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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow - I didn't know JOKES.COM changed its URL.
  2. Salam w Alaikum w RahmatAllah w Barakatu, I aim to write an article for my website in order to show the growing divide between Shia and Sunni as a result of Western Occupation - I wanted to see if any brother or sister could add to the sources I already have which would describe the unity between the Shi'a and Sunni vs. the calamity we find ourselves in now - primarily in Iraq. Any source, opinion, premise etc is welcomed. Thank you Salam
  3. Octavia Nasr dealt in soft politics - I care more about the basis of her firing than her. She did not support the resistance in the least
  4. How brilliant, the lovers are going to be united once again.
  5. The king of Saudi Arabia Malek Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz whose clandestine connections with the families of Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush have made him a notorious and unpopular figure in the Islamic world has recently made unbelievably controversial remarks which leaved no doubt that this tyrannical monarch is moving towards ushering himself as the new stooge of the United States in the Persian Gulf region. The Saudi King who has seemingly started attempts to merge his country with the imperialist world told the French Defense Minister Hervé Morin in a meeting held after the Gaza Freedom Flotilla massacre that “two states in region do not deserve to exist: Israel and Iran.” Read more here: http://www.politicaltheatrics.net/2010/07/saudi-arabias-betrayal-to-the-islamic-world/
  6. You accuse me of blindly following "mullah's" yet have not provided any source from the Qur'an which substantiates supporting hereditary/supreme monarchy. If you believe that the Saud Family is blessed then I can only make Du'a that Allah swt gives you the knowledge to understand the sheer asininity which you are spouting; supporting a politically perverse family headed by a man who does not even adhere to the primary command which was given to our precious Nebi Muhammad (saw.waw) - IQRA! The Saud "royal" family is lesser than the filth beneath my heels; they subjugate their citizens, support American imperialism and associate themselves with the apartheid state of "Israel" You dare compare people Allah swt appointed to filthy Kings who help the United States of America massacre other Muslims? This is sheer idiocy - the same idiocy I expected from those who cannot even present a valid premise! Instead of using this post as a means to bash Shi'a try and use the knowledge you assume you have so much of. Yallah, I'm waiting. @Basra Salam w Alaikum w RahmatAllah w Barakatu Brilliant reply. "Islam is completely against monarchy; and true Islam always has stood against monarchy whether that be the early Umayyad monarchy or today's modern Western backed monarchies in the Middle East."
  7. Salam w Alaikum w RahmatAllah w Barakatu Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar; At least 7 countries which are either absolute monarchies or hereditary emirate's. I have never found a provision in the Qur'an, hadith et al which would support this type of political rule but I have listened to Arabs from said countries try and defend their leaders and the way by which their countries are being run. "Will you place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood?" (2:30) According to the Qur'an - Allah swt chose his Prophets (Allayhum Salam) as leaders to rule justly over the Ummah; they are to have a system wherein the people are not treated as pawns but as brethren and permitted to worship Allah swt, there would be no oppression of Muslims and justice will be a light which stamps out dark and ruthless power. When I get into conversation with a select group about this subject they are swift to comment on Allah swt being knowledgeable and the true King etc etc but when I begin my derailing of their so-called 'leaders' I am often hit with a curtain of ignorance, much like a shield. Of course Allah is All Knowing, of course He is All Knowledgeable - this does not wipe away the sins of these "Kings" and "Queens" who attempt to reign like gods on earth; the oppression of men and women, the unjust replies to political opposition, the subjugation of the poor, the non-Muslim etc. How can Muslims use verses from the Qur'an wherein Allah swt places our Prophets (Allayhum Salam) as Leaders of the Ummah as means to defend the likes of the Saudi King or the clown of Jordan? Also, another means of defending this political perversity is to say that Allah swt has allowed this to go on and He is Most Just, thus there must be a "just reason" underlying - one which we may not understand. I find these contentions fallacious, without merit and contrary to what I have read in my short 21 years of living on this earth. What Surah's are there which define Leadership in accordance to Allah swt's teachings? Also, what strong hadith are there to substantiate a position against monarchical rule? Thank you, Salam w Alaikum
  8. @Brother Ahmad MashaAllah the site you provided is brilliant! Allah ykhaleek ya rab!
  9. "The only medicine for suffering, crime, and all the other woes of mankind, is wisdom." - Thomas Huxley

  10. Salam w Alaikum w RahmatAllah w Barakatu' There would have to be unity between all parties in the region and the Muslim Ummah would need to be strong; this being said, so long as the Ummah remains strong there is no one but Allah swt who will break us. Pre-Occupation the imperialists used our divide to their advantage - Allah knows that if we had been unified there would have been no chance at the Zionists being victorious. Allahu A3lam Allah knows best.
  11. Salam brother Ali, mashaAllah the PDF is great - I'm skimming through it, inshaAllah I will print it out and begin reading it when possible. And by the way - I am a sister ;)
  12. The premise that Saudi Arabia is allowing Israel to use their airspace in case of a war, premeditated, is not new. If we are to look at Iraq and what monarchies,regimes et al supported the occupiers (i.e. USA, Britain etc) we shall see that the King of Saudia has been a vehement supporter of the occupation.
  13. Salam w Alaikum Zareen. Thank you very much for providing the links to the forum discussion(s) - I found many of the urls to be outdated but I did copy/paste the text within the discussion board topic(s) and came across this http://www.scribd.com/Salat-Step-by-Step-The-Shia-Way-/d/17105107 Again, thank you very much for the help. If I have any questions I will not hesitate to ask!
  14. Salam w Alaikum w RahmatAllah w Barakatu'. I really do not know where to begin in describe what type of spiritual guidance I am looking for but I assume I should be blunt - I need a step by step guide for prayer; I cannot read Arabic though I speak it fluently and understand it Alhamdulillah. I apologize if this question is in the wrong part of the forum, I just need help with prayer as soon as possible; This will, inshaAllah, be the first time I will pray inshaAllah. Thank you for all the help which comes in. Allah ykhaleekum ya rab.
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