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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So far it sounds like these comments may have been made during some speech, but have been taken out of context. Is that what I'm being told? The comments are not in line with his comments on unity of the Muslim Ummah.
  2. A Sunni Facebook "friend" posted this supposed statement of Imam Khomeini. My searches online have turned up Sunni websites only. What do you all know about this supposed statement? I did find one thread on Shia Chat, but it was very short and did not really provide any useful information "The Islamic and non-Islamic powers of the world will not admit our power till such time that we establish our hold over Makkah and Madinah because these are the centers and citadels of Islam. Hence our domination over these places Is an essential requirement ... when as a conqueror I will enter Makkah and Madinah, the first thing to be done at that time by me would be to dig out two idols (Abu Bakr and Umar) lying by the side of the Prophet's grave."
  3. That boy has had enough of the US and Israeli bull-[Edited Out]. He has been stripped of so much for Zionist whims.
  4. I had been studying on Islam before my reversion and was learning about Islam from a Sunni perspective when I decided to learn more about Islam from the Shia perspective. Anyhow, during a dream I saw multiple figures, one was dressed completely in white and the others were dressed completely in black. The figures in black were evenly spaced out on each side of the figure in white. All of their faces were obscured so there was no way to tell who they were. The scene brought a feeling of great joy to me and the first words from my mouth were "Imam Ali"! Shortly thereafter the dream ended and I woke up. I seriously doubt a sinner such as I deserved such an encounter, so that is what brings me on Shia Chat to inquire of dreams.
  5. I have a question about dreams and dream interpretation in Islam. I'm pretty sure that I have read that there is a way to handle this subject within Islam, I could be wrong, please enlighten me. I had a most unusual dream involving historically significant Islamic figures and would like to know the proper action to take, even if that means just ignoring it. Thanks
  6. bismillah. salam, brother. Happy Birthday! Come to ShiaChat some time. :)

  7. bismillah. salam, brother. haven't seen you at ShiaChat for a couple of months. praying you, your wife and kids are doing well. take care, sis hameedeh

  8. Thanks for asking! So far Ramadan has been a challenge. My job requires me to work outdoors during the heat of the day, so I spend my day and evening thirsty and sometimes a little dizzy from dehydration. I don't notice the hunger over the extreme thirst, so at least I'm blessed to not notice the hunger. I was used to fasting from Orthodox Christianity, so it is not a completely new experience to me; what is new though is the avoidance of water during a fast, except on Good Friday when I would fast for 24 hours from food and water. The experience of Ramadan certainly causes one to focus on self control and allows time to inventory one's thoughts and deeds. Inshallah I will complete Ramadan successfully. I live in the St. Louis, Missouri area. I came to be Shia after reading some books I purchased through Shia organizations as well as some reading online. The case for the succession of Imam Ali is very strong, if not air tight, so I had to follow the next logical course of action which was to become Shia. Also the lives of Ahayl Bayt are a great example and very inspiring, so that played a role in my choice as well. When someone impugns Ahayl Bayt whether on purpose or out of ignorance I have a strong feeling to defend Ahayl Bayt and the Shia.
  9. There have been some requests for my reversion story, so I will post it for those interested. I will start with my religious background and events leading up to my reversion. I was raised in a German/Italian, Roman Catholic family and went to Catholic Schools for part of my primary and secondary education. In my teen years I fell away from Roman Catholicism and slipped into what I call "agnostic deist". I was not quite sure if God existed and if He did, then He did not have anything to do with creation any longer. During my time in the military I became a neo-pagan and a hedonist; I had totally fallen away from anything I was raised to believe and felt hatred for Christians and the supposed oppression they brought upon the western world. I learned over a couple of years that neo-paganism was not proving to be a true religion or way of life, so I ended up looking into the "eastern" religion of Buddhism, which it did not take me long to discover I did not buy into it either. So, after my time in the military I turned to Protestant Christianity upon the advice of my wife who was raised in a non-denominational Christian family type situation and once again I did not find solid truth, so I started my search once again. I found Orthodox Christianity and became a member of the Russian Orthodox Church, this was a truly eye opening experience! The Orthodox have a different outlook on many things in Christianity and have stuck more closely to the teachings of the early church fathers and ecumenical councils. I really thought I had found The Truth until I started to read the Qu'ran, Books on Islamic History and hadith. I did not start reading these books with the intent of looking for a new religion, this was more of a curiosity into what makes Muslims so different from the rest of humanity. Being Orthodox, Islam was the foe that crushed Constantinople and holds Hagio Sophia and the Ecumenical Patriarch hostage, so I did not go into this research with a positive view of Islam. I have typed too much as it is, so I will cut it short. Based on what I read and later experienced by visiting masjids in the local area, I ended up deciding to become a Muslim and submit my will to the Will of Allah (swt). Not exactly a glamorous story and kind of embarrassing, but everything seems to happen for a reason, so I will trust in Allah (swt). My wife and children still attend the Russian Orthodox Church, but she does not discourage me from Islam and even likes many of the things I have shared with her about Islam, but she will not deny Jesus as the Christ and Son of God as Christians believe he is.
  10. I typed the date wrong, I meant to type 31JUL10. Sorry. Most Americans would have typed 07/31/10, but due to my time in the US Navy, I picked up the habit of typing or writing my dates in the format seen in my post. I trust this clears up any confusion I may have caused.
  11. I took my shahada on 31JL10 at the Zainabiya Imambargah in Hazelwood, Missouri USA. Allah (swt) has been most gracious to me! My brothers and sisters in Islam at Zainabiya Imambargah have treated me with great hospitality and understanding!
  12. This much I knew, but how can an entire country be praying in the wrong direction in 2010? It does not require an extremely high level of technology to know which direction is the Qibla.
  13. I found this story on CNN, check it out and posts your thoughts. I would have figured the people of Indonesia knew which to pray long ago. http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/07/19/indonesia.wrong.prayer.direction/index.html?hpt=Sbin Indonesian Muslims 'praying in wrong direction' By Andy Saputra, CNNJuly 19, 2010 7:32 a.m. EDTThe Indonesian Ulema Council told the country's Muslim populace in March to turn west. Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- Indonesian Muslims have been praying in the wrong direction, the country's highest Islamic authority has said. The Indonesian Ulema Council told the country's Muslim populace in March to turn west when they offered their daily prayers. Muslims are supposed to face the Kaaba, the religion's most sacred site in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. At the time, the council said that the direction of Kaaba from Indonesia laid to the west. Turns out, it didn't. Africa did. So, on Friday, the council issued a new edict: face northwest. "After the first fatwa (edict) a few months ago that stated that the praying direction is west, we have announced that the correct direction for praying is indeed northwest, and we have issued a new fatwa (edict) to correct it," said Ma'ruf Amin, the head of fatwa division in the Indonesian Ulema Council. "This is important because facing west will mean that people were facing Africa when they pray," he said. Amin said the new edict does not mean that mosques in the country will need to be torn down. "They (those praying inside) just need to adjust their praying direction slightly," he said. Some residents of the world's most populous Muslim country took the change in stride. "I don't really worry about the praying direction," said Riza Irwansyah, an office worker in Jakarta. "The important thing is I prayed to Allah and I believe He will listen, no matter which way I'm facing."
  14. I don't use that one unfortunately. No problem bro, if there's anything you need you can always PM me. If you do ever get MSN or Skype you know where to find me :)

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