should she suffer and lose a man she loves?
  10. Seeing vids like this, makes me say one thing. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah I'm not the one in the audience reciting a salawat after hearing Nasrallah's pathetic attempt to elevate the status of an individual who clearly does not deserve it. And direct comparisons such as these is clearly Kufr. I always find it interesting that in the history of Shia Ulema, none have been hyped up as much as Khomeyni and Khamenie have. The reason I believe so, is because people already held these scholars in high esteem. But with these two leaders, their followers are desperate to do/say anything to give them the status of a saint to justify their actions...because clearly their knowledge and actions are nowhere near that of a Saint...so they bring us fairy tale stories (e.g. Khamenie saying Ya Ali when he came out of his mother). inshAllah, I love how you're going round in circles and not addressing the real issue. Oh and the point on scholars declaring your wife haram under 'certain circumstances'...I'm assuming you didn't hear what happened with Ahmadi Nejad a while back.
  11. ditto I totally see your point, but when it comes to Khamenie, why fool ourselves? It IS a direct comparison. Bro I've even see pictures where he is called the Ali (as) of our time. If that's not a direct comparison, I don't know what is. Did you know that Khamenie as the wali al-amr al Muslimeen, has the power to declare your wife haram to you? Just a thought. People can recite this Ziyarat in their qunoots for all I care. It's place is not in our Mafatih al-Jinan. And why I believe it's place is not in the Mafatih? Anyone with 2 brain cells can figure that one out.
  12. Whether anyone wants to believe Iran is a legitimate Islamic State, that's up to them, couldn't care less. But I refuse to be the follower of a system who are breaking the back bone of our Majesty, may Allah hasten His appearance. Bro BJ, take a look at these, I'm sure you'll enjoy them. My Love, My MAWLA, My IMAM-HAZRAT Syed Ali. Again, Mawla. Labbayk Ya Khamenie is Labbayk Ya Husayn (as). Praise to Mohammed (saww), The Naib (Representative) of Mahdi has come. Ya Saheb az-Zaman, we will not leave your Naib alone. "Where is Ammar?" -Comparing Khamenei with our true Mawla (as) who in his loneliness had asked where Ammar (as) was . Let's remember, these aren't amateur posters made by some bored school kids. These posters are given to the people during march's, lectures, protests etc. Question we need to ask ourself is, why are they trying so hard to elevate the status of Khamenie to that of a Saint? I've saved the best till last... Kayhan Newspaper. Title is basically saying, it has been made certain that the Sirat-e-Mustaqeem is following Ayatollah Khamenie. I always though sirate-e-mustaqeem was following the Ahlul Bayt (as). meh. The following are a new edition to the Mafatih al-Jinan. Ziyarat of Imam Khomeyni. Please if you stumble across such editions in Iran and purchase it, be sure to rip these pages out; I would say throw them in the trash, but since they contain names of Allah- recycle them.
  13. yehh u tell him ! haha reallyyy ? U must be the only one :P
  14. So flattered you mentioned my name. By the way you might be glad to hear I am leaving the Shirazi Clan soon ;) Line of Imam is line of Ahlul Bayt duuh
  15. This is the Islamic Centre of England we're talking about here..you do realize they will never allow a pro-qame lecture? If I'm not mistaken syed makki is a follower of khamenie, who has made tatbir haram, therefore I can't imagine he will be saying anything positive. May God forgive me if I'm wrong. But why syed makki didn't say anything at br. mohammad amin's lecture..God knows.
  16. @PersianShah, I'm not saying it's true, but how are you so sure that's a lie? Alhamdillah we all know ICAS's number and we know where syed makki will be on thursday and saturday. Instead of acting so childish and accusing others of lying just go ask him. And what a truly pathetic lecture topic...it's as if that's our only problem in our shia communities; 'how to mourn for Imam Hussein'? Whoever came up with this topic, whether it be the banihashem foundation or the syed himself, what a big joke, the lot of you. All you people want to do is degrade this form of azadari. The scholars have given their fatwa, we all know what the majority of ulema (dead and alive) say on this issue...when we will move on?
  17. Pro tatbir people need to accept that there are infact many scholars who have made tatbir haram (on whatever basis), and according to their logic they do have valid reasons...and anti-tatbir need to realise that the majority have deemed it permissible, some even mustahab. The scholars have given their fatwa, and we need to move on from it....the amount that us Shia's argue over this issue , sunni's don't. Question: Most places do not allow the recording of tatbir. So according to syed khamenie, is it permissible in this case? And for all you people who love to judge tatbir, but have never actually seen it or done it yourself, let me tell you-no one's head is being 'split' open'. It's a symbollic act of love (no different to chest beating and zanjir) which cannot be put into words. Most people do not even have the intention of doing tatbir, but once they see others do it on Ashura morning, an overwhelming feeling takes over them, and kind of like a natural reflex they reach for a sword. As a side note, I find it very interesting that in some western countries, tatbir is legalised and you have police waiting outside the hussainiya incase an injury or something happens. This is freedom, and I have so much respect for these countries. But in the IRI, it's forbidden. Tragic.
  18. Prophet Yaqub (as) wept for his son for a good few decades..bida much ?
  19. I think you could be right..thanks!
  20. (bismillah) Please go on the english section of azadari4imam.org....if anyone knows the name of the recitor plzzz tell me. I am absolutely in love with it..
  21. (bismillah) These are two English lectures for the month of Muharram. I recommend attending both of them at different nights. I was at Syed Qazwini's lectures last year, and they were amazing ;) The Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale also has a series of English lectures on the first saturday of each month, organised by the BaniHashem Foundation. They also have this new programme going on for converts. Let me know if you are interested in either so I find the details and post them up.
  22. His point about arabs and not reading...I cannot express how true that is.
  23. 1) Since when was it a requirement to attend an 'official' hawza to have the title of a scholar, alim etc..especially when you come from a family such as the Qazwini's. 2) To all you having a b***h fit over the title 'Hujjatol Islam'...I suggest you find out what it actually means. +1 Don't we have a hadith or something along the lines of 'Look at what is being said, and not who's saying it..'
  24. (bismillah) Salaam, the recitor is Aba thar Halawaji. His Ziyarat Ashura is amazing ^_^ Here's the of the dua kumail, and you can download it on mp3 here.
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