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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nice video, but unfortunately I think it is wasted on such an individual as Terry Jones. If you want to see what he thinks of the idea of Christians reading the Qur'an, watch the following video from about 6:10 onwards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S41lvr7UUf8 Insha'Allah a more open minded Christian will see your video and take your advice. The problem is their first reaction will probably be to use google to find out more, and then there is a good chance they will come across all the anti-Islam sites out there that are filled with lies and distortions.
  2. Great news. No doubt some people will interpret this as the 'further islamization' of Turkey. The same people would never tolerate the military having such a powerful role in their own country though.
  3. Ok, but I don't see what this has to do with the rank of Prophets and Imams. Imams could just as well be models for me without being higher in rank than Prophets. It's clear that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is the best of creation.For the rest, no doubt such things are clear to you, but they aren't to me. In fact if it was so clear, then there would be no discussion at all on the issue, but there is. My point here isn't to start indulging in this speculation myself. I just think the whole discussion is pointless, and I don't see that it changes a single thing to our lives whoever is in fact highe
  4. No, I don't think this is true. You love someone for what they have done, what you know about them,and how close you are to them, not for what their 'rank' is. Let's assume for a second that prophets were of higher rank, then you would still never be able to love them the way you love Imam Husayn (as). Simply because you don't know enough about their lives to make such an emotional connection. Anyway, it's evident that certain Imams are loved more than others by the majority of Shias, and they are all supposed to be equal. As with most of these 'proofs', there are too many leaps of logic here
  5. Salam Placid, Sorry to butt into this conversation. It's great to see you have accepted the Quran as the word of God. The only question I would have is whether you consider Rashid Khalifa to be a messenger of God?
  6. Forgetting who made the point for a second, do you agree with:
  7. Some of the hadith from Abu Huraira look like they have been taken from the Old Testament: Allah created man in his own image, the creation of the world in 6 literal days... What good is it to talk about scientific miracles of the Qur'an, when such nonsense is in the hadith collections? And that story of the rock running away with the clothes of Nabi Musa (as) is just hilarious.
  8. The relevant parts seem to be: To me this seems to clearly be saying that although the Masumeen (as) can hear us when we visit their graves, they have to be informed of anything coming from afar. I don't think these hadiths are enough to judge whether anything more than salams to the Prophet (pbuh) are conveyed from afar. We also aren't told what form the supplications at the grave should take.
  9. No, I was speaking hypothetically, in this instance and making a more general point. I meant it would make no difference to me either way. If it is Imam Mahdi (as), then I am happy, and if it is Nabi Isa (as) then I would be just as happy. If all the Shia narrations say it is Imam Mahdi (as), then of course we shouldn't ignore it.
  10. (salam) I'm not in a position to judge your work, so I'll leave that to more knowledgeable people, but I congratulate you on the hard work you put into your blog. I'm curious though, do the scholars that accept this hadith as authentic explain it away by saying the extra verses were commentary?
  11. All I know is that all the duas in Al-Sahifat Al-sajjadiyya are adressed to Allah (swt) directly, but in the duas the Imam (as) frequently asks Allah (swt) to bless Muhammad (pbuh) and his family. I haven't seen any evidence that the Masumeen (as) see and hear everything and know my intentions, so how could I ask them to make dua for me? I think it is better to ask Allah (swt) directly, but to ask Him to do so in the name of the Masumeen (as). Isn't that how Adam (as) was supposed to have asked for forgiveness? Do we have any authentic hadith where an Imam or one of their followers made a dua
  12. Yeah, I know what the ruling is, but I'm trying to understand what the need to practice taqiyya for the Imam might have been. If you are saying that you would practice taqiyya on this issue if you were in a Sunni country, then I agree that might be the best course of action. However, the situation the Imam was in appears to be the opposite according to Sayed Koei. Obviously we don't know if the Imam did in fact practice taqiyya, but that is the conclusion Sayed Koei came to, so I'm trying to figure out why it might have been necessary.
  13. Ok, but why would the Imam (as) practice taqqiyah on this issue then? I could maybe understand if he wanted to say it was allowed, because that could be seen to be controversial. But I find it hard to believe that there was ever a time when anal intercourse was so widespread in the Muslim world that it would be necessary to practice taqiyyah on this issue by saying it is allowed.
  14. I find it hard to believe that taqiyya was needed on an issue such as this.
  15. You don't have to combine prayers, even thought most Shia seem to do it.
  16. Out of interest, is there anyone here who would be disturbed if in fact Prophets were higher than Imams, or if they were equal? I have never understood the need to discuss this over and over. Does it really matter to anyone who is higher? Since we haven't been told who is higher by any representative of Allah (swt), I think it's better not to engage in needless speculation because this is a decision for Allah (swt), not for us. What we should concentrate on is honouring all of the representatives of Allah (swt) as much as we can, and not to neglect any of them. It's sad when you see people who
  17. I would advise you not to spend to much time looking at polemics against Islam until you have gained more certainty in your faith, because otherwise even small things could shake you and you will spend all your time forever checking things. Having said that, if you do come across things that disturb you, here are some sites to look at: http://www.islamic-awareness.org/ http://www.bismikaallahuma.org/ http://www.call-to-monotheism.com/home http://muslim-responses.com/ http://www.answering-christian-claims.com/ With regard specifically to the embryology question, there was a long debate on this
  18. I'm not going to claim that Amnesty International are completely reliable, but on what basis are they so unreliable as to be completely dismissed? No source us going to be perfect. Since almost everyone seems to dislike Amnesty International, including America, Israel, and the Catholic Church, that tells me they must be doing something right. And if Amnesty Interational isn't acceptable, then what source would be? It's pretty unlikely that we are going to see Press TV doing any investigating into this any time soon.
  19. Sahih Bukhari Book 61(Virtues of the Quran), Volume 6, Number 503: Narrated Abu `Uthman: I was informed that Gabriel came to the Prophet while Um Salama was with him. Gabriel started talking (to the Prophet). Then the Prophet asked Um Salama, "Who is this?" She replied, "He is Dihya (al−Kalbi)." When Gabriel had left, Um Salama said, "By Allah, I did not take him for anybody other than him (i.e. Dihya) till I heard the sermon of the Prophet wherein he informed about the news of Gabriel." The subnarrator asked Abu `Uthman: From whom have you heard that? Abu `Uthman said: From Usama bin Zaid. I
  20. According to the Sunni version of history you would think Umar should have been the last messenger, such were the number of times he preempted a revelation or corrected the Prophet (pbuh). And then you have Abu Bakr who supposedly only just lost a footrace to the prophethood, or however that story is supposed to go. But Imam Ali (as), born and raised in Islam, with the best possible teacher and with the best possible wife, is even inferior to someone like Uthman. Amazing how history can be rewritten in this way.
  21. Anyone who believes a word of what AlaQasem said is as crazy as he is. Every so often there is someone who comes on this site and posts absolute nonsense, like that YaHu guy a while back. Just ignore it. With regard to who kills Dajjal, I don't care. Like what brother ShahHussain said there are some among the Shia would seem to take pleasure in trying to prove at every instant that the Prophets (as) are inferior to the Imams (as). They would just rather not accept that any honors could go to them, without at least the same honour going to the Imams (as). I'm not quite sure why such thoughts wo
  22. From one of the links sister Zareen posted, I found this video which has some more clips than the first one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK61w3M3uVQ These Wahhabis really are out and out nasibis. At 8:15 in the video there is some Wahhabi trying to deny that the Prophet (pbuh) and Ali (as) really were brothers in any special sense. He then tried to imply that Abu Bakr was closer to the Prophet (pbuh) than Imam Ali (as)!
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